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Kitchen Gods- Modern Day Deities
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Kassil's comment on 2007-12-27 06:41 AM
I have to admit, I am rather amused... Go to Comment
These Are Our Gods
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Kassil's comment on 2005-11-22 05:55 PM
Eriol: The Shining Lord of Steel, the "good" god of battle and war, noble to a fault.
Tyrin: The Bloody Lord of Iron, the "evil" god of battle and war. He and Eriol are eternal foes.
Sunder: The god of volcanoes, responsible for splitting the land long ago in a fit of rage. (A god handy for Cataclysm-stories.)
Eris: The goddess of chaos, neither good nor evil, simply whimsical. Her blessing is as likely to cause harm and it is to bring good fortune, and so only madmen worship her. Go to Comment
Swords. Why does it always have to be swords?
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Kassil's comment on 2007-12-26 06:14 AM
I've been partial to spears and the like, personally, so I agree completely with the forlorn question in this thing.

Why does it *always* have to be a sword? I think the closest things I've made to a sword are Whiteblade and Twig... And next on the Item List is the Spear of the Dawn. Go to Comment
Dog Pods
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Any)
Kassil's comment on 2008-03-24 06:51 PM
Short, maybe, but something with this vivid a picture doesn't *need* a lot of detail. Go to Comment
Frieze Door Trap
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Kassil's comment on 2008-04-25 03:40 AM
Updated: Even though I never actually submitted this myself, instead making a whimsical and badly-designed sleeping-gas trap for a door-trap thread in the old forums, I finally noticed it was around and commented on.

Presumably this version is more acceptable. Go to Comment
Frieze Door Trap
Dungeons  (Other)   (Doors)
Kassil's comment on 2008-04-25 06:43 AM
I seem to have a few entries which escaped without my knowledge from the forums and into my list of submissions. I may go through and rework them to be more palatable and less absurd. Go to Comment
Magma Borers
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Underground)
Kassil's comment on 2006-03-11 07:42 PM
An excellent way of explaining one of my major gripes about that excuse for a world. It doesn't explain a few other details, such as why, with a thick atmosphere, the night side cools that rapidly, or how the surface is something that can be crossed safely "as long as you stay in the shadows" even during the daylight, but it does do a good job of explaining the atmosphere being breathable. Go to Comment
Dead Pepper
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Desert)
Kassil's comment on 2007-12-26 05:34 AM
...Yeah, I think I was watching the Final Fantasy Unlimited anime at the time I wrote this up. It has a very similar effect on Chobi....

On the other hand, I think I can probably give it a better fleshing-out now. Go to Comment
Dead Pepper
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Desert)
Kassil's comment on 2008-04-29 09:58 PM
Updated: Updated, fleshed-out, and otherwise adjusted. Go to Comment
Monsoon and Typhoon
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Magical)
Kassil's comment on 2007-12-26 06:00 AM
...Really, I should've made a comment about this a while ago.

So what I want to know, Mad Artificer that you are, is what are Her counterpart's weapons? The deep one, that you describe many moons ago? Go to Comment
Dimble Stumpwater
NPCs  (Extras)   (Knowledge/Lore)
Kassil's comment on 2008-01-11 08:04 AM
I'm midway between Moon and Dragon Lord here; the rough idea is definitely cliche - the tinker gnome design - but I do admit I find the concept somewhat amusing, and I do like the idea that he absently stumbled across something as potent as Greek Fire, which is how discoveries usually tend to be made on these kinds of oddities.

I rather expect he'd have been in the kitchen rather than an alchemy lab, though; kitchens are where both vulcanized rubber and a particular explosive I can't recall the name of were discovered, by some men goofing off in the kitchen when they were supposed to be looking for work. Go to Comment
Sanguine Widowmaker
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Kassil's comment on 2006-08-30 05:34 AM
Only voted Go to Comment
Kassil Khirsah
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Kassil's comment on 2006-04-19 02:04 AM

Interesting, to say the least.

What brought you to choose those names, if I might ask? Go to Comment
Kassil Khirsah
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Kassil's comment on 2008-01-26 09:11 AM
Only voted Go to Comment
Book of Fury
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Heroic)
Kassil's comment on 2008-11-07 07:42 AM
Amusing notion that the man won't let anyone else get hold of his book, and even moreso that he starts quoting himself during a fight when he gets worked up. Go to Comment
Gold in them thar hills
Plots  (Discovery)   (Single-Storyline)
Kassil's comment on 2007-12-30 04:00 PM
A gold rush, handled properly by the GM, can be a campaign in and of itself - if the PCs are among the first to find it, they then get to deal with the influx of people coming after 'their' gold, and all the fallout of the sudden boom of the valley filling with a mining town, all the way through the waves of thieves and beggars, the inevitable bust, and the wreckage of the valley afterwards. It may well end up a 'dustbowl' type of valley, if things got serious enough, and then good-aligned PCs might well feel guilty for destroying the lives of the original villagers... Go to Comment
The Staff of Random Magic
Items  (Wand/Staff/ Arcane)   (Magical)
Kassil's comment on 2008-03-25 02:11 AM
I like the idea about the damage to the staff disrupting the magic in it, but the 'push-button sorcery' bugs me a fair bit. I think, with the arbitrary and varied nature of the spells, it might be a 'closest possible target' situation. Zot, and suddenly a zombie miner who was hauling an ore cart some five leagues away falls apart. Go to Comment
The Staff of Random Magic
Items  (Wand/Staff/ Arcane)   (Magical)
Kassil's comment on 2008-03-25 02:06 AM
It's awesome when people just randomly follow links and start typing without taking the time to figure out what the site is. Go to Comment
Senthia Khlack, Duchess of Gears
NPCs  (Major)   (Mystical)
Kassil's comment on 2006-03-08 05:26 AM
I like it. The greenish life-support fluid feels slightly cliche, but that's okay because this is one of those things that beautifully combines the Old Cliche and a few other things to create something awesome.

Great work, Cap'n. Go to Comment
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Magical)
Kassil's comment on 2004-04-26 05:33 AM
One use I can foresee is in the hands of either a suicidally fanatic bunch of elves dedicated to 'restoring nature's glory' to human lands, or possibly a bunch of nature-fanatics who see elves as something unnatural and revel if Twig's ability to render any elf into a tree. Go to Comment
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