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Star Wars: The Lost Expeditions
« on: September 18, 2004, 04:08:07 AM »
OOC: Takes place after the events of the ESB but before ROTJ

The starblue landscape of hyperspace streaked black then receeeded as the bulk freight Free of Fear came back into real space over the pale yellow planet simply called Lok.  Lok was way out on the Outer Rim of the galaxy, almost as out of the way as Tatooine or Gall.  It was a violent little sulfur ball ninety percent of it's geography are arid deserts and violent volcanic mountains.  With a scatter of sulfur seas and rivers.  Ony few lived on Lok the only major settlement was the stornghold of the pirate king Nym.  Which was irrevelent for the Rebellion's operation here.  

The Imperial regime was a garrison here of considerable size but with little transportation to spread the base's influence.  Free of Fear which IFF's responded as the Free Trader a ship of the Free Trader's union carrying prospectors.  The ship was transporting a small team of Rebel investigators, scouts, and commandos were making an insertion onto Lok to research a follow up rumor that had been marked with high priority.

A trusted contact has reported that the remains of a primary droid factory remained dormant and relatively untouch and opperational some where on Lok.  Nine of the members were taking speeders to the southern region near the vast volcano named Adi's Rest.  It was the last member's job to keep tabs of the followings in the city, and be the contact man in case anything went wrong.

Tam Recider watched the rest of the team disappear off into the distance, then he took the short flight of stairs down off the tarmac then Free of Fear's powerful repulsor lifts gently pushed the ship away from the ground then it's engines kicked in and it rocketed away.  Tam shifted his weight and continued.

Tam was an Courlag/Alderaan Human by descent, he joined the rebellion two years before the destruction of Alderaan.  He stood 6'2", with a medium build, chestnut brown hair, hazel eyes, and a pale complextion.  Most of which wasn't reconizable under what he wore; a loose padded jacket over a padded armor chest-plate, snug para military pants, and durable synthleather boots.  Tam had a heavy duffel bag over his shoulder and a DC-17 blaster rifle in the other arm.  

Tam almost wretched when he stepped outside, Lok's atomsphere was classed beathable but the stench of the sulfur river was overpowering.  Tam supposed he'd get used to it after a while.  The gates of Nym's stronghold loomed over the sulfur river.  most of the structure were like most permanent structures on the outerrim.  Built from local stone low centers of gravitys and smooth surfaces that offered less resistance to sever weather.

Tam made it to the city unmolested, a Nikto armed to the tooth gave him a glance as he entered the city but not much more.  Nym's stronghold as the city was called or simply Nym's had a popullation just shy of 600,000 beings at any one time.  A open air star pad that had small and medium berths that were ment for short term stays.  With little trouble Tam was able to rent a room at a local hostel for the month for just under a thousand credits.  War sure had a way of driving the economy down, especially when travel was hard.  

Tam made sure the small two bedroom apartment had a locking door and the basic ammenities, then headed for the local catina to find some a drink and some work for now.  The Alliance had given a limited budget with only enough money for a month, Tam was expected to find side jobs for any other amenities.  

The team was supposed to keep contact with him on a daily basis, every evening through a holonet email.  Datapad to datapad emails were very secure cosidering the information had only one loop to take to get to it's reciever.

Tam stepped into the low set catina with what he had stepping off the ship minus his bags, he also carrired a side arm strapped to his, an older SRcombat pistol that had a high rate of fire but a limited range.  He stepped up to the bar slowly careful of those around him, "Ruby Bliels." He ordered. He looked not very social but open enough that he appeared buiseness like open to a deal.