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Burly Bill's Beautiful Beverages
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dark_dragon's comment on 2014-05-05 12:18 PM

I love the suggestion of the two brothers. The relationship between the two could be a wonderful source of drama, tension and pathos. The PCs would have to make morally ambiguous decisions when dealing with Bill, knowing full well his intentions are essentially good and that he acts out of fraternal love. It could make for some wonderful storytelling and roleplaying.

The submission feels somewhat incomplete because it originally grew out of a scroll submission, but I didn't want to leave it as "Old fashioned pub that hides terrorist network fighting transhumanism". It was late at night so I ended up going overboard and writing a sub for it instead.

That said, I think the juxtaposition of "Bill as a nice guy" and "Bill who blows up clinics" is both realistic and interesting.

If we're talking of Hitler, there are several reports of him playing fondly with baby Helga Goebbels, or of being uncommonly attached to his dog Blondi and her puppies. Being a loving, caring family man does not stop someone from being a militant bigot. Casually murdering people as part of their role as an organised crime enforcer does not stop someone from being respectful, compassionate and caring towards their parents. A soldier can enjoy shooting "some guy in a turban" as part of his tour of afghanistan and then return home to patiently teach his son to read and make love to his wife. Your best friend at work and occasional drinking buddy could be beating his wife or molesting his children. Humanity is more complex that we make out, and while our fiction tends to use a lot of black and white, the real world is built more from a palette of grey, which is why I like the dissonant image of Burly Bill running a terror campaign.

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Evolutionary Theology
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-09-21 10:34 AM
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RL-8 Class Space Station
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dark_dragon's comment on 2014-05-03 08:44 PM
Actually, I can see an entire cyberpunk campaign being run in one of those stations, so section 5 isn't the only interesting thing aboard by any means.

I like the way you've linked it in with the rest of the setting, and can vividly image lots of PC shenanigans happening on board.

You could do with a few hooks and denizens, but given these are essentially cities, a GM can inject his own ideas as desired.

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Serum 87
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dark_dragon's comment on 2014-02-04 07:05 PM
I'm a nice guy in real life, honest :)

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Serum 87
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dark_dragon's comment on 2014-02-06 11:55 AM
Nah, popped in from time to time, but haven't really been around. Blame this post on a mix of Insomnia, procrastination and wiki walking. I'm subscribed to both the forum and site RSS feeds, so I tend to have a look from time to time.
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Zoe 3000
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dark_dragon's comment on 2014-05-03 08:34 PM
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The Seating of the Stuffy Dinner Party Guests
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dark_dragon's comment on 2012-06-03 06:04 AM

I like it, and forganthus's suggestion with battle optimisation is a great idea. I've had to solve these kind of problems before, and analyse the outcomes. It's interesting to note that if you carry out this exercise with nations prior to the breakout of the second world war, the lowest conflict states are almost identical to the Axis/Allies split (except for one country, IIRC.) It turns out this a remarkably complex problem (Combinatorial Optimization) and is NP-complete. It's an excellent problem to push onto your gamers! As a general rule, NP-complete and NP-Hard problems make for quite good games. Have a read of Ralph Koster's GDC 2009 talk for more.

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Anaszti, Hands of the Blood God
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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-14 03:30 AM
I think that instead of seeing this as a new take on vampires, I would prefer to consider it an alternative origin story. I'm a fan of the blood pyramid scheme, which ties in with a lot of modern tales of the intrinsic bond between spawn and creator. The actual concept could be used for other things too, like a vicious, soul-rending spell, for which one must sacrifice his humanity, and every spell used feeds one's own creator or mentor. It would also explain why older vampires feed less and less as they age. I doubt I would be using the vampire origin as such (I'm not a big fan of vampires) but the power pyramid is something that could work really well with a cabal of evil mages. Go to Comment
Everlasting Chalk
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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-10 10:46 AM

Cute and disgusting at the same time. I like it. 

* d_d wonders what other bit of disgusting monster anatomy could have practical use...

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The Horn of Seven Seals
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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-06 06:03 PM

Dossta, thanks for keeping up with this collection. Each item alone is a great sub, but taken together they are exceptional. I really like the concept and the execution. 

This horn is formidable, and I particularly like the subtle twist that could easily be the downfall of the horn's wielder, as he erodes away the inhibitions of his own men, slowly ebbing their humanity away. So far, the darkest of the seven item. I like!

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The Horn of Seven Seals
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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-07 12:54 PM

- Adelheim's Seven Favours

- King Mosanggar's favours/tokens/gifts

- Adelheim's Aegis (with the implication that all the items are only facets of the aegis)

- The Steward's Prizes

- The Seven Sentinels

- The Seven Keys to Adelheim

- Mosanggar's Seven Legacies

- The Princes' Birthright

- Mosanggar's Wards (as in, protective spells)

- Mosanggar's Binding

- The Prince's Circle

- The Princes' Chain (a chain is only strong as...)

- The Stars of Adelheim

- The Adelheimian Unity

- The Princes' Pledges

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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-06 06:23 PM

Nice to see one of the sinblades come up! I wonder how someone with an iron discipline would react with this blade. It seems that the wielder would always be walking the line between self-control and all-consuming rage.

I like that you've included a section on the relationship between blades, and look forward to seeing how the oother blades interact with one-another. 

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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-07 04:10 AM
Considering I promised a sub to Ancient Gamer over four years ago and haven't started it yet, I won't hold it against you! Go to Comment
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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-06 07:30 AM

Go spacebats! I think I quite like the Cynopterid. I could see them being a galactic underclass, everywhere due to their natural abilities, but never on top of the foodchain, so to speak. I think I might enjoy a campaign where humanity is at the point of bootstraping to spacefaring and they meet the Cynopterids, opening  a whole can of worms and moral dilemmas:

They're weaker than us and their colonies are biocompatible with earth life. Are we willing to exterminate the species that gave us spaceflight?

How do we interact with the rest of the galaxy? Will we be frowned upon because our space flight tech was scavenged? Do uplifted species have a bad rep in the galaxy, with an attached stigma?

What if the Cynopterids had to be our mentors in galactic diplomacy? How would we handle a species that has rights over us when we're technologically superior to them? Would we risk the wrath of galactic legal bodies by defying our mentor species?

Does a culture have responsabilities in case of accidental uplift (like Chirotar could be responsible for.)?

I'd probably drop the eldricht-ness, I've never been any good at putting those and sci-fi together.

Interesting character. I'd like to hear more about her species, and it has triggered an entire campaign idea. Cool!

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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-06 10:17 AM

Revoting to reflect more info!

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Just Jane
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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-05 05:36 PM

I love the writeup. It's probably not very useable as-is in a game without more ties but I loved reading your sub, Scras.

Dragonlordmax: I don't know that I've ever seen a vampire that can fly

You ever saw one that didn't? You sure? How much did you have to drink? :-)

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Castle Crocell
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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-05 02:36 AM
I like this keep. The story and adventure flow well and the location and premise are both original. I could see this working really well in a long running campaign, where the PCs have been given a tract of land as a reward, only to find out it's a deserted wasteland. Nice work! Go to Comment
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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-05 09:00 AM

Solid item that adds flavour to a world.

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The Crown of Seven Swords
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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-01 01:11 AM

I really like this item. I've been reading your series of the seven artifacts and found it really enjoyable, but this one is my favorite so far. 

It's probably not something that I'd actually give to PCs, but it's a brilliant item. I really like the imagery of the flame wreathed crown, and having the judgement be a willpower contest is a wonderful idea.

I can see an entire campaign built around these seven artifacts, with a failing kingdom, and a band of adventurer tasked with finding all seven tokens and match them to seven worthy descendants of the original seven kings to restore the kingdom to its former glory.

Looking forward to the other artifacts.

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Gailerust's Grand Gauntlet
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dark_dragon's comment on 2011-12-01 01:21 AM

I would not like to be on the receiving end of those...

I could see them used by an antagonist, with the PCs having to choose an indirect manner of subduing the owner. Good item to make combat-heavy parties try different strategies when faced with the big bad.


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