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  • » Destruction of Strolen By: sniperspy
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  • » The Nasgareth By: sniperspy
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The Nasgareth By: sniperspy
   8 Years, 11 Months, 2 Days, 20 Hours, 8 Minutes ago

The Nasgareth may look like elves, but instead were created by an entirely different divine being, which admired the elvish looks and traits, but wanted to create his own army instead. One without Love.

Destruction of Strolen By: sniperspy
   11 Years, 6 Months, 2 Weeks, 7 Hours, 3 Minutes ago

A mighty force is building in the East, and all of Strolen’s Citadel must band together if we are to have any hope of defeating it.

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       By: Scrasamax

The Lost March is a large collection of elephant rafts. The lost march never reached its destination and instead was pulled out to sea. The elephants on the raft eventually starved to death, littering the large wooden carpet with their bones and bird picked hides. While sailors with an eye for gold can salvage the tusks of the bull elephant for a hefty price, the raft is haunted by the spectral ghosts of the pod of elephants and they appear after nightfall and attack and kill anyone trespassing on their raft

Ideas  ( Locations ) | May 25, 2009 | View | UpVote 5xp

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