Author Topic: A different kind of Brave New World.  (Read 2269 times)

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A different kind of Brave New World.
« on: March 25, 2006, 12:35:36 AM »
This is a snippet of story that is inspiring a setting.

Now, as a new century dawned, a new and unexpected power had stepped
onto the stage: magic. When Webster and Kline unwittingly released
magic on an unsuspecting world only a few years earlier, it meant an
upheaval in our society which threatened the traditional powers, but
once again, the Devereaux family's luck held, and it appeared as if
once more our family was destined to prosper, in spite of rather
pedestrian magical talents.

My father now headed the Federal Bureau of Magic for the Southern
Region. With any luck at all (and our family abounded in luck), he
could eventually lead the entire agency if he so desired - an agency
which had eclipsed the fame and power of the FBI in the annals of
American law enforcement. But he had other aspirations.

Of course, like most people of my father's generation, he had little
magical ability. In fact, he had no magical ability at all. Only those
of us who reached puberty after the unleashing of magic seemed able to
do well on the WK test. My own score was high enough that I was near
the top of all male scores in the nation, although I would have
scarcely been in the top third of women's scores. Still, that would be
high enough to eventually propel me towards the upper echelon of
management in the FBM. The Bureau prized magical ability far more than
experience, so some of the people in positions equivalent to my
father's were still in their twenties and thirties.

With my abilities, our family influence, and my father's position, I
would be on the fast track at the Bureau from the moment I graduated
from Harvard in the spring. That was in a nutshell my father's plan. I
would work for the Bureau mostly in name only while picking up a law
degree at Tulane. Then, after I had served a minimum amount of time
with the Bureau, I would be selected as the youngest Regional Director
in the FBM - all before I turned thirty.

Okay... so we have a variation on ShadowRun without all the fantasy crap.  Magic was unleashed... meditation and focus (in aptitude) is how it is channeled.  Because it was spread somewhat evenly and somewhat randomly, no one was able to take control of the resource, nor utilize it as a folcrum for their own agenda.

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