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The Zwitter Islands
Locations  (Area)   (Water)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-10 06:12 PM
Yes, a very good location to get PC's used to, perhaps even as a home base.

And then, of course, something bad will happen to it. :) Go to Comment
The Zwitter Islands
Locations  (Area)   (Water)
valadaar's comment on 2017-11-03 08:54 AM
This one is indeed a gem.
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The Cannibals
Society/ Organizations  (Combative)   (Regional)
valadaar's comment on 2013-03-20 09:16 PM
Ah, these folks could easily play the part of the villain, or the deadly rival.

Commented on for Comment Challenge!

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Whistle of Big Game Summoning
Items  (Tools)   (Cursed)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-08 04:46 PM
Actually, he's a looter, not a hunter :) Go to Comment
The Dawn Of Avarice
Plots  (Crisis)   (Campaign)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-14 07:47 PM
I would agree on the name (unless the intention was to be silly - which this piece patently is not..) but it is a solid canvas to build upon.

Good job! Go to Comment
ISL 9000
Items  (Ranged Weapons)   (Combat)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-07 09:34 PM
Er, not so unique - Abadra Siege Barrel... Go to Comment
The Tower of Ash
Dungeons  (Other)   (Style)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-06 06:35 PM
Impressive! Most impressive :) Go to Comment
The Lady Leshach
NPCs  (Major)   (Political)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-04 06:46 PM
I think this is really good.

And where can we see the map? :) Go to Comment
Rustcaller Toxin
Items  (Potion)   (Villanous)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-04 06:38 PM
Nasty, I like it! Using it on arrowheads would be so nasty. I think I'd have to add some more restrictions to keep it from being too common.

Heh, I know a really good use for this, but I'm not going to directly plug my own sub. It does rhyme with Siren Bike Slalom! Go to Comment
Alowin Brackwater
NPCs  (Minor)   (Artistic/Performance)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-02 06:39 PM
This is quite interesting - his origin being the best part. Go to Comment
Star of Rage
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Swamp)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-01 07:43 PM
You forgot to check the War checkbox Cheka!

You might want to delete and resubmit before you get votes. Go to Comment
Star of Rage
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Swamp)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-02 06:28 PM
I think is a really good post Cheka! Go to Comment
The Cursing Jar
Items  (Home/ Personal)   (Villanous)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-28 02:57 PM
Absolutely Fiendish! I love it!

Though I think it is actually pretty cheap to use as is - a pinky is not worth a death in my opinion. Nonetheless, I think it is truely excellent. Go to Comment
Goblin Snuff
Items  (Potion)   (Non-Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-28 03:00 PM
Well done and amusing! Go to Comment
Grandmothers' House
Plots  (Hired)   (Side-Quest)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-28 04:14 PM
I agree with wulf's comments, but I have to point out a few issues with the text:

The opening sentence is an example of a run-on sentence:

"The local forest has been plagued with animal attacks and few venture far off the path, but the magistrate of the town is willing to pay adventurers who wander into town a small reward if they will venture into the forest, find the state of three merchants, the strawmiller, the woodsman, and a brickmaker, and kill whatever is causing the attacks, he will inform them that the town gates will close behind them when they leave but will give them some provisions and a bit of equipment, including a net."

This needs to be a couple of sentences, not one. I've often repeated Moonhunter's advice, and the best point here is to read your sub out loud back to yourself. Go to Comment
Grandmothers' House
Plots  (Hired)   (Side-Quest)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-28 04:15 PM
Forgot to vote.. Go to Comment
The Fairy Castle
Items  (Home/ Personal)   (Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-27 08:23 PM
Holy smokes Wulfhere. You've got to write a book! (Well, you've a good start on one already....) Go to Comment
MUL-FS550 Fire Support Robot
Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (Any)
valadaar's comment on 2010-11-11 07:38 PM
MUL-FS550 Fire Support Robot
Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (Any)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-23 03:40 PM
Suggestions for terms used above I should add to a glossary? Go to Comment
MUL-FS550 Fire Support Robot
Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (Any)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-27 10:11 AM
Okay, obviously I need to frame these 'Bots more.

The universe in question is based on an old scratch-based Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror campaign of mine I ran a very long time ago, and was not of sufficent quality to present as-was here. It featured many cliche elements, but it was fun to run. We had battles between cyborgs, demons, Psychotic government agents wiping out anything abnormal, fleet battles, vampires, you name it. Since the PC's were Immortals of highlander fame, you get the picture.

Some of the ideas from that old campaing I thought were still useful, so I have been salvaging what I thought was useful. The background needs work though to make it more generic and less silly. I wanted to present what I had assuming that the ideas were generic enough to meld into other worlds.

But to answer your questions:

In 2450, Humanity is scattered over an assortment of worlds. Some were peacefully colonized, others seized from the alien races that held them. There is no central government, only a shifting set of alliances. One thing that is shared by the worlds are the Rules of Engagement, which serve to limit combat to prevent complete destruction of colonies. Part of these rules include proscriptions against nuclear weapons, along with combative AI's. The second point is a bit gray, as support systems such as the MUL-FS550 Fire Support Robot are close to the line. The fact that a human operator is required to pull the trigger satisfies the letter of the Rules, if not the spirit.

The various planets fight among each other for various reasons - vendettas, trade, resources,etc, but these usually are low-level engagements between professional mercenary groups. Use of planetary military elements is generally considered a dangerous escalation. The Planetary forces are generally used to defend against non-human enemies, where the Rules of Engagement do not apply.

The Robots are built to satisfy various military needs to reduce the imployment of expensive (and perhaps unreliable) mercenary forces, as well as to limit human casulties. Numerous companies manufacture the robots and sell them to pretty much anyone who has the currency to afford them.

I hope this helps! Is anyone interesting in more polishing of this world concept (I know it has elements heavily barrowed from other sources...)

Created ROE 2450 as a stub for future development. Go to Comment
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The Champion

       By: Wulfhere

In a city where the justice system features judicial dueling, plaintiffs and defendants are permitted to request a champion to take their place in the duel: Someone chosen by lot from among the foreigners in the city. When anyone first arrives, they are given an enchanted ceramic pendant that marks them as a candidate for "court duty".

Wealthy folk entering the city are often escorted by burly guards, paid to carry pendants on their behalf: They elude court duty in that way.

Adventurers may seek work as a rich man's proxy or may find themselves magically summoned to serve as a champion.

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