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Sagely Advice / Re: urgent help needed on a fighing sequence
« Last post by Moonlake on August 14, 2016, 12:47:17 AM »
@Val, wouldn't that be a bit anti-climatic, like I'm writing in the bowstring snapping for the sake of getting rid of the archer though in the previous version, I think I completely glossed over the archer and didn't even mention how he gets killed. I picked it up as a potential oversight this time around but now not sure where to insert about his demise. But maybe what you suggest is the more feasible route in terms of how things played out. Else the archer could have gotten open shot at anyone once bandits get trimmed down enough and then I have to worry about writing in an event with the warriors trying to deflect arrows and really I just want to redesign this fight scene to get rid of any logical loop-holes and otherwise just make it short and snappy.
Sagely Advice / Re: urgent help needed on a fighing sequence
« Last post by valadaar on August 13, 2016, 10:32:38 PM »
Bowstring snapped, and closes since nothing else better to do...?
Guilds - General Info / Re: Guild Membership List
« Last post by Mourngrymn on August 13, 2016, 10:15:47 PM »
I realize I've crawled form my Manse of Undead offerings all too often but I am bugging on the creation again. I was gone when the Regions idea came out and wish to put forth some organization to the Necromantic Cult but can not seem to figure out how to create them again. And good job on all the subs for different Gulids, although I'm not sure if they are relevant anymore.
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Seekers on the Seas of Wyrd
« Last post by Moonlake on August 13, 2016, 08:18:34 PM »
Mi'il feigns a yawn. Behind the cover of her slim white hand held in front of her mouth, she gazes eagerly at the Oinish prisoner. What would he reveal that I can take to advantage?
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Seekers on the Seas of Wyrd
« Last post by EchoMirage on August 13, 2016, 04:23:44 PM »
"Verily, it is widely known that sharks are the most entertaining creatures in existence" Gerhard added a little humorous salt to Chrom's dismay.
"Men, you heard our fish friend - the guest we have saved may well be as savoury as one would expect of the Oinish, perhaps less so. I suggest we keep watch, at least. I'll go inform the captain of my findings."
And so he did. "Captain, what you would do with the testimony of one elemental is yours to decide. I would ask the guest a few questions prior, though."
And so he did, taking advantage of the man's fevered state to pretend to be a fellow cultist. "What has our master decreed that we do next? What is his favourite appellation again - I do not wish to insult his greatness? What do you think, will he be content with your work?"
While talking, he extended his arcane senses to learn as much as possible about any magic and eldritch entities that may have rubbed off on the Oinishman. His rapier was never far from his side, though.
Fields of Challenge / Re: Freetext Friday
« Last post by Dragonlordmax on August 13, 2016, 01:31:48 PM »
Socks are a very unheroic article of clothing. I mean, there are legendary shirts and pants, and if you hunt about here, you'll find magic shoes, brassieres, hats, and so on. But socks seem under appreciated.

So let's do it!
Sagely Advice / Re: urgent help needed on a fighing sequence
« Last post by Moonlake on August 13, 2016, 03:17:30 AM »
Okay, think I ironed out most of the stuff except for one: how do I get rid of the archer during this fight? Basically, there are 9 bandits (2 assassins hidden among them). They come at the party from 2 sides. The archer is coming at Meng's side (the group that had to circle around the wagon to come at the party). Areas to work out include:
  • The archer would normally hang back and therefore should be the last to be killed amongst the bandits i.e. after Capn takes the fatal cut for Meng?
  • But if archer hangs back, then doesn't it make sense for Meng to kill the archer next after avenging the Capn while he knows that a bandit has darted past him to the 2 mages?
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Seekers on the Seas of Wyrd
« Last post by Tusserk on August 12, 2016, 03:42:28 AM »
Chrom eyed the tern as it eyed him back before tossing a bit of fruit at it.

“The Cap’tin says we head fer home to stock up. Wonderin’ how many member me from afore?”

The large man lazily stared off at a wall as his cleaver danced through the fruit on his table, slicing the food into smaller pieces with his remaining fingers pushing the fruit forward towards the blade.
Thundering footsteps broke into his thoughts and he spun his body to the right, his hand flashing across his enormous torso to bury the cleaver nearly halfway into the door frame as one of the crew came running into the galley.

“There be a shark in the waters, talking words an such! You say you want special food for the stores.” The man’s eyes bulge slightly at the thought of the cleaver slicing through his neck.

Gilson levers the cleaver from the door frame and shoves the crewman out of the way as he waddles up the stairs to see for himself the talking shark. Ready to bark orders for the crew to spear the beast and drag it aboard so he can cook it, instead he is left disappointed as he notices the crew leaving the rails and no shark in the waters that he can see.

“d**n. Seems I missed the fun.”
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Seekers on the Seas of Wyrd
« Last post by Moonlake on August 11, 2016, 10:27:10 PM »
Mi'il feels excitement growing upon hearing the connection of the imprisoned manling with the Chaos Lords. Could that be the hope for reviving the Dreaming Isle that I'm waiting for? While my time spent aboard this ship isn't bad, it's nothing compared to how I lived as a Melnibonean noblewoman.

Mi'il makes up her mind to sneak down to where the prisoner is held.
Sagely Advice / Re: urgent help needed on a fighing sequence
« Last post by Moonlake on August 11, 2016, 07:15:17 PM »
Echo Mageeks questions.

Plus my own:

How does Yin Jiao tell by footsteps two of the bandits are special? Magic? Not magic, keen hearing plus experienced warrior move a certain way different from common people so Yin Jiao can distinguish between footstep of common people/low level warriors vs skilled warriors.
How is the smoke deployed? Smoke bombs? I think torches and fire a more likely and straightforward approach. yes, thinking a fire but the aim is to make lots of smoke cos presumably if the attackers are predominantly bandits, they don't want to harm any merchandise.
Removing a door in the heat of battle better be a simple smash, or while you are doing it you will be cut down. There are no allies outside to keep the bandits at bay while you are removing the door.  Also, the door bursting outwards and smashing into a bandit has a better visual to me Presumption is that when the party is removing the door, the bandits haven't gotten through to the inside of the carriage yet. Okay then, then I shall have the door smashing into a bandit and then another one being cut down amidst the surprise of the door bursting outwards. :)

As for the mage's cut, have the bandit directly target Xun Zhen instead of the mentor. The Bandit attacks, catching Xun's hand and forcing him to drop his dagger. At that moment Meng saves the day.Need to think about this, cos the bit with Xun Zhen saving mentor is supposed to connect up with the plot involving his reconciliation with mentor (he had been holding a grudge with his mentor over his abrupt departure which Xun Zhen took as abandonement)

Also, if they are mages, why no spells? There is a spell cast by Xun Zhen that boosts the defence of the 2 warriors and links them up so that they share injury/stamina. But I'm mainly stuck on the actual fighting bits so I glossed over this spell. The mentor, on the other hand, isn't useful for battle at all, his domain is in divination/fortune-telling. :)

And thanks, Mageek and Val, for the questions and suggestions.
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