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Citadel Tavern / Re: How did you become a Strolenite in the first place?
« Last post by Longspeak on August 22, 2016, 12:50:35 PM »
I tripped, and hit my head. I lost consciousness, and had this weird dream. When I woke up, I was here.
Citadel Tavern / Re: [GAME] NPC casting
« Last post by Longspeak on August 22, 2016, 12:49:09 PM »
up next: Karen Gillian http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2394794/
[nitpick] It's 'Gillan' with only one 'i.'[/Nitpick]
Next up: JJ Felid
And this is 'Feild,' not 'Felid.' I don't know him, can't conjure him, despite having seen several of the movies he's listed in, but here's a shot based just on his IMDB picture...

In the world of Delta Factor, JJ Feild is Special Agent in Charge Marcus Grey, a minor NPC.

First Impression: A Friendly Face

Double-Take: A handsome, fit man in his later thirties or early forties. He has an easy smile and meets your gaze, with only a hint behind the eyes that suggests he's assessing you. His handshake is firm, but not too firm, neither overbearing nor yielding. On duty, he wears his suit comfortably, relaxed in the woven wool armor of his trade. Off duty he's a denim & cotton man.

Getting to Know You: Marcus Grey is an SAC - Special Agent in Charge - at the FBI's Delta Affairs Unit. The unit was formed late in the first decade of this century after Congress quietly passed a law which federalizes any crime "...committed with any special talent derived from exposure to or interaction with..." the so-called Delta energy wave. The law is rather selectively enforced, with politics playing a larger role in the decisions than it should. The FBI has used it to strong arm their way into cases that shouldn't be in their jurisdiction, and has refused to step in on cases that should be in their jurisdiction because they consider them too minor. Part of the problem is the crappy wording of the bill, combined with the FBI's lack of interest in pursuing every Delta powered mugger and armed robber in the nation.

Agent Grey winds his way as best he can between the politics of competing agencies and jurisdictions and his desire to serve justice against Deltas who use their power to cross society's lines. Though not a Delta himself - most Deltas of any talent get tapped for the Precision Tactical Response Unit - Agent Grey has a sharp mind and a good instinct. He also has a strong sense of right and wrong, and has been known to pursue cases his superiors in the Bureau warned him away from because getting the bad guy was always more important to him than currying political favor.

Agent Grey is good friends with https://strolen.com/viewing/Sarah_Voltaire, having come into the Delta Affairs Bureau two years behind her, right out of Quantico. They worked several cases together until her departure from the Bureau in 2017, and have remained friends since. Today, more then ten years later, he still sometimes calls her for advice, trusting her gut more than his own when cases get really weird. Sometimes she calls him for information when her other friends run into the sort of problems Sarah's friends always seem to run into. Marcus even risked his career to help Sarah's friends when they were unjustly accused of murder, believing in his friend enough to buy her friends time they needed to clear their names. They have dinner together at least once a month, sometimes just the two of them to talk shop, other times with their families. Sarah's joked that if she ever marries her long-time boyfriend Colin, Marcus will be her best man, and Marcus' daughters will be her flower girls.

Marcus always seems in a good mood. He nearly always is in a good mood. He's a good team leader, respecting the skills and experience of the people under him, delegating as needed, always ready with a word of encouragement or a helping hand. He rarely allows his ego to get in the way of a case. He has his dark moments - no-one who has spent as much time as he has in law enforcement could say otherwise - but he weathers those with the help of his friends, his family, and occasional visits to the Bureau shrink.

Getting to Know All About You: Back when Sarah was still in the Bureau, she and Marcus had a brief fling. It lasted only a month, before Marcus broke it off. It was only a month later that Sarah's father died, and Marcus felt at the time he couldn't go to her because of their past. Though their friendship weathered these things, Marcus has regretted not being there for her ever since. Someone observant or highly aware of the nuances of emotion between two people might occasionally see a spark pass between these two, but it's a spark they'd never act on today.

Marcus has visited the Bureau shrink ever since his first and only shooting incident. Marcus shot a suspect who would not surrender and who was endangering civilians with his barely controlled power. The man died. Marcus' first visit was right out of a movie: all bluff and bluster as he met for the Bureau mandated post-incident counseling, Marcus didn't take the person or the process seriously. But a month later when the nightmares wouldn't go away, he returned, and the psychiatrist helped him work through the guilt. Marcus gained a new respect for the contradictory fragility and resiliency of the mind, and for the people who help put fractured minds back together. He's seen the psychiatrist occasionally since then.

Marcus adores his wife, a junior attorney working in the prosecutor's office. They met when she came to prep him as a witness, and after the case he asked her out. They were married less than a year later, and today have two daughters, whom Marcus' also adores. He has about a thousand pictures of them on his phone. Sometimes at work, he'll pull out the phone and browse the images, just to remind himself of what really matters.

Appearances: Marcus might appear anytime PCs need information on a problem which falls within his area. He might also appear to investigate a serious crime which involves Deltas. This might bring him into alignment with PCs, or into conflict, depending on their involvement with such a case. In a game centered on FBI agents, Marcus might be their team leader, or the leader of a team with which the PCs have a friendly rivalry. Marcus might also be an antagonist if the PCs are working for another agency which comes into jurisdictional conflict, but Marcus will value the case over the politics.

Next up: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5611121/ Millie Bobby Brown
Citadel Tavern / Re: [GAME] NPC casting
« Last post by Dozus on August 22, 2016, 09:56:37 AM »
In the fantasy setting, Karen Gillan is Ellyn Brune, lady-in-waiting to Crown Princess Hedegarde.

The youngest in countless generators of servants, Ellyn is the ideal lady's maid. She acts with poise and regard, knows the ins and outs of noble manners, and most importantly, is quiet and still as to be unnoticed in most cases. She is close to the twelve-year-old princess, a young woman elevated at a young age to the throne when her aging father died suddenly, controlled by the machinations of her ambitious aunts and uncles. Ellyn has been Hedegarde's maid since she was only a girl herself, and the two have a watertight relationship.

Tight enough that the princess has employed Ellyn as her personal spymaster. She can ease in and out of rooms unnoticed as a good servant always is. She knows which other servants can be mined for information, who can be trusted and who to mislead. Though Hedegarde is in a precarious position - heavy indeed lies the head that wears the crown - the unassuming Ellyn supplies her with enough information to keep her scheming relatives at bay, even turning them against one another to keep her position until she can come of age and cast them out.

But is Ellyn impervious to ambition? Can she resist the temptations of Leavold Lord Greenestone, the dashing young noble who has taken her as a willing mistress and has political aspirations of his own? Or the imploring of her brother Broward, an unwilling army conscript who has returned from a campaign with a revolutionary spirit and plans to make the kingdom a republic once and for all?

Next up: JJ Feild
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Seekers on the Seas of Wyrd
« Last post by valadaar on August 22, 2016, 08:35:04 AM »

This would not do. He should have known that dread power would be drawn into this.  He is dwelling overmuch on this world, the transitory world of Men. He is forgetting the wider world beyond, of which Pyaray was but a taste.

He curses the body that traps him.. It was too late to do anything about the Oinishman, besides, let Gerhard taint his soul with his slaying. Perhaps the madman could be useful to another demon..

"Demons!" came the shout from above.  The madman was certainly effective. There was something admirable in that.

Tomes and Illusions / Re: What books do you read?
« Last post by axlerowes on August 21, 2016, 02:09:53 PM »
Half way through this cyber punk/detective novel.  I am enjoying in just as much as say Neuromancer or Altered Carbon.  It a has neat central neat Sci-Fi hook, though I am not sure I buy as veasiable even with carbon nanotubes (for one it requires they stop plate tectonics ). Like its predocesors in the genre it tries to push the envelope on how technology can change ethics and the "human experience". 

Anyway there is a promotion going on until Monday, the book is free if you download it from amazon. 

Fields of Challenge / Re: Freetext Friday
« Last post by Scrasamax on August 20, 2016, 03:27:26 PM »
Today is actually Friday. And our new freetext will be Witch.

OOC Area / Re: [Re-Interest]
« Last post by Kassy on August 20, 2016, 05:03:18 AM »
@LS I know why. A big shame :(

@Echo, It'd be cool to start a new PBP! I'd definitely be up for it!
Sagely Advice / Re: urgent help needed on a fighing sequence
« Last post by Moonlake on August 20, 2016, 02:12:08 AM »
Ergh... new questions. Stuck on the following details:
  • If you are a bunch of bandits and you are surrounding a wagon to rob, roughly how far would you choose to be standing away from it? This is after one of the bandits has seized the reins and then dismounted again.
  • Instead of bashing the back door down as a shield, I'm now going to have the one using the broadsword run out as decoy to attract attention while the sword user sneaks out and circles around to eliminate the archer. But problem is if the bandits are standing quite close, how would they not be alerted when the 2 warriors get out? The fire the bandits started to roust party out would just be made from torches and I don't think it would be really producing smoke real quick or in large amounts. Could be wrong though cos I'm not an outdoors girl and never did camping.
Fields of Challenge / Re: Freetext Friday
« Last post by Dragonlordmax on August 19, 2016, 05:14:55 PM »
Today is actually Friday. And our new freetext will be Witch.
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Seekers on the Seas of Wyrd
« Last post by Murometz on August 19, 2016, 12:44:57 PM »
Some dozen leagues away from Fate's Plight, we can make out a grim trireme silent upon the night waters. A warship from Pan Tang, the isle of sorcerers. Aboard the vessel, a fork-bearded captain, his bald head tattooed with sigils and swirls of Chaos, addresses a subordinate, an equally revolting man without legs, and gorilla-like arms of muscle to compensate.

"We are too close to Menii, and its filthy purple harbor." the Captain spits his words.

'Aye, captain" the legless brute acknowledges.

"We will await them upon the Sea of Circles, raise sails!"

Mute sailors rush about like ants in response to their Queen's commands, and the ship veers Eastward.
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