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August 24, 2012, 2:59 pm

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The 9 Divine Ones and 3 Exalted Ones


"The 9 Divine One's you ask? 'Ow can ye not know of them? They made e'erythin'. From the tiniest pebble all the way to the high species. "

This is an intro sub to a series of subs I'll be making in the future. It features a new religion based on the 9 Divine Ones and the 3 Exalted Ones. Now I would like to make one side comment. I made these guys up before I ever played an Elder Scrolls game. Lol. Anyway hope y'all will enjoy my little deities.

The nine Divine Ones created this world but not everything. However they are unaware of any other worlds other than the world of demons. It was the Exalted ones that created the universe, the dimensions, and the Divine Ones. The Exalted Ones are unknown to the humans.

The Exalted Ones created and nurtured the nine Divine Ones. They all developed different powers and personalities. After 3 millenia of life the nine Divine Ones were given a sacred task by their creators. They were to create their own world. When the nine of them combined their power they found it easy to create a planet of their own. They spread the seeds of life and then just left it there. The Exalted Ones came to check on them after another millenium had passed and were ashamed that the Divine Ones left the planet they had made. They told them to go back. The Exalted Ones nurtured the Divine Ones and in turn told them to create a sentient species of their own and to nurture them until they had gained the power to make their own worlds. They created the humans and began to each get involved in the world in a different way. The Exalted Ones were please and told them that in 10 millenia they would visit again.

The nine Divine Ones walked the Earth next to mankind for the first 500 years. However after they discovered what could happen to them(will be explained in Divine One Chrysani's sub) they only went down for short visits and watch over. The humans have learned to be self reliant, but still prayer to their creators. No official churces exist to any of them and so there is no priesthoods. However each has a building or set of buildings that is deemed favored by each individual ones.

It has been 3 millenia since the humans were born and since the Exalted Ones visited.

The Divine Ones do not pick sides in wars and rarely hold any human over another. They do not smite and only under very special circumstances will give powerful gifts. The humans are meant to one day grow to be on par with their creators as is the Exalted Ones' wish. All nine are on good terms, though arguements have recently started about how much they should directly interfere with humans.

The 3 Exalted Ones are the only beings with true omnipotence. While humans see the nine Divine Ones as all powerful, they are not. The 3 Exalted Ones everything except for Earth and its inhabitants.

The 3 Exalted Ones' names are: Desolation, Rejuvination, and Starry Skies. The 3 are energies with no physical being and communicate to the nine Divine Ones by telepathy alone. They are each representative of ideas. Desolation is destruction, chaos, power, and if an apocalypse would ever happen it would be because of "him". Rejuvination is life, healing, cleansing, and will be responsible for rebirthing a new universe if ever there is an apocalypse. Starry Skies is dreams, creativity, ideals, and will be made to create the first life to slowly rebuild the universe should there be apocalypse.

The nine Divine Ones are Hizeel, Kolou, Chrysani, Akiand, Prandomin, Thalamur, Transcendance, Zophura, and Calkamine.

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It isn't letting me edit this sub so I'm going to "add an idea".
I actually made this for a solely human world, however it can be switched over to a multi-racial world. Most of the subs coming with it will not speak of other races only humans.

2012-08-22 04:16 PM » Link: [6926#83081|text]
"The 3 Exalted Ones everything except for Earth and its inhabitants."

I think there is an error typo on this sentence. besides that, it looks really good.

2014-10-23 03:58 PM » Link: [6926#92417|text]
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Comments ( 5 )
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August 22, 2012, 19:24
Hi, Chaoticwaffle:
I know this is not your first sub but since you are still relatively new to the site, I don't know whether you are aware that when you input a submission, there is an option to choose the 'visibility' of a submission (this is the top drop-down menu located at the bottommost textbox on the RHS of the submission inputting page). To me, this sub seems more like a work-in-progress that would be more suited to being put into the In Work-Hidden/Private category rather than as a Normal submission (which is the default selection)

Also, to me, this sub seems more suited to the Systems-Divine and Spirits category rather than as an Article of the same sub-category but then this is a relatively minor thing and you can change the submission type easily via the drop-down menu.

August 23, 2012, 18:57
I did not see that. Thank you very much. Umm is there a way to get this off main page and into that category?
August 23, 2012, 19:10
First, you need to edit this sub so that you get back to the submission input page. When you say you can't edit the sub, does this mean you can't see the Edit link (in square brackets) at the bottom left corner of the text block when you access this particular sub? This might be a browser issue as I had trouble with replying to comments on my sub when I was using a out-dated version of IE and everything works fine when I downloaded Google Chrome. However, if this doesn't apply to you, then submit a bug report on the forum so that Strolen can investigate this issue.
August 23, 2012, 19:18
I will try a bug report. Thank you.

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