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Five Best Tips for Posting on Strolen's (and Other Places)

 By: MoonHunter

If you are new to the site, you might want to read this post.

Follow in MoonHunter's Footsteps: 10 Steps to Better Posts

 By: MoonHunter

Follow in MoonHunter’s Footsteps: 10 Steps to Better Posts MoonHunter Sayeth to do these and be a really useful member to this and other sites.

Four Maxims for World Building

 By: B9anders

Four maxims to remember at all times when creating a fantasy world.

How To Create Great Magic Items In Just Three Minutes

 By: JohnnFour

Busy GMs need help prepping for games faster. And you can create fantastic magic items in just three minutes using my stat block.

How To Create Deep & Compelling Magic Item Backgrounds In Just 60 Seconds

 By: JohnnFour

Give your magic item a quick history. Then use the history to tie a whole bunch of things together that will make you look like a genius.

Linking Submissions

 By: Strolen

How to link submissions in Strolen's Citadel.



The heart of the Citadel is your submissions. These range from small side treks to epic tales, from small items to kingdom building artifacts.


A Codex is a way to bring similiar submissions together into a comprehensive list with an index. It brings the ability to compile a set of subs and allows them to be read all on one page.

Scrolls or Submission Ideas

Unless an author locks it, anybody can add thoughts or ideas that directly add to the creativity of the submission. This is much different than comments as these ideas are expected to directly add creativity or further the idea of the submission.

Suggested Submissions

Any author has the ability to suggest another submission to be used with the current sub. By adding your suggestion you create a crosslink between the two.


There is the ability to add a word or short phrase to each submission to give it yet another way to be categorized, searched for, and browsed.

Comments and Votes

Of course each submission can be voted on a discussed by registered members.


Quick tidbits that don't need to be expanded on. If you have a couple sentence idea floating in your head, chances are we have a category for you to pop it into for others to enjoy. You can see them appear randomly in the footer of every page.


Too big to be an idea, too small to be a true submission. Stubs fill that in between place where you have a good idea, want to use it and be able to link to it, but it isn't quite ready to stand on it's own.


Occassionally (OK, quite often) we have time periods where particular submissions are worth bonus points. Quests will be announced on the index page as well as directly below this sentence. There will be a special checkbox when submitting during a Quest so make sure you mark it if it fits the criteria.

Citadel Submission Linking

Please do review the article discussing the many different ways to link together submissions. The more links tying submissions and ideas together, the more ways for people to explore all the content that you have provided.

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       By: Michael Jotne Slayer

The old clock tower stands tall, but the bulk of the uppermost storey is crumbling and unsafe, with gaping cracks in the walls. The metal struts and girders supporting the great bronze bells are still intact, though, and the bells survive. The grotesque gargoyles and arabesques which decorated the original design have either fallen into the street (once or twice a year more bricks fall from the tower, prompting calls for its demolition) or have been defaced, but the main doors to the clock tower are still intact and show signs of being kept in working order. This is the home of The Captains, clad in raggedy clothes, with sooty faces, and perpetually runny noses. But behind each set of eyes is the look of a survivor. They live to stick together and make it through each day. Older than their years in many ways, the friendship they share with each other and Wims ghost keeps the core of a childs innocence and hope alive in each. But they are still very suspicious of outsiders. They are a group of street children who live in the clock tower. Some are orphans, some runaways, and some nomads who occasionally return to their homes. But they’re all poor, dirty and perpetually hungry, as well as being wily, unscrupulous and mischievous in a fairly brutal way. Enough of them have suffered at the hands of adults for all of them to be wary of any grown-ups, particularly ones who ask too many questions, although with hard work and a lot of food it might be possible to win the confidence or even the trust of a few of them.

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