Strolen's Citadel XP

How do I get XP?
(This is old and outdated but true in intent)

XP Distribution

+3-5 for any submission (depending on length - assuming longer submissions will be better and get more immediate XP)
+1-2 for any comment (length again)
+1 for positive comment vote
+1-5 for submission vote
+5 for HoH nomination
+20 for Golden Submission nomination
+1 for everyday you log in
+1 for level 2-4 that use all their votes in a day
+1 for using a HoH vote

-3-5 for a submission that requires editing (lose what you gained)
-5 extra for a deletion of any submission (if it is that bad then too bad)
-3 for any comment being deleted (added to the negative votes already received)
-1 for negative comment vote
-1-2 for a submission vote