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A Dash of Salt
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2009-10-20 11:14 PM
As the person who started all of this,I should be the one doing the thanking.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this and thank you to those who continue to do so. I think food was one of the most ignored items in gaming. Aside from conversations with friends about recipes, it was the fact that a great night of gaming went hand in hand with good snacks and good friends. A full stomach lends itself well to a longer game, but too much beverage leads to many breaks. Go to Comment
Hollywood's Musical Movie Magic
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2011-08-05 09:30 AM

I have experienced the game enhancing nature of music while gaming. During one of the long running campaigns by Scrasamax, the other players were overwrought by the death of a beloved NPC and very nearly demanded a funeral service to be played out. It took some planning, but when the game resumed, there was music and crying.

The music was Ghost in the Shell soundtrack. "M01 Chant I - Making of Cyborg" – 4:31

There was a memorial service for the NPC, several PCs got up and spoke. There was a funeral procession, and one of the PCs even made a special crafted adornment for the NPCs crypt.

It was an interesting night to say the least. The music made it even more memorable.

Instead of CDs, the music was played on the nearby computer via Napster.

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Social Tricks for the GM
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2011-08-05 09:59 AM

I find this thread to be very useful. It also gives more insight to the GM I know. As a player, it was easy to get wrapped up in the game and not understand how much effort went in to making it work. There were even game sessions on the fly. And there were spin-off games to the main game plot. When a few members of the group got together (an unplanned gathering) and wanted to play, we had secondary characters and plots that ran beside the main game. And when the main group got back together, sometimes we ran into the mess left behind by our other characters.

It was a lot of fun. But not easy.

And when there was a breakdown in the group, the GM handled it well. The game continued on, and eventually the group would get over whatever issues had cropped up. Then, the groups would merge back together and continue on. We would have new things to talk about, like some of the things we had encountered while seperated. It gave the game a deeper, richer enviroment to play in.

And we learned how to adapt to the diversity of the group.

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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2005-01-14 12:06 PM
There is no telling how long Eliam has been gone. It could be could be years. Depending on the stoyline/game that Petra is put in.

Eliam could be living next door, he maybe be in another village or a far away land. Then again Eliam might be dead. Again, this is up to the person who choses Petra. Petra does not know where Eliam is, or how long he has been gone. Up until her awakening there is lack of understanding the passing of time.

Petra could have been brought to life by the sheer strength of Eliam love and devotion to his creation. After all he spents many months...possible a year, constantly near the marble block and Petra herself as he sculpted her.

Being the gift of a goddess is another idea. Or it was latent magics at work. Go to Comment
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2005-01-14 03:34 PM
I do apologize for my grammar. I may speak english. But when it comes to getting my ideas out, I have some difficulties. It is something I need to work on. :) Go to Comment
BRS Gwynith
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2005-01-11 10:40 PM
A sentient boat. Very interesting. And a good idea. That and including ship's logs, that is pretty cool.

4/5 :) Go to Comment
Michaela Reed
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2005-01-08 08:20 PM
Ok, first of all, not a bad start. I still dont know why people have characters with a scar across their eye but the eye is perfectly fine. But hey, that's just me.

Hmm, pillaged home and murdered family. Temporary enslavement. Cliche...but again, not a bad start. Alot of cliche things are becoming popular these days.
What get's me is that she has become a mercenary. Which means over time she will be hired out and will become just like the ones who attacked her home. And then someone else will take up the reigns. Kind of an endless cycle of violence there.

:pokes Penguin:
I dont think there is anything wrong with the name given. But one would suggest that an elven character have an elven name. Unless she has adopted the human name as a way of survival. If so, some details of why she chose this name would be appreciated.

Why did the band of humans chose to pillage her home?
Why was Michaela's life spared?
How long was she a prisoner to the band of humans?
What is a bladesinger? (most of us have no clue what this is)
What things did she endure before the Master Bladesinger agreed to become her teacher?

Not trying to be mean. Just trying to give some constructive criticism. These are some questions that need to be answered. And as I have been told many many times. Details are appreciated, even if they are really long. Not bad for your first character. Go to Comment
Little Dark
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2004-11-09 09:25 AM
I have to give it a 4/5.
I could actually picture it like a little mini movie going on there. For some reason I expected to hear Papa Smurf narrating it...or Brainy Smurf. Go to Comment
The Omen of Fire
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2009-10-20 11:23 PM
Becuase it is demoralizing to those they have come to conquer. The others were given much smaller ships to keep with the idea that most of these places are growing colonies that have not been established long enough to build little more than hodge-podge transports cannibalized from the ships that originally brought them there.

My question is, where is New Mecca?(sp?) The place they were originally heading in the first movie. Go to Comment
The Omen of Fire
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2009-10-20 11:24 PM
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Prince Graeme
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2004-09-02 09:05 AM
Impressive. *nods* You should do up a page for Baird like you did here for Graeme.
Well to be honest, I think it was a good idea to give the
Yu-gi-oh reference. It gives a good basis for someone to watch to gain a better understanding of the interaction between the two brothers.
You should never be ashamed of anything you do in your life and no one should judge you by the shows you watch. I think people would be a bit happier if they still watched cartoons even as an adult. And if watching these shows helps keep your imagination well fed and in shape, then who cares. My cartoon guilty-pleasures include Courage the Cowardly Dog and Teen Titans. :)
Keep up the excellent work. Your doing great. Go to Comment
Sentinel The Ranger
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2004-09-01 10:29 AM
Ok, first thing first. *Looks at Scrasamax and Captain Penguin* "Ditto" Is not a helpful comment. Now onto the present character.

How can a character be legendary and not have a name or a background? He has to come from somewhere, there has to be some record of his past deeds. What do people call him? If they dont know his real name they must call him something for him to be Legendary. And if he has such typical elven features, what is there to distinguish him from any other tall male elf with rustic blonde hair who wears dark colors? Where did he get the scar?
"Unknown" Is not the right thing to put in background, unless he has no earthly clue of his own history and the world has been struck by some sort of spell of something that causes everyone to have the memory span of a goldfish.
Elaborate more on your character, I agree with Ria on the fact that the Preview shows alot of promise and potential.

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Burrito Benzanito
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2004-08-28 08:23 PM
I dont see anything wrong with naming the character Burrito. It's not likely he will ever be mistakened for some other guy by that name. I dont think the name is stupid either. It has orginality and it takes a brave man to take such an unusual approach to their character.

I knew a girl named Rebel, that was her birth name. Besides look at it like this, burritos are mysterious things. Within that floury exterior there waits many things. Some good, some bad. If he ever crosses your path, you will live the rest of your life reciting to your friends and anyone who listens the tales of a man called Burrito. Go to Comment
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