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Monument's comment on 2005-08-05 07:58 AM
A decent enough idea on it's own, but...

What could POSSIBLY compel a party to actually accept the mantle they are being given? They get to babysit kids whom the parents KNOW to be troublemakers, and they have to pay for any damages they cause? Simply by saying that as DM, you let the players know that damages WILL be caused, and therefore it will cost the party money to take the job. With a setup as described above, my guys would say "thanks but no thanks."

But, the idea is workable if you have a need of the parent's help in some way(they have information, the PC's need an ally, etc). So, 3/5. Go to Comment
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Monument's comment on 2005-07-18 05:29 PM
Even though I agree with Strolen, that the idea is something I would use as an annoyance rather than a plot itself, it's still a pretty good idea.

You have some seemingly innocuous incident of finding some insect riddled corpse in the den of some man eating monster or something(take your pick of man eating monsters), so that the necklace doesn't appear to be the cause of the insect horde. The sort of thing that would appear to be a random encounter, only not really random. After defeating the random encounter, they search the body, oh my, what's this, a fancy necklace, thank you very much mr dead body!

Then you continue them down the path of an adventure. At some point in the adventure, typically a fairly critical but non-mortal point, a spell fails because the wizard couldn't concentrate enough to learn his spell correctly. Then it happens again, after another night, soon, he's not able to learn spells at all, because of all the bugs waking him up over and over again in the night. Same thing could happen for a priest learning spells. Maybe the warriors get tired from lack of sleep and can't hit effectively.

MAYBE they get so tired that paranoia steps in. Everyone is out to get you, even your own comrades. Well, maybe, but I find plots like that tend to be annoying for the players in a cooperative group. Just a thought, I suppose.

Of course, you need to have it happen that the necklace is not suspected for a while to get much play out of it. Go to Comment
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The PC's enter a town amid a giant celebration, the Spring Wedding Festival. Unmarried men and women from all over the provinces gather her every spring to be matched by the most sacred matchmaker ever to live, Holly Lovard. Holly is now ancient and must be carried everywhere she visits and rumors are that this will be her last visit to the Wedding Festival so any matches made this spring will be doubley blessed.
Enter PC's, wrong place at the wrong time. Molly sees one of them, calls him/her out of the crowd and that are unable to resist the push and pull of the mob. Brought in front of Molly Lovard, the PC is declared the lifemate of .
Could be the king's daughter, a peasant, member of the thieves guild. Could be anything to add a twist to an already building plot, or just throw the characters into an awkward situation.

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