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December 31, 2006, 3:04 pm

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Bianca la Fiere


When Bianca was blinded, many people said that she would never fight again.  But, then, Bianca has always enjoyed being above expectations.

Special Equipment:

A rapier she had specially made to accomodate her style of fighting; a sturdy walking stick.


Bianca is a fairly tall woman.  She keeps her long hair in a tight braid to keep it out of her way.  She wears her rapier strapped to her back and uses her walking stick for guidance.  There are faint scars around her eyes. 


Many lords offend a great many people.  Sometimes, the offense is so great that the matter must be settled in a duel.  Naturally, most lord do not fight their own duels.  Rather, they engage duelists for hire to be thier champions.  Lord Andrew Moran was no exception.  His champion was Jean le Fier, the master swordsman.  But even a legend must fall.  Le Fier was eventually killed in a duel.  There was much speculation on who Lord Andrew would choose as his replacement, and many young swordsmen clamored for the position.  But Lord Andrew shocked everyone.  Instead of choosing a graduate of a respected dueling acadamy, he appointed le Fier’s daughter, Bianca, as his champion.  A quiet, young slip of a girl who only knew what she had learned from watching her father.  Many were furious and many scoffed.  They did not scoff for long.  Bianca la Fiere proved to have a natural talent with a blade, and since her style of fighting was one that she had made up as she went, there was no defense against it taught in the great acadamies.  Many champions fell to her sword, including the man that had defeated her father.  Other lords and duelists were enraged.  Surely this was against the unwritten code of rules!  But Lord Andrew did not care.  Neither did Bianca.  Others became afraid to challege the Duelist la Fiere.  It was widely known that to fight her was courting trouble.  Lord Andrew appointed Bianca his bodyguard, seeing as how her skill was legendary.  She had no more duels to fight.
She fended off numerous assassination attempts, some directed at her.  Then she was challenged to another duel.  But this opponent was treacherous.  The night before the scheduled duel, he attacked Bianca as she walked in the garden of the manor.  She killed him, but the damage was done.  She had lost her sight to his sword.  While she recovered, her enemies were spreading the story.  The great and much feared Duelist la Fiere was no longer a threat!  As many of the champions before her, including her father, the legend had been overthrown.  Lord Andrew dismissed her, for what good is a blind duelist?  Now she was just a reminder that everyone was bound to fail eventually.  The masters of the dueling acadamies quickly dismissed the existance of the self-trained woman duelist as myth and rumor.  Lord Andrew hired another champion, this one from a respected school.  And eventually, Bianca was forgotten.
But Bianca did not give up.  She merely learned to use her other senses in ways to compensate for the loss of her sight.  She was still capable of fighting, though not with the same skill that had earned her a place in the ranks of legendary duelists.  But still better than everyone thought her capable of.
Upon meeting her, many dismiss Bianca as harmless.  No one connects her to the near-mythological Duelist la Fiere, if they even remember that.  This is a mistake.  Bianca is still capable of handling herself in a fight.

Roleplaying Notes:

Any other person might have been angry and vengeful about the way she was cast off once she was percieved to be of no use.  But Bianca has always been easy-going, and she didn’t really mind.  For the first time in her life, she can do exactly as she pleases, with no father or lord to humor.  She’s discovered that she really doesn’t like the constant political mechinations of the nobility, or the fame she garnered.  She’s given to wandering, going wherever it strikes her fancy to go.  She is a kind woman, and likes to help others in need.  Occasionally though, her past catches up with her, much to her dismay.  She likes being Bianca the wandering blind fighter, not the Duelist la Fiere.

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Comments ( 5 )
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June 20, 2004, 12:57
A teacher. An avenger against a unsavoury party. A great story hook, or a way to show the mighty warrior that no-one is invincible.
Say, fifteen years later, a young lad/lass could appear at courst, desiring to be the duellist, much against the mother's wishes.
If Bianca found some latent magical abilites, she could fully compensate for her lack of sight - like a fortuneteller in a book of TerryPratchett, who trained her precognition to work on the present.
January 16, 2006, 5:51
BUMP! This character could recieve more attention.
January 8, 2008, 20:48
At long last, manfred's BUMP is answered!

I like Bianca a lot! I cant think of anything clever to say, but she's a great character. Good work! I am going to use her.
Voted Murometz
January 8, 2008, 20:48
Only voted
Voted valadaar
March 3, 2014, 8:52
A good bit player. She certainly could play the part of the teacher or patron, and in appropriately heroic worlds, be a real player.

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