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Peresallapides Stones
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Veretrix's comment on 2015-09-07 08:20 PM
Thanks for the helpful advice. I made a tiny edit to the precluding text to have it match with the rest of the text. I also added a bit of a speculated origin involving the Elder Gods of the Cthulhu Mythos, albeit only vague, as even scholars aren't entirely sure. Lastly, I added the fact that someone was warped into OUR reality by a stone in their reality, and through that person we know, or at least assume, most of these facts regarding the stones.

Feel free to let me know if the edits seem out of place, or if I should still add more. Go to Comment
Peresallapides Stones
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Veretrix's comment on 2015-09-07 09:26 PM
There are multiple stones that can exist in a single reality, but the exact number is unknown. Perhaps it fluctuates? One universe may have 4, where another could have 400, perhaps.

As far as the whole "Point A to Point B" thing, the stone does travel with the owner, but as soon as they arrive there, it is just a mundane stone with no runes or magical effects of any kind (unless in the new reality throwing rocks is some kind of magic).

I like your idea of using it as a form of execution/exile. Quite sinister indeed. Go to Comment
Peresallapides Stones
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Veretrix's comment on 2015-09-07 11:26 PM
Correct. Once a stone is used, it is essentially dead. If there are ways to "revive" them, these methods are unknown.

As far as having a finite number, that is also correct, more or less. It would ultimately be up to the GM how many exist amongst all realities, how many realities actually do exist, and if more stones can conceivably be created from scratch.

This sub is meant to provide more inspiration than 100% finite rules for how to use these stones. I do appreciate all the questions, though. To be honest, this was just an idea that popped into my head yesterday, and a lot of what is in it was thought up as I typed it, and/or was added after comments were posted. I'm glad these questions are coming up, as it helps me solidify my own admittedly vague concept even further. Go to Comment
Peresallapides Stones
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Veretrix's comment on 2015-09-08 03:45 PM
I'm glad you like the reference to the Elder Gods. Of any fantasy/sci fi setting I've seen this far, the Cthulhu mythos is definitely one of the most intriguing to me, so don't be surprised if future submissions of mine also have elements of it. Go to Comment
Peresallapides Stones
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Veretrix's comment on 2015-09-08 03:48 PM
Glad you like the name! If you were curious as to how I go the name, I actually went into Google Translate and put in the words "far travel jumping stone" and translated to Latin. They may have been in a different order, but it was something to that effect. Then I just cut some letters and fused the words into one. Go to Comment
Something Weird cart
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Veretrix's comment on 2015-08-08 08:30 AM
This idea is genius! My players (at least 2 of the 3) absolutely adore silly little trinkets, like rusty fish hooks, clockwork bird cages, or a mummified rat, because they're pointless but flavorful (and may have a use). This steps it up by not only having those trinkets, but making them near impossible to identify off the descriptors alone (depending on the object). I love messing with them too, so this is probably the best things I've seen in awhile.
Some of my own ideas of things that may be in the cart: a portable fan, a tuba, a heavy metal CD (with no method to play it), a box of Legos, a toy lightsaber, a Nintendo 3DS with one game inside and a fully charged battery (still gotta figure out how to use it), and a vacuum sweeper. Go to Comment
Skeleton Bow
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Veretrix's comment on 2015-08-04 06:27 PM
I'm really impressed with this concept. I never would have thought that you could take something so simple (a bow) and turn it into something that could cause even an experienced adventurer to second-guess himself the next time he runs into a group of simple level 1 skeletons, or even a type of graveknight that specializes in ranged combat, perhaps? I applaud the creativity and the ability to get the idea of such an unorthodox weapon into so few words. I look forward to potentially implementing this type of weapon in a future game. Go to Comment
Ring of Procrastination
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Veretrix's comment on 2015-08-06 06:56 PM
Overall, I like the idea of this ring; it's subtle but oh so effective. I do think that one thing that could be considered is that if they wear the ring too long, it's effects may linger. Perhaps if it was on for, say, a year, then maybe once it is removed, they still have above average procrastinating tendencies once the hyperactivity period ends. On that note, maybe having it on too long could even cause some sort of bipolar disorder, switching regularly between lazy (and likely depressed) and hyperactive. Go to Comment
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