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September 15, 2011, 3:25 am

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30 Cursed Weapons


The original idea was 30 uber swords with cursed drawbacks, but the sword shouldn't get all of the glory, so below there are staves, axes, hammers, bows, and all sorts of weapons EXCEPT swords.

1. Raye's Cursed Composite Bow

Raye was an arrogant young woman, prone to bragging about her masterful and unequalled skill with the bow. She claimed she could shoot flies out of the arrow, split arrows in flight, and even put out the eye of a god if he was foolish enough to stand against her. Her bow is a paragon of composite recurved bows, made of the best materials by the hands of a master bowyer of her day. In the hands of an untrained user, the bow can be used with skill comparable to a trained military archer. In the hands of a talented archer, the bow can live up to Raye's boasts, performing feats of archery that would humble Robin Hood. But there is a curse, Raye's hubris infected the bow, and the user will become increasingly arrogant and boastful of their skill. This is a magical compulsion that prevents the user from backing down from a challenge, and it grows with each arrow shot. Eventually the user will challenge someone they cannot or should not beat, such as a God, or they will anger the wrong people and end up knifed in the back by an assassin.

2. Enban's Hammer of the Ages

Not a military hammer, this is a massive mattock, an almost cartoonish mallet with a broad coarse head. In combat the hammer is a ponderous and heavy weapon. It is slow to use, difficult to use effectively, and dangerous for the user since they cannot use a shield, effectively parry, or respond rapidly because of the weight of the weapon. Enban enchanted the first of these hammers to strike with the most relentless force he could think of, time. The user can call an attack and the shot will hit, and will roll maximum critical damage. Against most mundane foes this is going to be lethal. The hammer can drive men into the earth as a mundane hammer drives nails into wood. The cost is that each time this power is used, the weilder looses a year off the end of their life. Not noticable at first, but since there is no obvious cost to using the hammer, they will hammer away until they start finding their health ailing less than a year after gaining the hammer. This weapon has no power in the hands of the undead, golems, or other non-organic, non-mortal races.

3. Reyerd's Axe of the Moon

A large moon shaped axe, this is the sort of weapon that appears in the hands of barbarians and savages. It is in truth a far cry from such primitive weapons and is a pinnacle of axe making technique. The weapon has been blessed by the goddess of the moon, and cursed by an avatar of the Wolves. The axe is a massively devastating weapon, shearing away armored limbs, hacking off heads with ease, and the like (Vorpal). The curse is that once the axe is picked up, the weilder becomes a beast in mind, and eventually in body. Once the full effect is felt, the bearer of the axe is a slavering mountain of fur and muscle and rage, swinging a stunningly powerful axe. The monster draws a band of heroes to slay it, and the axe goes to a new bearer. What was once blessed, becomes cursed.

4. Garald's Midnight Dagger

Garald was a night stalker and a cutpurse, and enchanted his daggers with the powers of concealment, and with the ability to strike through the best of armors and even to worm its way through magical defences. But dealing with spirits of darkness and night is tricky at best and the master daggers were discovered to be just as cursed as they were enpowered. The bearer of a dagger is at first discomforted by sunlight, and after a number of days equal to their stamina/constitution becomes allergic to sunlight. Sunlight causes severe burns, blindness, and can be fatal with prolonged exposure. The daggers have full power, day or night.

5. Etora's Fatal Stilleto

A weapon of assassins, the stilleto is easy to conceal and can punch through armor with a strong enough strike. Etora had her stilleto blessed by a God of Death and used it to slay her philandering husband and his lover. The stilleto can pass through metal with ease, and flesh like hot butter. The damage inflicted is minimal, but the target must make a check to resist perishing instantly. each stab wound inflicted requires a seperate check. But once the dagger has been used once, the bearer is cursed to die exactly one year after the day it was used. The only way to escape this fate is to either die before that, or voyage to the realm of the dead on the anniversary of the date. Leaving the realm of the dead is up to the user to make out. Etora did not survive her stilleto's curse.

6. Belkim's Thought-Scourge

Scourges and flails are rarely enchanted to become weapons of power. Belkim, a disciple of chaos, found his seven thong scourge to be a splendid weapon to ensorcel with the power of chaos. Strikes from the weapon are devastating, causing crippling agony, insensate pleasure, crushing melancholy, even blind self hatred. In one on one combat, the scourge turned stalwart and canny foes into almost completely defenseless targets to be dispatched with elan.  Each use of the scourge drives the wielder closer and closer to madness, with the ultimate expression of nihilistic insanity being using the scourge on themselves. Like penitents whipping themselves, the cursed bearer beats themselves senseless, each strike inflicting a different blast of stimulus, momentum carrying into the next strike.

7. Athor's Arcane Axe

Athor was a man of flamboyant desires, dress, and manners. He favored exotic body piercings, strange and obscene tattoos and dressing in a fashion that was deemed offensive. He also favored a garish halberd that went with his favorite foreign dagger, dragonsuede boots, and tricorn hooker hat. The axe was blessed by the God of War and the patron spirit of lumberjacks, and can cleave trees in a single stroke, split shields like rotten melons, and even sheer timbers used in building construction. Tiring of being the main target in a fight, he had his axe enchanted to be overlooked by foes, but he offended the witch who enchanted his weapon. The secondary effect of the charm is that the axe bearer cannot be targeted by enemies unless he is directly in front of them, or is the only target, also ranged attackers cannot attack him unless he is the only foe in sight. The curse of the weapon is that the bearer will be ignored constantly. His team mates will not come to his aid, the cleric will not notice his wounds needing healing, down to merchants will not acknowldege him, wenches wont fill his mugs. In public, horsemen and carriage drivers will not notice him and he is likely to be trampled, run down, or otherwise harmed by not being seen.

8. Bandor's Immortal Staff

Terrified of Death, the druid Bandor had his staff triple enchanted by a fellow druid, arcane mage, and a necromancer. The bearer of the staff becomes immortal, he cannot perish and his soul will not leave his body. The staff can destroy weak undead with ease, and can be used as a powerful holy symbol against greater undead monsters. Such things go against the nature of the world and the wills of the gods, and the magic of necromancy taints the potent staff. While immortal, the bearer is not immune to injury or pain. Wounds received heal at ten times the normal healing time, unless the cursed staff is lost, and then the wounds stop healing until the staff is regained. The end result is either a cackling mad immortal thing with no mind left, or a zombie like tattered ragged thing left with only a distant urge to find it's staff.

9. Koviet's Black Mace

Koviet was long known as a man without morals or mercy, and his mace was feared from kingdom to kingdom. Eventually he dedicated his black iron mace to the God of Death itself. Considering the number of souls that Koviet had sent to Death, the silent god obliged the warrior's request and laid his cold hand upon the metal of the weapon. The weapon in battle is a terror to behold. If it hits a foe and inflicts any damage the enemy is slain by the weapon. Even immortal foes are not safe from this cold weapon. But there is a terrible price to be paid, Death follows his mace around. The longer the weilder remains in one place the more likely it is that people will start randomly perishing around him. Koviet discovered this coming back from campaign after several servants, a slave, his wife and three children were all claimed by Death. Koviet himself eventually commited suicide knowing he was responsible for killing his own family. In a large city the effect is less obvious, but in say, a slow paced adventure, the smalll cast will quickly be depleted by Death's boredom. Alternately, the cost in a large city will be a rapidly increasing number of people die from the curse, one the first day, then two, and then in a week people are dying by the scores.

10. Asaya's Benevolent War-Fans

The war-fan is a rare weapon favored by women, assassins and courtesans. The blade is concealed along the edge of the fan, and can be unfolded and used as an unexpected slashing weapon, or to block sword strikes and other lethal attacks. Asaya was an assassin and thief of the ages and she waltzed through royal courts trailing blood behind her. She eventually turned her fans against an unsuspecting boy and his friends for causing her a triffling annoyance. The boy's godmother was a potent witch and she cursed Asaya's weapons to be as honorless as her. The war fans are hideous weapons, able to open spurting wounds and slash through even chain and mail armors. Wounds inflicted with the fans continue to hemorrage blood for several rounds after the strike. The curse comes in an odd fashion, the bearer of the fans becomes completely allergic to anything made of gold (or the predominant material of currency). This is not limited to contact allergy, but even being close to it is enough. Gold coins in a partner's pocket might cause hay fever like symptoms, while entering a gold depository would likely induce a systemic shock. Touching gold actually inflicts damage like it was red hot metal.

11. Yim's Inevitable Crossbow

The major flaw of the crossbow is its low rate of fire. The mechanist archer Yim bargained with a devil to enchant his crossbow to be faster and more efficient than the best longbowman in the land. As requested, the crossbow is a stunning weapon, able to unleash a hailstorm of smoke trailing bolts like an unholy medieval machine gun. In cinematic style, the bolts trail black smoke behind them, and can turn even a plate armored man into a walking pin cushion. The weapon is faster than the best mundane archer, firing as many as 12 shots in a minute. But the weapon is not free, the bearer of the crossbow finds their age rapidly increasing. The bearer ages at 12 times their usual rate, aging one year every month. Even if the crossbow is lost, this rate of aging doesnt cease. The crossbow radiates evil.

12. Drad's Demon Claws

Drad was no demon, unless you count womanizing, murderous, thieves as demons. The mortal Drad was fond of a set of fighting claws that he wore, they were used as much for terrorizing marks as they were for slashing tender flesh and cut purses and the like. The claws were almost constantly slick with blood, and eventually he robbed and wounded the wrong woman. The young gypsy girl spat out a black curse on the claws, as she never saw the face of the man who assualted her. Drad soon found himself fading away, his health and vitality were sapped and soon even a punch from an old woman was enough to knock him down, he was later killed by his fellow thieves. Once donned, the bearer of Drad's claws starts loosing hit points (permanent points, not inflicted as wounds). Each day that passes, the wearer looses either point of strength or a point of stamina, eventually becoming weaker and weaker until he is nigh helpless.

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