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November 21, 2006, 12:20 am

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The Staff of Destiny


The Staff of Destiny is the most powerful weapon out of the three magical weapons of light. These three weapons have been around since the begining of time. The Staff of Destiny is said to only be able to be held by the next person who is destined to take the place of “High Summoner”.

Full Item Description
The Staff of Destiny is a very powerful weapon. Out of the Sword of Light and the Wand of Hope this weapon is able to cause all damnation. Manly used in rituals and summonings.

The Staff of Destiny was a simple but very weapon at first. Even though it may of looked like a toy hidden powers lay (and still so) dormant within it. In the Melody of Lady Sukara it tells the legend behind the battle of good and evil. The Goddess that controlled the Staff of destiny had battled with the very creature of darkness Sen. The battle was long and hard, a battle of fighting, magic and summoning creatures called Aeons. Only the goddess was able to summon the aeons of the lands. When she did she brought them to the second plane the battle field and they banished all the darkness that was left to the Abyss. After the battle the Goddess had realised the power she had. But now only one of the children of light can control this power. 

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Staff of Destiny can only be cursed by when darkness enters its power supply. Only once this has happened and falls into the hands of Sen will all humanity come to an end for us and them. But the Darkness can only be done by completing a very difficult ritual. But with the forces of light trying to conquer the darkness the children of light will hopefully destroy and banish the darkness forever.

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