Author's Favorite Lists

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  1. Scrolls and Codices that need more contributions
  2. Stuff I am meaning to do something with, eventually.
  3. only kick-ass stuff
  4. useful subs for reference
  5. This is a collection of my favorite undead creatures, both classic and unusual. Enjoy!

  6. Simply a test of what can be done at this point
  7. This collection of favorites will include all of those subs which beg to have more ideas added to. If you have a minute and some spare creativity, take a look here.
  8. Updated a few submissions to match the graphics on flickr so figured I would make a list of them.
  9. This is for those submissions of small size, yet great inspirational value.
  10. Articles that really inspire me to GM better.
    By: Dossta
  11. This is a list of submissions that I find different, odd, strange and fantastic.
  12. These are submissions that I find awesome for any number of reasons. I still try not to go with the blatantly obvious though, if I do it is because I could not resist the awesomeness of it.
  13. I simply love dungeons, handled correctly they are better than the Fruit Flavoured God of Awesomeness!
  14. Anything I've Fav'd
    By: Ted
  15. A collection of lists (30s and others) that can be referred to at the table.
    By: Dossta
  16. Anything that impressed me so much that I HAVE to find a place for it in a campaign
    By: Dossta
  17. For high tech and sci-fi settings
  18. Things that I want to mine for ideas for my campaign
    By: Ramhir
  19. A collection for possible campaign starters
  20. For all things Super hero related
  21. Entries that can be used for information about the creations of the ancient Orcish Empire that has been destroyed long ago.
  22. For subs that can be used in pretty near any setting.
  23. A list (to be) of any submissions that I liked enough to warrant favouriting them.
  24. Related to both gaming and writing.
  25. Submissions that I find possibly relevant to The Kingmakers campaign
    By: Ted
  26. Submissions that while not plots, contain plenty of potential for such.
  27. Submissions that while may not have had a good reception, still contain good ideas that could be repurposed,
  28. the random subs for Moonlake's fulfillment of Weaver Guild Level 2 quest
  29. subs that may be used for Moonlake's level 2 Guild quests
  30. Characters that are fairly sparse, but can be built onto.
  31. Submissions that have gotten a 5 from me.
  32. Subs that I find extra useful and want clear access to.
  33. Things I have or plan to use in the campaign setting of Estalon.
    By: Renlim
  34. Awesome cornerstone submissions that can add major elements to your campaign world.
  35. Pure magic. spells. Items, Wizards.
  36. Subs which could spawn generators
  37. Low power items that could be found.
  38. A group of character building articles for both PCs and NPCs
  39. All kinds of magic!
  40. Interesting lifeforms
  41. Forms of etiquette, ownership, play and other helpful tools to play out characters
  42. Articles and things that should be done or placed into a world.
  43. Love this series by Silveressa so far, so much so they'll all go in here as favourites. Also includes a couple of Longspeak's Delta Factor subs.
    By: Kassy
  44. For those truly amazing submissions.
    By: Kassy
  45. By: Kassy
  46. By: Kassy
  47. To add to!
    By: Kassy
  48. By: Aramax
  49. By: Aramax
  50. My new game setting for Low level D&D. the basis of which is a struggle against the Star Whales
    By: Aramax
  51. By: Skull
  52. By: Skull
  53. By: Skull
  54. By: Skull
  55. Culture, governments, traditions and the like...
    By: Skull
  56. By: Skull
  57. Beasts, monstrous & mundane
  58. Cool information
  59. Cool items
  60. Favorite Sentient Entities

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       By: Roack

The PCs are stuck in a town with a strict peace policy, the tiniest scuffle can land you years in prison. The town also happens to be a tourist haven, so inn-prices have skyrocketed. The only way the PCs can rest is if they splurge on a room, with their enemy.

Ideas  ( Plots ) | July 28, 2005 | View | UpVote 1xp

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