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October 28, 2005, 11:42 am

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Demetria Silvereye


People couldn’t reconcile themselves with her heritage.  So they drove her away, calling her “Cursedborn.”

Special Equipment:

She carries the matching swords, Kestal (Hope) and Khalith (Courage).  Everything else she owns is of no special note.


Her height is unremarkable, but that is the only thing about her that is.  Her long black hair is curly, and tangled more often than not, and she usually wears it tied back into a ponytail.  There’s something exotic about her features, that most people can’t quite put their finger on.  Her ears, when seen, seem to be slightly different: one is normal, the other comes to a slight point.  Her eyes are the most disconcerting, though, and are definitely mismatched.  One is dark blue-green, and the other is as silver as the swords she wears strapped across her back.  She pays no special attention to her clothes, and half the time looks like she’s slept in them.  (Usually because she has.)


When asked, no one knew exactly why it was, it was just the way things had always been.  But the people of the region blackly hated elves.  Elves were not allowed near the settlements, and if an elf was around, you could be sure he or she would be blamed for some crime, real or imagined, and killed or driven off.  There were strict laws about elves.  Every child born there was brought up hating elves.

That was why the crime that Demetria’s mother committed was so horrible, even though it was no real crime at all.  Julia, the daughter of a respected leader of the community, fell in love with, and secretly married an elf.  All was well, until Julia became pregnant.  She hid her pregnancy as long as she could, and when she could no longer hide it, she refused to discuss it.  Her father was humiliated, but hushed up the scandal as well as he could.  Then the baby was born, and things got worse.  It was evident to all who looked at her that Demetria was no ordinary baby.  The town all but went mad.  The people imprisoned Julia and her infant daughter, and were going to kill them.  Julia’s husband, however, heard of this, and he and his kinsmen stormed the town.  They rescued Julia and the baby and left the town in ashes.  Julia stayed with the elves, knowing that she could never return to a human life.

Demetria grew up, but it wasn’t until she was a young adult that she realized that with the exception of her father, the elves really didn’t like her or her mother.  Demetria decided to go out on her own.  It took some arguing with her mother, but she got her way.  Her father had been teaching her how to fight ever since she was a child, perhaps anticipating this day. 

Before Demetria left, he gave her a set of swords, which had been in his family for generations.  They were the magical swords Kestal and Khalith. Thus armed, Demetria went out to find adventure.  She found more than her fair share.  The humans still didn’t like Elves, although it was perhaps a tad less intense than in her mother’s time.  Still, they might have killed Demetria outright for what she was, only they were quickly made to understand that they were no longer dealing with a badly frightened girl with a newborn to care for.  They were dealing with Demetria and that was a whole different thing entirely.  They hated her still, but now they feared her as well (not to mention those very odd swords that she was so adept at using.)  So they satisfied themselves with shunning her, and making her life as difficult as they thought they safely could.  They call her “Cursedborn” because of her heritage, and though it is meant as an insult, everyone knows who is meant by the term.  A perverse stubborn streak keeps Demetria from simply leaving to find a more hospitable area, and that is the way things have gone.

Roleplaying Notes:

For her father’s sake, Demetria is allowed free passage in the territories of the elves, but they don’t really care much for her.  Accordingly, she will not go back to the elves unless she is forced to, or unless her parents need her.  She was raised among the elves, but she thinks like a human, and that can cause some problems.  Also, the elves (with the exception of her father) really don’t trust Julia or Demetria.  The case could be made that they have considerable justification, given the prevalent mentality of the humans.

Demetria is very stubborn.  Even though she isn’t welcomed in any village, and people fear her, she doesn’t much care.  Sleeping outside is second nature to her, and as long as she is left to herself, she doesn’t bother anyone.  She is extremely good, though, and anyone who messes with her is likely to regret it very shortly.  She makes a living as a part time mercenary, part time bounty hunter, and part time treasure seeker, depending on the mood she’s in.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Mourngrymn
December 9, 2005, 10:26
An interesting take on a half born or half human half elven personality.

Is there any reason behind her features? Why her eyes are the way they are? Do elves in your world all have silver or grey eyes perhaps? A little more information on her would be nice.

What are her motives. She is adventuring but why? Why do the elves hate her and her mother? Do they have the same preducices as the humans and her father and mother were exceptions?
Voted MoonHunter
March 26, 2006, 10:40
I vaguely remember this one. It was the few quirks and the general pathos of her life that made her stand out in my mind.

While the character is interesting, as is the background implied by it, the write up does not capture the spark, nor cover everything that it needs. Maybe some additional edits, now that you are back?
Voted valadaar
March 19, 2013, 13:35
This character illustrates the plight of any half-breed, racial or species, creed or socioeconomic. So long people dehumanize/(de-sentiantize?) the outsider, these people will emerge.

Apart from that common angle, she doesn't really have much else to identify her and make me care that much. She is more a type then a person.

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