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Cavern of Inane Natter / Re: I am using a LOT of Strolen material in my Home game!
« Last post by Aramax on January 22, 2017, 04:25:15 PM »
using three of Chekas 30 Wizards over the next few weeks, Godling, Mouthy and Perfectionist, Patrons of a Cthuku Libraby, if anybody has any links for here of use in an evil dungeony Cthuhu library, please post!
Sagely Advice / Sad really.........
« Last post by Aramax on January 22, 2017, 04:15:52 PM »
...Cheka had to practicality BEG for somebody to comment on his sub, so I did. If we are going to keep this site going everyone reading this needs to get more involved. I'm pointing my finger squarely at myself too. My creative juices are VERY dry so I'm not going be posting much in the way of subs BUT that doesnt stop any of us from voting and commenting. Several of Scras' subs still have zero comments on the front page, that needs to be fixed quickly. I am working on my Monday game right now, which due to DRYness is tough going, but I plan on commenting and voting more in the IMMEDIATE future. I also want to get back to my other thread and using ideas from subs in my game more and posting about same. I am on my way to the NPC section to find some library patrons, will report back in the other thread.
Cosmic Pluralism / Re: I Really Need to Make the Cosmic Era it's Own Forum Section
« Last post by Scrasamax on January 21, 2017, 07:24:06 AM »
I have written in other places in the Citadel about the fact that the Cosmic Era is creeping towards a technological extinction level event, ala garnering the attention of something that humanity cannot survive, like an actual outer god. I have also written that parapsychic ability and arcanotech draw their functionality from the River of Sorrows, an aspect of reality that itself is powered by the suffering of sentient beings.

The parapsychic is an entity in transition, not entirely unlike the larvae of the outer gods, their abilities manifest, and they become more powerful, they employ arcanotech to enhance and accelerate their modification, because the ultimate goal, the basal urge, is for a metamorphosis. The most powerful parapsychics, the proposed arhats, the mortal demigods, will move beyond black and white morality, traditional mortality, and will eventually shed their humanity, they will become creatures of the River of Sorrows.

The attrition rate for this transformation is appalling. The success rate is astonishingly low. Most never gain the power and potential to reach the critical threshold for this level of transformation. Of those who do, some turn away, choosing their native race over transcendence, or they choose to transcend and must survive their own race attempting to destroy them. This can be a fear reaction, non-transcended parapsis knowing what they are doing and fighting them, or their actions drawing the attention of something else beyond their world/plane of existence.

The former mortal undergoes their metamorphosis and the thing that comes out on the other side is a a small outer god, a Seraphim as per the submission.

Over time, a seraphim gains strength and power, it faces the rest of the cosmos and finds its place.

This isn't flying away into the ether so much as it is becoming a megapredator and dominating their area of emergence, usually starting with their homeworld. The can be an extinction level event, with all but the most basic forms of life being wiped out, it can be apocalyptic with the seraph making itself the leader of the world, and brutally subjugating it. In some shark species, the unborn shark pups will gestate and eventually start feeding each other, until only the strongest pup survives and is carried to term, and thus most seraphs are destructive of their home environs.

Erelim are transcended teratomorphs

Some of the most epic comic big bads are basically seraph of varying degrees of strength, ala Darkseid, Thanos, Doomsday, Apocalypse, etc. A good sign is being 50% bigger than other characters, being immortal or being beyond the normal ability to be killed, fantastic ability to come back from seeming death.

The Escape Pod: A civilization has a nascent seraph, they can't kill it, and they know containment is only temporary. Rather than increasingly complicated traps and tombs, it makes sense to load the dormant seraph into a container and send it as far away from the homeworld as possible. The tomb ship is made as secure as possible and is sent into one of three places

SHOOT IT INTO THE SUN! - and hope the fury of the stellar environment destroys it like your civ couldnt.
Shoot it into a gas giant - and hope that even if it is not crushed, it can't escape the gravity and dense atmosphere
Shoot into deep space - and let it be someone elses problem in 10,000 years

This is where things like the hashmallin come from, their bodies ravaged by nuclear fury until they gather enough strength to emerge, but as mindless destroyed things with only fury, hunger, and pain as their sole drives.

This is also how space dumpsters show up and disgorge cosmic horrors. Not everything fired off into space actually was a seraph, some were close, some just turn into monsters, etc.

Then there is the issue of just what are the Elder Gods, in the Lovecraft mythos, when they are blended into the Cosmic Era universe, and the answer is simple as it is terrifying.

The Universe is cyclical, and it dies and is reborn on a regular schedule, but on an order of tens of billions of years, and there are few things capable of altering this pattern. In each incarnation of the universe, the outer gods arise, sentience arises, and the universe moves on, until it begins to decay, and there is the death of the universe. Like the phoenix, it is reborn from a new big bang. very few things survive the death of the old universe to transition into the new one.

When an outer god is able to pass through the membrane between the universes it becomes an elder god, as it carries everything it had into a new universe. Being immensely powerful in a universe that is still sorting itself out, the Elder Gods are the ones who get to make the momentous incidental decisions that will echo through that incarnation of the universe.
Cosmic Pluralism / Re: I Really Need to Make the Cosmic Era it's Own Forum Section
« Last post by Scrasamax on January 20, 2017, 05:11:02 PM »



Half zombie, half cyborg, psychically bonded to his mechanically reanimated corpse, he is an immortal supersoldier. Tormented.


The celebrity supersoldier, a grandstanding psychopath who uses the biggest hammer possible and considers collateral damage a bonus point modifier.


Full on neko mod crossed with a combat mod, a organic killing machine


A tarkatan hybrid, with some serious self control issues, cannibal urges, and bone manipulation parapsi powers


A successful breeding program supersoldier, one that is grown into power over several generations rather than being decanted and juiced up.


6-armed augment, plus the Doom package (magic, hypertech) and more capitalist and destructive than political and tyrannical than doom




psi-blade ninja


3 brains, and an external nervous system... wat?

Cosmic Pluralism / Re: I Really Need to Make the Cosmic Era it's Own Forum Section
« Last post by Scrasamax on January 20, 2017, 05:00:11 PM »
The Worst Bad Guys in Comics


1. Mobsters

An overlooked and underplayed resource, mobsters and specifically, mob bosses have a great deal of power. THey don't have to be supers or meta like Kingpin, but they are people people, and are planners, organizers, manipulators, and planners. A mundane mob boss with good connections and allies can be a major foe for a super or other team. Just because a super villain has great power doesnt always mean they are smart, or immune to basic manipulation, or the same general desires that drive people. Moroni vs Batman, Saint vs. Punisher, and then extrapolate out, Tony Soprano vs Jessica Jones

2. Blackheart

Laughably bad, but using demon-spawn who are predominantly human, is underrepresented. There is too much of a rush to the big bad, when some of the best big bads haven't been big bads. Peter Stormare's Lucifer from Constantine comes to mind.

3. Ozymandias

supra-intelligent foes who lead heroes into inescapable plans, so that the heroes very actions ensure that the villain's plan comes to fruition. Amoral, apathetic, pragmatic, organized, and so forth. Unmoved by emotion or sentiment

4. no one talks about the Catwoman movie

5. The Octopus

What happens when a bats**t crazy alien wears a human suit?

6. Poison Ivy

Plant oriented parapsychic

7. Bullseye

gun adept

8. Mr Freeze

Cryogenic parapsychic who is stuck in permanent burn, and requires an exosuit to survive without 'melting down'

9. Two-Face

psyche damaged, split personality, meh

10. Dr Doom

desolate one, magic, power armor

11. Galactus

A literal Elder God (versus Outer God), powerful but less alien intelligence. On par with ophanim. Parapsychic exile who survived the death of the previous universe

12. Tainted Genius

A parapsychic hyperintelligence manipulator, but unlike Ozymandias, completely dominated by lesser urges, and base emotions. Can build a hypertech device from scratch, but in the pursuit of a single woman's sexual attention

13. Venom symbiont

Nothing like a plasmic entity you can wear

14. Nuclear Man

The high upkeep borderline out of control supersoldier, lacks self control and is constantly on the verge of parapsychic overload

15. Weapon XI

aka Origins Deadpool, Swiss Army Soldiers, cobbled together out of cybernetic implants and parapsychic torture to create focused chaos generators

Cosmic Pluralism / Re: I Really Need to Make the Cosmic Era it's Own Forum Section
« Last post by Scrasamax on January 20, 2017, 04:36:47 PM »
Do the Monster Mash

Grottu! King of the Insects

megafauna insects, plus an associated dimension, tie into the invae of Shadowrun horror. The pre-cambrian horrors, the irresistable invertibrates! The horror. Also tap into the old Hammer horror movies with janky giant insects and insect swarms.


A generic swamp dwelling be-horned cyclopean titan, quadruped, dense and dumb. Monstrom can be an umbrella term for titano-fauna that are not intelligent, and do not demonstrate teratomorph qualities.


The missing link, tie to yeren, bigfoot, chinese wildman, hairy ass neanderthal hominid. Give mythos gifts and sapience, but non-human intelligence


Plantimals, aka ents. Probably gonna pass on this one.

The Blip

Energy entity that is a civilization 'saver' Figure out how a laser fire elemental can save a civ, when pic is said elemental ripping apart a tank


similar to titano-fauna, but sentient. Outcast from other exocultures that have drifted through space, growing in the manner of cosmozoans.


earth elemental type alien, hypertech, asinine, but advanced.

The source of some of the monsters can be the exiles from advanced cultures, corrupted individuals and such that were too dangerous to keep, and too hard to kill, so they were contained and fired off into space. They fall into a grey zone between larvae and outer gods, having sentience and power, but not the extinction level capabilities of erelim. Could also tap into the Aberrant vibe, where the exiles are all parapsychics who have hideously and irreparable mutated far beyond their original species.
Fields of Challenge / Re: Freetext Friday
« Last post by Dragonlordmax on January 20, 2017, 02:24:32 PM »
I like it!

But it's past time to move on. This week, it's Gonzo. Not the muppet, but rather the craziest, most ridiculously over-the-top stuff possible. Katana-wielding, Hitler-punching chimpanzee motorcyclists in SPAAAAACE!
Nasty, carnivorous bookworms that can talk, but mostly in obscenities.
Nice! Thanx(I'm going to want to run the library for a MIN. of 5 weeks, so keep um coming!!!!
Nasty, carnivorous bookworms that can talk, but mostly in obscenities.
The Eight Legged Librarians

Superficially resembling driders, the ELL are the distant spawn of Atlach-Nacha, the Great Old Spider God. They have arachnid bodies, and use their mandibles as humans use their hands. Rather than having the upper torso of a drow, they have the head and partial torso of a human protruding from their thorax. This can be minimal, not much more than a face studded with too many eyes to the lurid, a lovely lass, breasts exposed, extruded from the chitinous carapace of a mottled brown and black spider. They are caretakers in some parts of the library, predators in other parts, and they create their webs not from silk, but from hints, scattered pages of musty tomes, and the promise of greater secrets in the next section of the library. The victim doesn't fall into an actual web until they are quite far from any sort of assistance, in a fallen and decrepit section of the library.
JUST THIS!!!!!!!
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