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It is kind of cool
« on: January 12, 2007, 02:35:07 AM »

One fans idea of cool might match yours.

Welcome to InfiniteCoolness.com! It used to be called The Infinite Coolness Website, and I started it over 10 years ago. This site is about all of my favorite stuff. It's more of a recommendation site, than a review site. I've been rebuilding the site for just over a year now and I'm making a ton of progress. For example, in January 2004, the movie section featured 21 movies. As I write this, it's topping 130 and growing all the time. When possible, I capture all the images used on the site and I make all the graphics you see here. There is no low bandwidth version of the site, as cool pictures are the site's main focus. Plus if you see any problems with graphics or page layout, you should get Firefox. Everything here looks great with Firefox, but I don't test with other browsers. Especially IE, which I can't stand and would never use. A lot of the sections of the site are still being worked on. And now every section should have at least a start. The advertising on the site covers costs and helps the site grow. But I only have stuff for sale here that I personally think is cool and relevant in some way to the page it's on. Right now, our main sponsor is Moviegoods, and speaking as a frequent customer myself, they've got a ton of great stuff! So stay tuned, 2007 will be a huge growth year for the site, and I have a lot of cool stuff to add!

Movies: Right now there are over 130 of my favorite movies featured. This isn't a movie download site [we should buy great movies so they'll make more]. But you'll find everything but the movie. I've been going through the site and recapturing my own set of pictures for each entry. I try to give a good visual overview of the movie, trying not to miss any prominent cast members. Then I give my thoughts, mostly who's in the movie who's cool and favorite scenes. Then I search the web for links like the trailer, desktop themes, sounds, official and fan sites and more. There are 5 movies on every finished page. I set it up that way so you're more likely to find a cool movie you might not have seen. That's the largest section and core of the site so far. The whole section is rebuilt with the new 1024x768 layout, so it's never looked better! Now I'm in the process of adding desktop wallpaper and picture galleries for every movie! stay tuned...

TV: Features over 60 of the best tv shows I've seen. This whole section was completed a while ago and is getting a big upgrade to match the updated movie section. Some of the pictures aren't captured by me, plus some aren't the highest quality. But that's only because some shows aren't out on DVD or even video. I work with the best stuff I can get my hands on. Then I search for links like episode guides, fan and official sites, pictures, sounds, and even episode downloads [only for shows you can't buy anywhere and latest episodes in case you missed anything]. I've still got a lot of great shows to add too.

 Cartoons: Just a start, but I've got big plans for this section, I'm a giant fan of a lot of great cartoons! Right now there's only Futurama, Thundarr The Barbarian and The Mighty Hercules, but there's more on the way. Stuff like Transformers, Rocko's Modern Life, Justice League Unlimited and a lot more!

Games: I'm a gaming addict, so I keep gaming time limited. Otherwise it would be the only thing I do. But I still play my favorites sometimes. I like lots of old classics and some cool new stuff too. I've only got a couple of great games on this section right now. More are definitely in the works!

Comic Books: Another section that'll someday be huge. I'm a die hard DC fan for life and the comics section will definitely reflect that. Right now it's pretty much just a cool desktop wallpaper I made of a great group shot of DC characters. Stay tuned for more...

Music: I listen to a lot of techno and metal, plus a lot of obscure and older stuff. This is the section where I recommend some stuff I listen to and like. Some downloads, but mostly just recommendations. I figure everybody already has a place to get music, I just give a suggestion of what to search for.

 Art: I've done a series of comic book style horror pictures, that I really think kick ass. They're all scanned pen&ink that are digitally colored in photoshop. That's what's up so far, but I've got a lot of superhero and other art too. I'll expand this section as soon as I get a chance.

Wallpapers: These are mostly from a movie or show on the site. I made them to use myself. Some are screen grabs, and some I created in photoshop. These kick ass and I'm putting more up all the time!

The other sections are just starting out. Use the Message Board to have your say about anything on the site, and the pictures and mailing list sections are both in the works. Stay tuned for more coolness...
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