Author Topic: Strolenites vs. Barbarian Horde  (Read 1869 times)

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Strolenites vs. Barbarian Horde
« on: May 25, 2005, 05:45:24 PM »
The bitter war continues to be waged with the tide of the battle flowing from either side. On one side we have the good Barbarian Horde™ (BH) which posts, if not quality, at least relevant material. There are other BH posts that are very well written. Whether or not those are members not logged is up for debate but, regardless, I find it useful and I enjoy the freedom that allowing BH to post gives the site.

The other side is the Evil Barbarian Horde™ (EBH). These are the spammers, trolls and flamers that we know and hate. The EBH has been slowly growing in frequency and power since the Citadel has been getting a little more traffic. Frequency is obvious, but the power they gain is the power we grant them by responding to their posts.  

Now, I am not yet ready to sacrifice BH to EBH. I want to have an experiment where we ignore posts by EBH and give BH the respect that their post deserves. To do this I ask only this:

Refrain from even aknowledging any posts made by EBH.

It puts the admins in a bad spot when there is an obvious Troll but people have started a conversation with it. Do we delete just the Troll and leave the rest? Do we delete all the comments of those that replied to it? Will those that have comments get offended if they are deleted? I don't like deleting stuff in general, so when a conversation starts I am wary of interrupting. If the conversation isn't started in the first place then there is no decision, the flame gets deleted.

 If you are driven to action then please just put a topic in this forum somewhere about the spam you have found. There is a thread already started that handles this nicely.

We have plenty of Citadel Guards that are able to delete those posts. If you are an admin then help keep the place clean and purge 'em when you see 'em.

Ignore them, the Admins WILL delete them. They usually don't last but a few hours so just allow us some time to see them. I, at least, get an email about every post and every comment that enters the site. The BH posts are the first ones I check to make sure they are appropriate. I think it is worth the effort.

If the trend of EBH continues then I may take the drastic measure of going to register only. I don't want to do that and with your help I won't have to.

Thanks in advance for your help and understanding!!

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