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30 Devils
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Moonlake's comment on 2013-05-04 07:43 AM
I don't think so because the hyperlink to the sub is attached to the original title you create the sub in. Well, of course, if you are somehow really desperate to change the name, you can PM Strolen but in this case, I wouldn't worry abt it as there are plenty of subs here that are titled 30 something and never reaches it. Besides, if you are here on Strolens for the long term (as you seem to be), then you can always make it reach 30 by bumping this sub even when you run out of ideas on this one. But if you're thinking of doing more than 30 here, I personally advise against it. Given the amount of details you go into each devil, I just think ppl might go insane if they see more than 30 entries on this sub. You can always submit another sub titled 30 More Devils or sth if you can more inspiration. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Redgre's comment on 2013-05-06 07:36 PM
12) Wylowex the Resurrector

Wylowex is the one you summon if you are desperate to bring someone back from the dead. Her usual summoner is:
• 89% - a lonely male obsessed with a younger woman. Often stalking the woman is reason she is dead.
• 5% - obsessed parents with a strange background who lost a child (sounds like Pet Semetary, I know)
• 4% - a religious/political fanatic wanting to bring back a dead leader
• 2% - woman obsessed with a man who died young

To summon Wylowex, one must exhume the grave, of corpse to be brought back, in the darkest night under a new moon. No light may touch the grave except for open flame. The summoner must have three personal possessions of the corpse. After sacrificing a pregnant female mammal Wylowex with wander onto the scene.

Wylowex appears as the corpse of a seven foot tall pregnant woman. With her belly protruding and uncovered, one can see faces and hands pushing out against the flesh, as though they would like to escape. Her body is appears to be afflicted with severe frostbite in her extremities. The ring and middle finger on each hand are abnormally long, with abnormally long claws on each of these fingers. Her left eye burns with a cold blue flame, but her right is dark and unmoving. When she speaks, live maggots fall from her mouth.

She has a motherly way about her. Often soothing the summoner and consoling him for his loss one minute and then scolding demanding he act like a man the next minute. This series of personality changes slows as negotiations finalize. If the summoner will sign, she will be more ‘loving’… if he decides against, she will become utterly disgusted and will say things like, ‘your brother would have signed by now. Are you determined to always live in his shadow?’ or ‘I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that you weren’t a man. Why would you bring me here for this? Your mother must have hated you from the moment you were born.’ 

The price of this boon is that whatever ‘sins’ or ‘crimes’ the person brought back commits are on the head of the signer.

If the deal is signed, she will take the corpse and swallow it whole, her face stretching and growing to accept the size of the ‘meal’. The faces previously visible in her stomach vanish and one new face appears. Using her claws, Wylowex tears open her own belly and the person to be resurrected tumbles out of her belly. The person is very much alive, unconscious, and buck naked. Wylowex then takes the three personal possessions and puts them in her open belly. She reminds the summoner of the price and then wanders away much in the same way she arrived.

The person resurrected will have no remembrance of their death or Wylowex. Although they act a bit awkward they behave much like their old selves only they will are much more positive towards the summoner. If the summoner desired a ‘romantic’ relationship they will get it. If the summoner was facing a murder charge, baffled the police will drop the case, and possibly question the coroner’s sanity. The person resurrected will begin a secret crime spree in the next few months consisting of murdering clergy, theft of religious artifacts, burning down churches, charities, homeless shelters, and leaving the most disturbing graffiti near the crime scene. Any witnesses will see the summoner, not the person who was brought back. This crime spree will eventually result in the summoners arrest unless they become really crafty and as devious as humanly possible. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Redgre's comment on 2013-05-06 07:39 PM
Fantastic idea. I hope we make it to thirty. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Redgre's comment on 2013-05-07 07:42 AM
13) Scut Farkus
“Scut Farkus! What a rotten name! There he stood, between us and the alley. Scut Farkus staring out at us with his yellow eyes. He had yellow eyes! SO HELP ME GOD, YELLOW EYES!!” – A Christmas Story

Like many devils Scut has many names and many faces. He usually appears as the same gender and is close in age to the victim/potential client. His defining characteristics are usually red hair and yellow eyes.

Scut is not summoned but roams the world targeting intimidated loners who are already enduring severe mockery, bullying, humiliations, embarrassments, and so forth. While the setting is often a public school, other locations are also possible.

When Scut finds a target he starts by identifying that person’s happy place. Often using existing bullies as pawns, he tactfully breaches the last remaining sanctuary for the target, pushing them to greater levels of desperation. He sabotages any potential for success of the individual and cuts off any retreat or respite this person has. He turns the few allies the victim has against him. He joins others in laughing at the target’s misfortunes. While Scut does not reveal his full involvement in the new torture, the victim definitely views Scut as a new source of affliction. After this treatment has gone on for a few days or even a week, the potential client is close to breaking down completely.

At this point, Scut seeks a private confrontation with his now suicidal target. He pushes his target until they lose their cool and attack him. Scut will not fight back, much, and once he loses the fight he will say something like, “I knew you had it in you.” Scut will then befriend his victim, after acknowledging that he deserved getting beaten up, he will counsel them to stand up for themselves. Scut will then make his proposal, offering the person help to ‘reclaim’ their life and their dignity. His victims rarely decline.

The Offer: 13 hours of personal power combined with near unlimited resources. (You are filled with confidence. You have no fear. You will win any fights you get in (yep, you can dodge bullets). You will be able to verbally put anyone in their place in seconds. You will attract people you like and respect. You see things very clearly and you will not fail in plans to get revenge.)

The Price: you gotta make `em pay for what they did to you.

The deal is sealed on a handshake. Scut leaves his victim with whatever they want. Examples include a suitcase full of cash, guns, explosives, plans & supplies to humiliate or eliminate a key bully, a hacker’s powerful laptop, and always information (could be perfect blackmail or help the victim recruit help).

When Scut leaves, his target will never see him again.

Usually, the result is out right power abuse. People get killed. Collateral damage is high. Justice is not satisfied and the revenge is too grotesque for most deal makers. In the end suicide is the only answer.

On rare occasion, the victim manages to hold back. The victim is able to use the 13 hours to assert themselves, get just enough revenge to get liberated, and actually claim their lives with no regrets. Scut’s gifts tend to disappear after a while and somewhere, Scut is cursing. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Forganthus's comment on 2013-05-04 04:27 AM
Can I change the title of a sub after I submit it? Like start as "Some Devils" and then change it to "99 Devils on the Wall"? Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Forganthus's comment on 2013-05-04 06:42 AM
I swear I proofread. Thanks, Gossamer. I'll try to bang out a couple more devils tonight, despite the awkward phrasing of that objective. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Forganthus's comment on 2013-05-04 06:53 AM
8) Chester

Chester is an idiot. You'll find him running around with red skin and horns, with a pointy tail and pitchfork. He's also a megalomaniac, and is prone to telling people that he is The Devil. He's also fond of challenging people to games of checkers, violin-playing contests, and riddle-offs. You know, something that only a giggling inbred would enjoy.

All of the other devils hate Chester. He makes them look bad. No one knows who made him or why. Chester is completely incompetent and takes no precautions concerning visibility. Whenever another demon runs into him, they usually kick his ass and drag him back to hell with them. The other devils don't know who created Chester, or they'd kick his/her ass, too.

Yes, there's a certain sort of sweaty exuberance to Chester. A sort of childish desperation in the way he flails on his gold fiddle, or the way he bites his lips when he is losing a game of Monopoly. If he doesn't annoy you, he's sort of likable, I guess.  There's a certain rumor going around, and it makes the other devils sick. When they hear it, they want to open their mouths and noiselessly vomit soul-stuff for days and days.

The rumor is this: Chester isn't interested in taking souls or claiming new domains for hell. All he wants to do is play games with children and hand out golden prizes, all the while performing the ol' thwarty-devil shtick. 

Like I said, revolting.

You don't summon Chester. He just shows up.

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30 Devils
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Forganthus's comment on 2013-05-04 07:26 AM
10) Mu'un-Gon-Grel

Mu'un-Gon-Grel is a dark one. One of the blackest hearts you'll find. If you cut her in half you'd find nothing but toothy darkness inside. She's ancient, almost as ancient as Horoc. She remembers the bad old days, when life was all bloody hunts and wailing prayer. When man huddled for the campfires, pissing themselves with fear as they looked out at the darkness. Back when they'd beg the devils for a chance to give their soul, trying to trade it away for a few hot meals or just a good night's sleep. She's refused to change her name or her attitude. She doesn't want to modernize. She carries with her all the uncompromising expectations of the Bronze Age.

Mu'un-Gon-Grel is who you summon when you want to kill your parents.

Or anyone with authority over you, really. But she specializes in parents. You can try to get her to kill your CEO or the president or something, but most of the rich and powerful people are either either protected against the powers of Hell or pawns of the same.

You summon her with a cat. But you gotta feed this cat 9 rats. And each of those 9 rats have got to have eaten 9 spiders. And each of those spiders has got to have eaten 9 fies. If any of them eat anything except the 9 things, you gotta start that animal all over again. 

So you take this cat and you crush it to death. The time-tested method is two pieces of plywood with the cat between them, while you pile cinder blocks on top. That's the modern method. If you summoned her the old way, you might get on her good side. 

Nah. She doesn't have a good side. Still addressing her in Sanskrit couldn't hurt. She used a to write a little in Sanskrit, back when it was in vogue. Before she decided to dedicate herself to her work.

After the cat is dead the plywood will crack in half and rise up. The cinder blocks will slide off. And Mu'un-Gon-Grel will rise up in the center of all that.

She's tall like a gallows. All of her bones are broken the same way the cat's were. Her limbs move all fluidly, and you can hear the bones grinding in there. Her the bones in her shattered hands are like a bag of dice. There's blood all down her chin, like she just finished eating a big plate of ribs. And I don't mean from a steakhouse. Her eyes are yellow and staring. Her ears are torn and ragged. Her hair is huge and malevolent. It writhes like a den of snakes mating in slow motion. Her feet and ankles are scorched from the ancient pyres.

She'll kill your parents for you, yes. You don't even need to ask. Of course, she can make it look like an accident. Yes, they're horrible people who don't love you. You'll be much happier as an orphan. Just sign here, on this parchment. No, it's not really parchment. Try not to pay too much attention to what it really is.

The price is your time. Exactly 729 days of it. Don't worry, she'll borrow your body when you aren't using it. She might take the 729 days all at once. You might wake up two years later in a place you don't recognize, with people calling you a name that isn't yours. These people might be police, asking you why you committed the murders. They might be drug dealers, asking what the hell happened to the stash. They might be confused people in the wrong church, asking you why you stopped mid-sermon. I hope you have answers for those people.

But more likely, she'll just dribble the 729 days, one at a time across your whole life. She might take them while you're sleeping, just for a few hours. That's about four times a month for the rest of your life. You'll wake up in the morning with the corpse of the neighbor's dog in your bathtub. Mu'un-Gon-Grel has always used murder as a fallback when she can't find a more malicious use for you.

Of course, if you ever want to hunt Mu'un-Gon-Grel (and many have tried) you'll have to contend with the sleepwalkers she sends your way. Blank-faced men and women from all walks of life, breaking through your window and sending sloppy bullets your way. You'd think they'd never fired a gun before. They don't make a noise, though, not from the broken glass nor the bullets you put in their chests. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Forganthus's comment on 2013-05-04 07:34 AM
I'm digging Ngama Ngama. She's sort of a meta-demon, which is cool. Maybe I'll write a meta-demon next.

Ngama Ngama is definitely an African name, too, which implies an interesting story without telling it. Was she promoted from Africa duty to the New World? Or demoted? It must have been in the Aztecs heyday. Maybe she was hell's ambassador, to teach them all the different summons they would need when they were desperate. And when Cortez came a knocking, you got a lot of desperate Aztecs.

The fact that Hell reassigned an African devil instead of creating one perfectly suited to the job also speaks volumes. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Forganthus's comment on 2013-05-04 08:46 AM
11) James

He has many names. He usually picks whatever name he thinks will be most appealing to you. Sometimes that name is James.

You don't summon James. He appears to his enemies. Devil-hunters, clergy, and those who are thinking about thinking about betraying Hell.

He appears as whatever type of person he thinks is most soothing or trustworthy. Maybe a bearded old professor type, with ruddy cheeks and laugh lines around the mouth. Kind eyes twinkle above a faded sweater. He might have a warm laugh and smell faintly of cinnamon.

He will approach you in a public space and start a conversation. Something innocuous. After a minute, he might introduce the subject of devils. Probably to your surprise.

James is an apologist. He makes no attempt to disguise the facts. Yes, he knows you are hunting devils. He knows this because he is one of the devils you are hunting. He's here to talk, if you're willing to listen.

If you're in a restaurant, he'll apologize and say he lost his wallet. Could you buy him a cup of coffee? This creates the illusion of normalcy and weakness, as well as the small social contract of indebtedness. If you refuse, he'll just order a glass of water, but only after he confirms with the waitress that there is no charge. 

He might cough a few times. Just to be clear that you are not dealing with any sort of soul-sucking, skull-crushing hellspawn. He'll apologize about that, too.

And then James will ask you questions. How much do you know about hell? Do you know about the ancient contracts Hell has with this world? Do you know what humanity would stand to lose if all devilry were wiped from the world with a single blow? Do you know how many times Hell has saved the Earth from oblivion? Hell depends on Earth just as much as the opposite is true. 

The Devils don't give humans anything the humans don't ask for. It's a lot of effort to learn the summons, and a lot of conviction to actually perform some of them. The little girl that had her parents killed? She always had that power. She knew where her dad's gun was kept. Hell didn't drive her to that. All Hell does is facilitate human nature. If you want to eliminate evil, look next door, not under your feet.

James can tell if you are being swayed by his arguments, or if you are resistant to the idea completely. He might visit again, if he feels that your might be more receptive next time.

If you attack him, he'll bleed and appear to die as easily as a normal human. This of course, is completely false. Only with the most drastic of measures can you see the small, nebulous thing that slips away after the false body falls to the ground.

It's tough to estimate what sort of demon James is, simply because you never see more than a friendly face and a corpse, but just think of this: He has survived countless encounters with people who would destroy a demon in an instant if they could. Some of these people have destroyed many demons, and many of them have dedicated themselves entirely to that purpose. What sort of power or subtlety must he possess to elude these deadly foes so completely?

These are the same questions that other demons ask themselves. James scares the shit out them. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Forganthus's comment on 2013-05-07 03:55 AM
Aw man, Redgre. You beat me at simplicity. Wylowex can fit into almost any type of campaign, from urban technomages to Arthurian legend (if you sand the corners). Well done. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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knowman's comment on 2013-05-04 09:59 AM
Kenotep, 3rd paragraph - does it have 6 or 8 legs?

A very disturbing start with some impressive creativity and level of detail. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Gossamer's comment on 2013-05-04 06:25 AM
I was expecting the usual suspects with different names, but this seems very original, so far. I'll hold off on voting till you reach a number closer to 30 though. You can change the title, but you probably want to keep it, so this particular title is reserved by you, provided you feel up to the task of reaching 30.

Here are some typos;

All he asks in return in your first born child.
He is a detached, abstract mind.
Orghaelox is whip of a creature. Go to Comment
30 Devils
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Gossamer's comment on 2013-05-04 12:46 PM

Wow, that Mu'un-Gon-Grel sounds like more trouble than she's worth. =P It would take a very special kind of crazy, to start a fly farm, a spider farm, a rat farm, meticulously watch them all the time from they're hatched/born, kill a cat AND sacrifice more than 2years worth of your life(as well as ruining said life completely), just to kill two people. Isn't the idea of a devil's deal, that you're supposed to want it, but the side-effects come later as a surprise?


Also, I'd be careful using the word demon in a submission about devils. They're not the same thing, depending on who you ask anyways.

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30 Devils
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Gossamer's comment on 2013-05-15 06:45 AM

14) Bagus Bunis

It comes unbidden, this black hare faced nightmare. Crawling up from under your skin, it stares into your soul with its two saucer shaped abysmal hollows leading into madness. It is the eternal tormentor. It whispers in your ears at night and can only be briefly glanced at the edge of vision. It is undying and naught can kill it, naught can stop it. It taunts you, ever beyond reach, gnawing on a human finger-bone. Its fat swollen tongue, like an overfed leech, paints its yellowed chompers with its acrid drool, as its dried up cracked lips parts and you hear its malicious mosquito-like voice saying; "Nyeh. What's up, Dog?"

It travels through extra dimensional holes that can pop up anywhere. It is a master of disguise, yet its face is ever unchanging, but for some reason, you never notice that horrid unblinking face on the body of your neighbour, that special someone you fancy, or the local store clerk, not until it is too late.

It loves to manipulate others into doing its dreadful work, changing a sign here, dropping the right words there. Soon it'll have all the neighbourhood chasing after you for some perceived slight.

It has no reason for its actions, no enmity, no hunger for revenge. Tis just entertainment for it.

It barters no deals. It comes for your sanity, when you least expect it.

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30 Devils
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Gossamer's comment on 2013-05-15 06:48 AM
Voted. I had a lot of fun writing up mine. =) Go to Comment
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Scrasamax's comment on 2013-05-02 08:21 AM
Very good, an enjoyable read and an excellent homage to Lovecraft and weird horror Go to Comment
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Cheka Man's comment on 2013-04-30 08:44 PM
Yuck-worm-men. Go to Comment
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Moonlake's comment on 2013-05-01 10:05 PM
A very engaging piece based on a novel concept and good writing. Go to Comment
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The Bull's comment on 2013-05-02 05:25 AM
Creepy and exciting at the same time.
Well written with much possibilities and it remembered me instantly of the picture "Worm God" by Richard Corben (attention, this one is adult content).
Thanks for this "monster" who triggered a whole encounter and cult idea I will have to pursue. Go to Comment
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