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Your First Submission

   By: Strolen

So you are here. You are brand new or have been browsing for years and you think you are ready to plunge in. DO IT!! Do it NOW!

Not Sure What To Do?

   By: Strolen

A few threads that are itching for additions or collaboration to get you started at Strolen's Citadel.

New to Strolen's Citadel

   By: Strolen

A quick walk through some of what makes Strolen's Citadel.

Valadaars First Submission Advice

   By: valadaar

The author's quips and comments on making the most of your first submission



  • --Vote and comment on the submissions you read/use. The author's will love you!
  • --Add and edit your own submissions and ideas.
  • --Work on submission in your own private area or request advice on them before they are submitted to the public.
  • --You will quickly gain the ability to favorite subs and make your own listings of ones you like to share with others.
  • --Gain experience with each posting and earn more control over The Citadel.

Where do I start?

True, The Citadel can be a bit overwhelming upon first glance. There is a lot of content gleaned over the years and some may feel a bit intimidated jumping into the mix.

Take some time exploring and seeing what there is. Links on this page should give you a good start. While browsing, if you have something to say about something, speak up!

I'm a Writer, Not a Role Player

Don't worry, you are perfectly welcome here, though a couple people may look at you funny...metaphorically speaking.

While we are a gaming community, a role playing workshop so to speak, we actually do quite a bit of writing. Think of most of this as a place to post up pieces of a story not yet written. If you have an interesting character, location, setting, item, or plot you can work it out here by submitting it. Our view of utility will be a bit different but the idea is always king.

Jump Straight In

We are all about the community. We are an honest group that takes our creativity serious but will do anything we can to mentor anybody that is willing to put forth some effort. Many say the first submission is like an initiation and once you get through it you are accepted into the fold. If you have something to share, please do, it will be worth it!

Is Strolen's Citadel a Game?

Strolen's Citadel, on it's own, is not a game, per se. It is more of a facilitator for games. People who attend this site are GMs or players or RPGs in real life and we use this site for ideas in our games, game worlds, and online games.

The purpose of Strolen's Citadel is to be a site for the inspiration and discussion among GMs, as well as players, if they so wish.

That is the real goal of the site, to provide a creative kick start for the talented game master and provide a creative outlet to those that have great ideas to share.

We know game masters already have a great imagination. The Citadel is dedicated to making ideas as easy as possible to locate. We are always looking for new ideas to showcase submissions so, if you have any thoughts, we will be excited to hear about them!

Random Idea Seed View All Idea Seeds

       By: ephemeralstability

An insignficant little species, the candlebug (or waxmoth) is a persistent bane for mages and merchants alike. Each the size of a small digit, these little scarabs thrive on wax and burrow up inside candles, ruining them. Sometimes a late-night worker will hear a crack and a sizzle as his candle expires, only to find the half-burned remains of a waxmoth squirming around on his desk. This is very annoying in worlds where candles are expensive...

Ideas  ( Lifeforms ) | July 3, 2003 | View | UpVote 3xp

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