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Bleak Wood: Nightfall / Re: War Cry of the Huertha - Hostile Landscape
« Last post by valadaar on August 18, 2014, 08:18:39 AM »
Can Riv brandish his shotgun again? :)
Bleak Wood: Nightfall / War Cry of the Huertha - Hostile Landscape
« Last post by Bleak Wood Storyteller on August 18, 2014, 07:53:24 AM »
What: Bleak Wood Standalone Chapter
When: October - November 2014 (brief hiatus between 10th and 17th of October).
Who: Players who want to play Bleak Wood (A minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 needed)
Game Type: One post per player every 2 days, or more (Max two posts per day)
Setting: The Bleakwood Post apocalyptic wastelands
What can I expect: Tribals, high (or low) tech enclaves, aliens, mutants, a lot of gunfights, easy to die without armor, insanity, gore, nudity, sex, drugs, bleak and abysmal view on humanity.


Playable characters: Humans, mutations are perks or dark sides.
Playable professions: Soldiers, scouts, engineers, tribals, medics, preachers, mediums, gamblers, psychics, pilots (motorcycles, cars, trucks, hovercrafts and shuttlecraft are rare items that can possibly be gained at start (if the player spends a background point on it, and his dice roll is fortunate enough), other suitable classes.
Cavern of Inane Natter / Re: The Call of Captain-thulhu
« Last post by Ancient Gamer on August 18, 2014, 07:31:43 AM »
I am not as much around here as I'd like to be.


Life is chock full of real life stuff, and I don't have enough time to hang around here, doing awesome stuff.

Shadoweagle: I am sorry for laxing. I want to game, but I procrastinate.

Coldforged players: Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. It feels kinda hard to start up the game again. I felt the "conflict" ruined the game for me. Sorry for being an overly emotional GM. I should "Murometz" such situations, but I can't. Bad character trait, I know. :(

One day I shalt return with vengeance... and a nice front page post!
Cosmic Pluralism / Re: Cosmic Era Novel
« Last post by Scrasamax on August 17, 2014, 12:09:54 AM »
What is a Vingian Relay?

A Vingian Relay is a hybrid being composed of one decentralized mind and multiple (clone) bodies. The mind and 'soul' of a Vingian Relay is held half in the original human (also known as the Prime) and half in the CogNet.

Strengths: A Vingian can function as a single organism in close proximity without the need for verbal or electronic communication.

Destroying a body doesn't compromise the whole, and destroyed members can be replaced with fresh clones.

Shared minds and experiences give a Vingian the ability to learn and grow rapidly. The skills and abilities learned and exercised by one member are shared with all of the others. In game terms, each individual can grow in terms of skills and personal abilities, but any skills and such on the character sheet are shared with every other member of the collective, albeit at one level lower.

Vingians can remote dream and communicate through the CogNet in a dream like fashion that is an ultra secure mode of communication. What one member knows, they all know.

Weaknesses: If cut off completely from the CogNet, individuals who were part of the relay become increasingly unstable and are often unable to communicate with any competence or skill as their main mode of communication was virtual

If the Prime is slain/destroyed, the Relay retains it's functionality but stops growing in terms of skill, and the surviving relays begin to become mentally unstable. Killing a prime can cause all members of a relay to become catatonic, commit suicide, or otherwise implode mentally.

The shared mind is vulnerable to contamination, especially the cosmic horror sort. If one member becomes afflicted with a supernatural madness, this is transferred through the link to all the other members of the relay. A skilled psychosurgeon and hacker can also capture and use a member of a relay as a way to infiltrate and compromise a Vingian, though this is extremely difficult.

While a Vingian relay can survive the abrupt disconnect of the death of a member, it can be manipulated and controlled or even tortured provided that a skilled interrogator with the proper tools has a member of the relay in their custody. What one knows, they all know, and this includes psychological abuse (much more difficult though, as individuality is muted in a Relay) physical torture (this only works at short range) and so forth.

Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by valadaar on August 16, 2014, 07:03:47 PM »
"Roger.  En route."

Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by valadaar on August 16, 2014, 07:00:58 PM »
Carniegie's shot struck something important as the dog writhed in Marcus's grip.  It fell limp catching Marcus by surprise.

At that point he noticed a bright flashing red light on the exposed circuitry of the cyberdog's head.  It reminded him of something....

Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Kassy on August 16, 2014, 04:59:48 AM »
Anya was momentarily taken aback by the things stubborn refusal to cease functioning. She then aimed at the thing, now with a grappling Marcus clinging onto it, and decided against firing another .50. If that thing hit Marcus, there wouldn't be much left. Switching instead to her Glock 20, she thumbed off the safety and fired at it's already exposed "eye" socket trying to hit the circuitry inside.

(10:47:13) Minion: Kassy rolls 1d20 and gets 9. +5 for dex iirc. Not sure what else I have to roll. d**ned unfamiliarity with system.
Hollen's Prize / Re: OOC
« Last post by Kassy on August 16, 2014, 04:27:23 AM »
Envious! Enjoy yourself!
Cosmic Pluralism / Re: Cosmic Era Novel
« Last post by Scrasamax on August 15, 2014, 10:37:05 PM »
Excellent! I'm looking forward to this.

If you need a beta-reader, I dropped lots of points into Grammar Nazi, so I'm available for proofing.

I will keep you in mind, like I said, I'm in the first draft phase right now, so I would probably go for proofing after I finished the first revision, there are some things I want to adjust and change, but I am resisting the urge to backtrack and cover old ground in favor of blazing ahead.

Cosmic Pluralism / Re: Cosmic Era Novel
« Last post by Chaosmark on August 15, 2014, 10:29:16 PM »
Excellent! I'm looking forward to this.

If you need a beta-reader, I dropped lots of points into Grammar Nazi, so I'm available for proofing.
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