Author Topic: The Great Bug War  (Read 22680 times)

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The Great Bug War
« on: August 15, 2018, 07:11:30 PM »
We don't talk much about the Great Bug War, but it was the most apocalyptic event in human history.

When we met the bugs, there was the greatest misunderstanding in galactic history, and it could not have been worse. What actually happened doesn't matter anymore, just the outcome.

For close to one hundred and seventy years the full might of humanity was bent to the task of exterminating the Bugs. To the bugs, this was unfathomable. If they lost a contested area, they would withdraw, and establish a new border. This was how they dealt with other aliens, the ones they didn't overrun and devour. The strong they built against and expanded elsewhere. They did not understand the primal fury and hatred that burns in the heart and mind of post primate humanity.

We came at them in great numbers. When they fell back we launched new crusades against the worlds and stars they held.

We fought them for worthless rocks, for green and blue jewels, for stars with nothing around them belts of rubble and dust.

Once the bugs accepted that Humanity would not leave them alone, would not back down, they defended themselves. They launched their own counter-crusades, attempting to bury us under the weight of their numbers.

On Ursa Luna, it is said that the bug host was so great that it blotted out the sun and cast the human contingent in darkness. We responded with fusion and plasma weapons so brilliant and powerful that we turned their dread night into fiery noon.

In the war, there was no man left behind. There were no wounded veterans coming home, the only heroes were those who died in battle. Each soldier sought to take as many bugs with them. Damaged starships would engage their jumpdrives at close range, plowing into Bug bases, even Bug worlds at the speed of light. Mecha and fighters that were rendered unable to fight would detonate their power cores, burning holes in the Bug host. Billions died, trillions of bugs died.

The crescendo came as we found their homeworlds. They fell back in their teeming masses, and prepared to fight us, but it was a ruse. We dropped weapons into their home stars, and caused the stars to brew up and explode in demi-novas. Worlds were burned to the mantles, starships trapped in the starsystems were carbonized by the stellar fury.

We came upon them at their strongest, and we bled them. They cut us back, but it didnt matter. We broke them. We burned their worlds. We slaughtered their children, boiled their spawning pools, and left nothing but ashes and corpses behind.
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