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A supportive roleplaying community for game masters, writers and players built to develop your ideas and share them with the world.

Unlimited Possibilities

Strolen's Citadel is a community of role players, game masters and writers just like you. Over the last 18 years, the Citadel has supplied creativity and inspiration for thousands.

You have found the best roleplaying site on the net to Read, Post and Play!

Start with an idea

Get out those scattered notes and dig up all those forgotten files on your hard drive. It is time to share them with the world!

Create a private collection for your eyes only, make them visible to some selected friends, or reveal them to the world.

You can have limitless hidden rough drafts, set your work-in-progress to collaboration mode for some help and can even turn off commenting.

You control when and how your content is displayed.

Work on your Collections

Develop your own ideas or delve into over 8,000 creative submissions to spark your inspiration.

As you gather ideas together you can organize them into your own collections, cross-link them with similar submissions, and add suggestions to create a web of connected ideas.

Organize them in whatever fashion you wish and watch your world come alive.

Build Your Worlds

Create side-quests, campaigns, locations, npcs, story chapters and whatever else you need and bring your vision to life.

Stuck? Find something you love and "fork" it to make your own personalized version. Everything on the site is ready to become part of your own creation.

The community encourages social collaboration so borrow a favorite submission and make it your own.

Premium Features Coming Soon

Our goal is to encourage a robust community to share and collaborate on roleplaying ideas.

As roleplayers ourselves, we are focusing our passions into building a roleplaying community to help support our favorite hobby and bring an audience to your game ideas.

Social Creativity

Creativity is Contagious.


Share in your newsfeed, submissions are automatically cross-linked when mentioned, and familiar tags bring topics together.


Submissions can have multiple authors, you can add ideas to any submission or the entire submissions can be turned into a wiki.


Organize your favorites into categories or use our Codex feature which allows you to nest other submissions under a new submission.

Citadel Guilds

Join forces with those of similar interests.

Focused Creativity

Guilds are generally created around a specific theme or interest. Join as many as you want or create a new one to support your own goals.

Guild Newsfeed

Each Guild has its own feed where updates, notes, and requests for assistance go. Share you newest submission or plan a collaboration with a fellow Guild Member.

Build Friendships

The perfect way to find people to encourage you through comments, voting, and sharing of ideas.

Citadel Quests

Earn experience by challenging your creative side in our frequent Quests.

Extra Experience

Earn extra experience points by joining a Quest challenge and putting in a submission that meets the criteria.

Win Rewards

The Quest is a contest and we will often have various prizes to be won. All requirements and prizes are announced with the Quest.

Always Available

Even if you missed the official Quest, they are always open giving you bonuses for finishing the challenge.

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