Author Topic: Google Wave and The Virtual Game Table  (Read 3102 times)

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Google Wave and The Virtual Game Table
« on: June 01, 2009, 03:53:19 PM »
This is totally Shiny

Posted By: Double King (at Story-Games.com/forums)
I upped this over at NerdNyc but thought it might find an audience here too. New communications nexus from our friends at Google. My initial response was that if this bad boy had a dice roller it might be the perfect virtual table top for story gaming...

from today's WSJ:

"Google Inc. previewed a new communications service that combines features of email, instant-messaging and document-sharing to facilitate multiperson conversations online.

The Google Wave service caps a years-long project to come up with a way to break down the barriers between different types of online communication services, said Lars Rasmussen, the Google engineer who led the development of the service along with his brother, Jens Rasmussen.

The service, which won't be open to the public for several months, will allow users to start a conversation, called a "wave," and to invite their contacts to join it. Any member of the wave can put photos, notes or other content into the group, which updates in near-real time.

People see an "in-box" with the most recent waves they have joined and whether others have added any new notes or content to them. They can click to scroll through the wave and see what content has been added to it.


Google, which announced the new service at its developer conference in San Francisco on Thursday, envisions Wave as not only a way to share messages with friends and colleagues, but also to share and access a variety of information online. For instance, a user could create a wave that is an article he or she wrote and then invite people to read and comment on it.

Mr. Rasmussen said it is too early to tell how consumers will use Wave, but he expects that the various applications and services Google hopes developers will build on top of it will be a big draw. Videogame developers could build a game that began as a wave, for example, and Google will allow other Web sites to embed waves into their Web sites.

He added that Google hasn't thought much about how the service could generate revenue. "One of the great luxuries of Google is that we get to not think about that yet," he said." 


This is a great service. I can see this as the next 'wave' in virtual table top gaming. If someone had a tabletop they would be able to plug into Wave and get a whole lot of open source functionality. (I know these people. I am sure there will be a built in die roller).

Video presentation http://wave.google.com/

Articles about it http://blogs.computerworld.com/googl...where_why_when

Sounds cool. I hope this is something we can use soon!

And it is good to know that Firefly fans work at Google. If you don't believe me, watch a couple minutes of the video. The guy says, "Shiny," at one point.

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Re: Google Wave and The Virtual Game Table
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2009, 02:58:22 AM »
So has anyone actually gotten on Wave yet.  Being w/out internet for the past while has severly limited my ability to actively pursue getting on it.
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Re: Google Wave and The Virtual Game Table
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2009, 09:42:42 AM »
I watched a few videos on it and it does look like a good idea. The web is locked into old conventions and I am happy they are trying something new to really leverage the technology we have. Unfortunately, while I did have internet, my main issue is with time so I haven't even tried to get an invite to it (I think it was invite for awhile, not sure if it still is). Then you would have to have people to actually use it with.

So if we get some people using it then I will jump on the band wagon, otherwise looking forward to hearing other people's reviews of it!

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Re: Google Wave and The Virtual Game Table
« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2009, 11:00:03 AM »
Yup, got my invite recently. Including a separate dev sandbox account. Its pretty cool, but as mentioned, It is pretty useless without some people to talk to. ( I know all of two people on it...)

The dev sandbox has a full tabletop gaming simulation, although I haven't had time to try it yet...

EDIT: I am wrong. I am wrong, I am wrong... It so should though. a gadget for dicerolls, maps, etc... (or maybe a client?) all in a nice virtual tabletop interface with avatars, etc...

I have spare invites if anyone wants them. Just PM me.
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