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Barbarian Horde's comment on 2003-12-23 09:30 PM
Why is he so evil?
You gave no reason.
He's so one-sided... Go to Comment
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Barbarian Horde's comment on 2004-07-06 04:48 PM
Hý...My name ýs Freerose Hollysoul...My your lord... Go to Comment
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CaptainPenguin's comment on 2004-07-06 07:46 PM
What the hell? Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-12-24 02:35 AM
Raistlin. First thing that came to mind.

The character is one sided, but you gave a reason. Expanding upon that period of time where the experimentation and soul eating began would make this about perfect.

Can you include what we should do with him... or why he would be involved in anything that adventurers might be involved in. (or they can just be annoyed that someone they knew was lightly snacked upon and set upon destroying the monster...) Go to Comment
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Shadoweagle's comment on 2003-12-24 08:30 AM
Well, his lust for power and knowledge is motivation enough to impart on some 'epic quests' or whatever, with the desire to become more experienced on his journeys, perhaps steal a soul or two of the foes he comes across. And yeah, Part of the motivation WAS from Raistlin (perhaps my favourite book character of all-time). I wanted to make a character that could be as cold and calculating as him, but first I did not want to directly copy the typical Raistlin 'black mage' idea, and second, I wanted more of a twist with this character, hence the soul-stealing and knowledge of the mechanics of souls etc...
He is my character designed for betrayal and manipulation ^_^ Im sorry, I dont think my description explains him well enough, plus the fact that he was brought from a different RP place made me not want to shuffle around too much stuff.

If you wanted to see the pic I used for him, go to the following:

A brilliant pic. I usually find a picture, and then create a character using the picture as the centerpiece. Go to Comment
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Shadoweagle's comment on 2004-07-06 10:06 PM
erm... right...
DIdnt strolen remove anonymous posting or something? Or is that for the upgraded citadel? :P Go to Comment
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Scrasamax's comment on 2006-01-11 12:19 AM
Voted most likely to become a liche by his graduating class, before he soul-devoured each of them. sometimes a sympathetic villian with understandable, human motives cannot compare with something that has become so divorced from human morality that it really no longer constitutes a human being. Go to Comment
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Upon entering the deep underrealm of Udnalor, one must first pass through the upper halls, which were the residences of the gnomes in days of past glories. Now they have abandoned the fading tapestries to the worms and moles, and an uncanny silence reigns, laid over the oaken tables like the thick layers of dust and humus.

There may be creatures which now inhabit these areas: nests livid with giant maggots, rats and other vermin.

The watchtowers and passageways which lead to the Overground are frequently trodden, however. After all it takes a great many small humanoids to hoist a single giant rabbit corpse back through the fathoms of earth.

The gnomes primarily hunt giant rabbits with bows and arrows tipped with the subterranean poisons concocted by their best alchemists.

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