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epsilon's comment on 2007-11-08 05:36 PM
Great idea. I look forward to responses. A very useful collection to have on board. Go to Comment
Silly Items
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epsilon's comment on 2007-10-21 09:02 PM
I was simply to silly to vote.
Anyway Im in a major battle with my pc at the moment. For the last 4-5 weeks Ive not much enjoyed the thought of turning it on. Thus disabling me from strol'en about much.

almost fixed tho Go to Comment
Silly Items
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epsilon's comment on 2007-10-18 06:54 AM
Rope of short sightedness

This rope is always too short for the task at hand.
The trick is in the uncoiling, but the solution was never made known by its maker Ryanflek. Its of course possible that a master rope maker could, "unravel" the mystery.


There are rough inflexible ropes with hempish hair sticking out at all angles and then there are tightly woven, strong yet flexible, silken cords. Ryanflek was a master rope maker, he was often called upon to make special ropes, ropes of beauty, ropes of incredible strength and ropes of magic. But kings can be tyrants, especially those who have just conquered your lands. Ryanflek found himself called before his new king and ordered to produce the best rope ever made. Aye, ordered, not commissioned as you might expect. The king was arrogant and ruthless paid the master rope maker no monies but always took the latest rope and subjected it to ridiculously high breaking strains, threaded it through the tiniest of eyes and wound it around the diameter of his fingers. Ryanfleck made rope after rope, each one thinner, stronger and more nimble than the next but still the king was never satisfied. Growing tired of Ryanflek's inability to deliver, the king imprisoned the rope makers wife and daughter in the castle tower and ryanfleck himself in the castles dungeons. Ryanflek's heart was in pain, he cried for his family and vowed to make the best rope and trick this oppressor king.

The day arrived, disheveled Ryanfleck kneeled before the king and layed the rope at his feet.It was thinner than ever before, glistened like woven strands of silver unicorn hair. Braided in the most meticulous and alluring manner. Its feel was so soft it almost floated, like one was dragging a hand through lightest white cloud. It was so flexible that it was easily wound around the kings finger. The king tested its strength, first he hung great weights, then harnessed many horses in opposition. Not content he dropped massive boulders onto the rope in an effort to fray and weaken the strands. But the rope held. Content with his knew toy the king released the wife and daughter, Ryanfleck fled with his family but not before he showed the king how to coil the rope.

The king toyfully played with his rope for many days until he realised it was useless. No matter what task he tried to do, every time he uncoiled the rope it was too short. If he wanted to reach down a 50ft pit it was 15ft too short. If he wanted to tie the opening of a sack there was never enough rope left for the knot.

"Its cursed he cried" and had the rope removed from his sight.

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epsilon's comment on 2007-10-18 04:34 PM
Thatt'l teach me to submit without searching the citadel first, something I never do, until last night. I could have "interwoven" a few more things had I have known:) Go to Comment
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epsilon's comment on 2007-10-21 09:07 PM
Smells like chicken! :) Go to Comment
Yinnal canopy
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epsilon's comment on 2008-01-21 11:40 PM
Yinnal tree
Species: Yinnal Tissima
The Yinnal tree is the largest known stoloniferous plant. Some older plants stand just under 100m in height while the average is 50-80m. Like many stoloniferous it is a vascular plant and has adventitious roots. Long, thick (up to 6ft in diameter) stolon roots emanate from a parent plant. These roots can be found above and below the surface, splitting at nodes to form other child plantlets. Surface runners are also found but are thinner, hand sized and rope like.
The deeper, penetrating, vertical roots of the Yinnal tree, tap into the unfathomable wells of underground water. Transporting this sacred juice from the sunken depths, to the horizontal root system and up into the canopy of branches and leaves. Here, it is distributed for growth by the tree and any surplus, is given up, released from the stomata on the underside of its leaves, literally raining down on that which lies below. The Yinnal tree is frequently associated with the Yinnal Vine of the Vissealvia Vinea species vissewort. The vine helps provide the support structure required by the branches to uphold the leaves. In return the tree provides the nutrients, water and structure the vine needs to grow. In its early life, the vine tendrils are flexible and are often woven into pathways and hanging structures by the Ynemn folk who dwell in the Yinnal canopy environment.

The Yinnal tree is monoecious. Both male and female flowers can be found on the same plant.
The fruit is massive and contains numerous arils. These fleshy covered seeds are much like those found in a pomegranate.

A Yinnal tree has been know to grow as much as 1 inch in diameter per year. A forest can increase its acreage by 25% per year. Of course like all growing things, age, as well as nurturing, plays a significant part in this growth. Rapid growth is noticeable early on in its dominant phase but trails off, becoming self suppressed as it becomes older and stable.

Leaves of gold:
The large leaves of the Yinnal tree are unique. A golden, densely haired leaf can grow up to 1 meter in diameter. They are extremely light but also very strong. The hair, which Emn grew to protect the leaves from the strong rays of the sun, can be harvested for a variety of things, much like cotton. The skin of the leaf, is a translucent gold, it is soft and pliable, often worn as outer garments. With or without the hair it is waterproof and breaths naturally. The garments made from Yinnal leaves are generally cloak or robe like due to the fact the leaves slowly dry and harden once disconnected from the tree. The leaf material could be tailored well but the life expectancy is so short that its hardly worth the trouble. Adorned with the hair on the inside, a garment looses some of its outward reflectivity but gains inward insulating properties. Complete camouflage cloaks are often made from the leaves skin. Against the backdrop of the canopy, one can melt into the vista unnoticed.
a form of transportation. see sunglide

Woody thorns:
They howl with ear splitting wrath, sharp as daggers with hollow tubes within that can dispense poison like a snakes bite.

Branch and Trunk

Sap: something druggish-alcoholish Go to Comment
Yinnal canopy
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epsilon's comment on 2008-01-22 12:13 AM

Riding the sun.
The Ynemn often use the sunglide attack. It is swift, dazzling and quick.
Open a sunwave and using the leaves glide down the rays of sunlight. Go to Comment
Oaken Shambler
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epsilon's comment on 2007-10-11 07:32 PM
Nasty little stick, Id like to have a go whittling it down to size. Nice plot ideas too, gives a whole new meaning and weapon to the greenies.

I can imagine a party being coerced into "removing the tree". A tree at first appearance, old bedraggled and its trunk full of stuck and half swallowed weapons. Axes, swords etc sticking out all over the place.. The "parties before" failures .

"Just chop it down"!!

ooo how about this..
the party is in town and a festival is all around. A tree on the outskirts is being used to support a knife throwing event. The target, duly painted, is ready for the first throw, the prize a magnificent dagger. You let the party play around with some other fair like fun until eventually one of them has a throw. Their knife thunks into trunk and as he goes to retrieve it...all hell breaks loose. They'd never expect that? :))) Go to Comment
Asphalt Golem
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epsilon's comment on 2007-10-11 07:09 PM
the problem with this place is there are so many great ideas and I have no one to try them out on (as in game) ahh well.
Imagine in Helm ...

Black fire rains down from the battlements, at first burning, melting and melding with whatever it touches. Suffocated shrieks of pain and terror emanate from the black molasstic pool, briefly. The flame extinguishes, steam rises, a ghostly spume evaporates giving way to a hardening crust. An ugly monstrous excrescence appears on the surface rising upwards. From the pool of tar, a torso and appendages give embodiment, the shape takes on a grotesque, blob dripping human like appearance. The original unstructured splat of tar is gone, transfigured into a giant heat shimmering, semi hardened statute. Then with unprecedented and unexpected horror coursing through your veins, you pale to white, for the creature, with slow and deliberate thought, moves towards you. Go to Comment
Copper Mantis
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epsilon's comment on 2007-10-08 09:13 PM
Neato, but what immediately sprang to my mind was not the mantis itself but the , "make token from wire then transform to monster" aspect. I thought of a little origami making dude who quickly "twists" up a little critter (whilst everyone one in the party is getting their buts kicked in by the opponent) and then unleashes the transform. So to me it was special copper wire with properties.
One carries the wire around and twists up a construct when needed...Maybe this wire comes from the ones that were thrown into the temple fire, they melted and was returned to its original wire form but still maintains the transforming properties.

Either way neat idea Go to Comment
My Travels in the Lands of the Pyromancers
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epsilon's comment on 2007-09-03 09:15 PM
Me like, if for no other reason than that it simply allows freedom. I think you did exactly what you set out to do. I hate, ok dislike:), having all the details and being confined, not only as a GM but as a player. There is enough obscure strings in this to allow players to focus on something a GM may not. I love that as a GM. The game then develops by itself with just a prod from me.
I just read the 5 rooms sub and immediately broke it down into that format. Simple , sweet and allows the GM and players to explore. great stuff! Go to Comment
Magic as an Attribute
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epsilon's comment on 2007-09-02 09:33 PM
Exceptional. Well thought, well written and great examples. Certainly allot of aspects here Ill be nicking ;) I have expanded the magic side of 3.5 myself. Mixing various kids type fairy adventure mechanics into the wash. I could see no reason to not continue these when we switch and play 3.5, so I did. However your above description is far more thorough than my soup.
Thanks Go to Comment
Absent Companions
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epsilon's comment on 2007-08-27 09:13 PM
I like this approach, a ghost but not a ghost. A neat aberration. Also something weird to toss in at the end of a magic battle (the lingering build up magic triggers it) that no player will be expecting :)
You could entwine this deeply into a plot based around an area or building. Every time magic is used here, something strange happens afterward, a battle scene suddenly appears, a glorious bride shuffles down the isle towards her marriage, past echoes of things that happened in that building, you recognize, from other echoes, the man she walks towards, her groom, is in league with dark shrouds of tales yet to be told.

Yeah I could see this go places. Go to Comment
WWMWBI - If Time Travel Were Possible?
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epsilon's comment on 2007-08-27 02:11 AM
The famous professor Lirekfen Kcabreist in his his book "Beyond Yesterdays Humbug" Made note that, no one had ever claimed time travel because once you exit the present, you no longer exist in that time line and as such can not return to it. When I say return I mean interact. You therefore are unable to boast and claim time travel.

Lets take a person known as Jim, ourselves and our perspective on the three separations of time.
A denotes past.
B denotes Jim's Present
C denotes future.
Jim stumbles across a time machine and travels back in time. Even tho he lands perfectly at 1820 he cannot interact with it in anyway. He is like a ghost, unseen, unheard and definitely unable to change. Because what he is seeing has already happened you see. Even tho from his perspective he is at the moment. That moment has already happened.
The girl gets run over by the milkman, its already happened. Jim is powerless to change something that has already transpired. We know its transpired because of the numerous happenings that can be traced back to that event. Even tho he has traveled back from the (B) to (A) he cant change (A) from our perspective, because to us (A) has already transpired. The dog is chasing its tail.
He can of course observe (A).

Poor Jim can now however no longer return to (B) as (B) from his perspective and ours has moved on. He wasn't there when his boss burst into the room to catch him red handed at the scotch bottle, instead of doing his work. Jim was also,unable to breath out, in the split second after he time jumped and thus did not pass on the flu virus, to the tea lady who was just about to enter and offer him afternoon tea. So Jims future from our perspecitve is changed dramatically, in that same way as if Jim has suffered a fatal heart attack. Those who's time lines are connected to his are changed.

Jim cannot find a stable lock on the future, because it hasn't transpired yet. That is, the intricate and chaotic events, from which the time fabric is weaved, can at any one moment produce zillions of future outcomes. Because that trigger event has not yet transpired, one cannot jump to the next event or end result of the string of events. That future stone may not exist at all or be anywhere from a few milliseconds to hours from a predicted path.

Jim is lost in time, to time. He has no way of reconnecting himself back to a timeline that we can observe.

Lirekfen also goes on to observe and dispel, the possible link or theory that haunted houses and ghost n such are simply lost time travelers. Lirekfen was reported to have rebuked a student at one of his lectures once with.

"Did you not listen! At point (A) you can not interact with anything from that time. If for example you saw a ghost, you may stop, or scream. Those events however trivial would change the course of events. But we the observers know the course of events, we have history, we have evidence. Now sit down, before I really show you how to create ghosts. And next time, think of A and B before you mutter and create a C that shouldn't exist."
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WWMWBI - If Time Travel Were Possible?
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epsilon's comment on 2007-08-27 08:54 PM
mm maybe I was too subtle in my above text. I was eluding too this thought. It might be of interest for a bunch of characters to end up together in this "outsidetime". A plot, a location, a world, in itself, fighting off whatever falls in with them and desperately trying to find themselves a "timehome". Go to Comment
At Star's End
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epsilon's comment on 2007-08-19 07:35 PM
Welcome to my lair said the spider to the fly.

The premature death of Gamma Vitalis has been engineered. Someone, some race who despise the Star Vampires, know of their weakness to flock to a dying star. They await for the very moment when the carbon matter fuses with helium and oxygen. What a beautiful sight, what a great moment , what a privilege to watch, first hand the ultimate, the primary of all evolution. But the red giants core temperature is insufficient, something is wrong. A mass of carbon and oxygen forms at the nebula's center. A starving degenerate dwarf forms within. It calls to its binary companion Eta Vitalis, craving for the matter of its brother. Breaks, destroys and claims the extra carbon it must have. The pressure within Gamma Vitalis builds along with the temperature. This injection of energy now allows the dwarfs unfused carbon core to fuse. The density reaches apocalyptic levels. Carbon detonation! Powers unimaginable, immense and far beyond the expectation of the onlooking Star Vampires.

Yeah I liked it :) Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Other)
epsilon's comment on 2007-08-18 04:56 PM
Updated: fixed dye Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Other)
epsilon's comment on 2007-08-18 05:15 PM
thanks Scras, dye fixed :). it was getting late.
There are also a number of other things I have expanded upon in my notes. But Im constantly wary of overly long texts and so have not added them. I find its a hard call to make, to expand the text with my thoughts or simply leave seeds so others may expand to their own likening. Not wanting to nail the description down so tight that it cant be molded further. Im also not sure just how patient people are and how much they would read in one sitting.

I for example did not go into the subtle areas of colour or in fact polarization effects that would render the effect invisible by all but the well trained, those with "visse sight". Whether these guys should have a stub sub to themselves etc.

As usual, for me, the more I thought about it the bigger the item became and I ended up wrestling with myself as to what should be included here and what should be culled:( Go to Comment
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epsilon's comment on 2007-08-18 05:44 PM
for example, two things I have just thought about.

Lets say we collect and crush the buds. According to the description, droplets may be found within that could be conceived as a decent aphrodisiac.

Lets say we are able to trigger the spawning process but in this case the droplets are a poison to human kind. A marching enemy would trudge across the field, get half way and having breathed or absorbed the droplets via the skin they roll over dead.

There is enough info in the text to extrapolate these conditions. But if I detailed one I would contradict the other or at least it would require lots of description to allow the two to coexist. So best I leave the seeds there but allow the user to fill in the blanks....

Hey im not sure to be honest. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Other)
epsilon's comment on 2007-08-19 06:19 PM
Certainly go right ahead Valadaar. Im chuffed you think it worthy:) Go to Comment
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