A thief and pickpocket since his youth, he now teaches others to steal for him, so they learn the dark arts of pickpocketing, shoplifting, burglary and theft. The PCs could be trying to track him down and bring him to justice, or they could be paying him to teach them said skills to aid them in their adventures. He is rumoured to be a member of a minority religion.

2-Wackford Squeers

A very unpleasant man, he rules with the class by fear with the cane, using it brutally for any misdemeanour. Although in his country the use of the cane on schoolchildren is legal and accepted by most people, he uses it far too much. Perhaps the PCs are hired by a parent to mete out revenge.


A genial, pleasant old man, he has great magical power at his fingertips but rarely has the need to use it much. As the Vice-Chancellor does most of the work of managing the country's most famous University of Wizardry, he is more of a friendly figurehead then anything else.


A very patriotic fellow at East Point, he teaches his military students that their country, it's armed forces and it's Empire are the best in the world, and has a low tolerance for dissidents, banishing them from the class or making them write lines. He dislikes left wingers intensely.

5-Mr Funny

His job is to teach people to become successful comedians and jesters, and he does very well at it. Several of his students have become famous and have made a lot of money through entertaining the rich and powerful.


The best friend of Princess Chrysta, the daughter of Queen Yocasta , when the Princess tragically died and her mother could not live without her, she was put in charge of training other, often unwilling, girls to take the place of the Princess, and feels very guilty that those she teaches sooner or later end up murdered for not being Crystaish enough.

7-Mr Pointy

He teaches the basics of sword and buckler combat and is exceedingly good at it, teaching everyone from young nobles to city guards to wandering adventures how to be better with the sword. He does not ask anyone why they want to learn such skills, considering it to be none of his business. 

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