There is a legend which runs rampant through all the lands. This fable tells of ten great beings - some say they are gods; others that they are something greater and created even the gods themselves. Regardless, the tale states that these eldrich creatures wrote into existence the world itself! Omnipotent and omniscient, the great scribes etched out the fate of man and god alike. this is just a fairy tale of course, and nobody truly believes this. Nonetheless, the lands are named after these creatures:

Greetings, fellow Strolenites! I would like to post a challenge/exercise which any and everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in. Using my... InCREDible artistic talent with mediums such as cheap blue pens and MSPaint, I have created a fairly vague fantasy-style map. Unfortunately, there is no fantasy world in which to give this map soul.


As such, it falls on you all to create the world. You may choose one area on the map to claim as your own, and fill in as much information about the area as you desire. Preferably, you would fill in the information in sections defined by the areas of the main citadel.

1 -Kelevest

Author: Valadaar

Low elevation Coastal area.. Cold, especially far north and on the northern island. Has some woodland to the west. Some snow. neighbours area 2 to the east (by sea), area 6 to the south-east, area 5 to the south and area 3 to the south west (by sea).

2 -The Spiked Sea

Author: Axlerowes

Island area inside a large bay. Two large islands and four smaller. Cold climate; at the mercy of the sea. Neighbours area 1 to the west, and area 6 to the south.

3 - Vartanadel

Author: Strolen

Low elevation coastal area, with mountainous terrain to the three northern stretches of land. some woodland to the south and two islands in its territory to the southwest. Cool to moderate climate. Neighbours area 4 to the south (by sea), area 1 to the northeast (by sea) and area 5 to the east.

4 - Hypoten

Author: caesar193

Low to mid elevation, warm coastal area. Some hilly areas especially towards the eastern mountain range. Two woodland/forested areas, one by the coast to the southwest and one to the northeast, merging with the forested part of area 5. Neighbours are area 3 to the north(by sea), area 5 to the northeast and possibly area 8 to the east via treacherous mountains.

5 - Zhelezo

Author: Dossta

Mid-elevation temperate area, heavily forested through much of the region. Two mountain ranges meet with a small break in the south-eastern area, creating a passage inland. Neighbours area 1 to the north, area 3 to the west, area 4 to the southwest, area 6 to the northeast, area 10 to the east and area 8 to the southeast.

6 -Voskinsar


Low elevation, temperate coastal area. A long, coastal stretch inside a bay. On a clear day, the islands of area 2 are visible off the shore. To the south run the edge of a mountain range. Some woodland to the east. Neighbours Area 7 to the east, area 10 to the south, area 5 to the west, area 1 to the northwest and area 2 to the north (by sea).

7 - Swynmoor


A high elevation, swampy area. Some streams are fed to neighbouring areas by this swampland. Access to area 7 is largely restricted to winding paths meandering between areas 6 and 9. Neighbours area 6 to the west, area 10 to the south-west and area 9 to the south.

8 -Skaldevale


A mid-elevation, hot and fairly humid area thanks to several rivers which flow from the mountains within area 4. Contains scattered farmland, some foresting to the northwest and bordering a desert to the north. Neighbours area 4 to the west via mountains, area 5 to the northwest and area 9 to the north.

9 -Domain of Thres'ka


Mid-elevation. Hot, Dry. A large desert caused by rain-shadow; much of the rain from the seas is released in area 10, leaving very little moisture to get through. Neighbours with area 8 to the south, area 10 to the northwest and area 7 to the northeast.

10 - Kazan Mountains

Author: Scrasamax

Wild, rocky and mountainous area. The snow-capped Area 10 is the origination of several rivers which feed the lands below. Neighbours area 6 to the north, area 7 to the northeast, area 9 to the south and area 5 to the west.

11 - Twyrlandir

Author: Echomirage

Frozen, northern wasteland, Low elevation. Several, small mountains lie in the midst of the icy land. Neighbours areas 7 and 6 to the south, and area 2 by sea to the west.

12 - Zuch Thechi'ua

Author: Wulfhere

High elevation area sloping down to low to the south. Hot, semi-arid climate dispite it's high elevation. A jutting mountain spikes up to the skies in the midst of area 12. Volcanic activity. Neighbours area 7 to the northwest, area 9 down mountains to the west, and area 13 to the southwest.

13 - Idaina-hugrland

Author: young0ne2

Low to mid elevation area, warm, humid climate. Two large lakes lie within this area. A rainforest lies to the west. Neighbours area 12 to the northeast, area 9 and 8 to the north, and area 14 to the west.

14 -Hesurach, the Longest Land

Author: Forganthus

High elevation area. A large plateau atop the mountain range lies here; not quite high enough to cause much snow, nevertheless it has a cool climate with heavy rain. Overlooks area 13 to the east, and area 4 to the northwest.

15 - TBA

Author: Michael Jotne Slayer

Purple - Frozen, norther wasteland at low elevation continued. The mountains start as more as you move east and to the south the area quickly turns into hilly forests and low level mountains. Neighbors area 11 (red) and 7 (green) to the west and area 12 (yellow) to the south.

16 - TBA

Author: MourngryMan

Blue (bottom right with lake) - Low to mid elevations with mountains in the south, this area has a large sea and summer temperatures that rise with the humidity. Neighbors are area 12 in the north and 13 and 17 to the west.

17 - TBA

Author: Mythirion

Green - Severe climate shifts between the summer and winter. The land has much rock and desert type area while interspersed with a lot of resilient green vegetation. Neighbors are 16 to the east, 13 to the north and 18 to the west.

18 - something that hasn't been done a million times already.

Author: Gossamer

Pink - North is a lowly hilled plains area while the south starts to feel like desert similar to 17. Neighbors are 17 to the east, 13 to the north and has 19 across the small seas.

19 - TBA

Author: Cheka Man

Light Blue - Many craggy mountains are the prominent feature as you move SW out of the heavy rain area of the north. Neighbors are 18 to the east, 14 to the north and 20 to the west.

19-B Island of Azillera off of 19.

Author Mordred11

20 Codarshool

Author: Maggot

-Orangeish on bottom left- A long peninsula, it is heavy with mountains and crags. The islands have low to mid elevation and get plenty of rain. Neighbors are 14 to the north and 19 to the east.

To reserve an area on the map simply post a reply in the discussion thread thread - saying which numbered area you would like to work on and then post it. once you have done this, you can edit that post at your leisure and add information to it. This is so we don't have multiple people writing up the same area. Edit your post as you see fit, and do it at your own pace; it's not a race! if you haven't finished putting down information in an area, just slap an (in work) thingy on the end of it.

You may only pick one area, and when writing about areas that aren't yours, try to keep it general and vague, so that the people who have reserved that other area aren't really restricted with what you have written.

When filling in your area, try to keep the information fairly summarised and within the space of a few paragraphs. If you have a great idea that needs to be expanded, make a submission on the main page and link to it!

Now, if you're having trouble understanding what i'm trying to ask of you here, give me a day or two and I will start it off by choosing my own section to fill in.

This can be as long or short a term exercise as you like; fill it in as time allows or as you get some thoughts. The purpose of this exercise is to get creative juices flowing, and to help everyone come up with some interesting tidbits of information. Ideally, it would be a catalyst for a few new submissions.

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