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Sagely Advice / Re: Engaging/Balanced Encounters For a Cleric/Ninja Duo?
« Last post by axlerowes on August 06, 2015, 07:57:43 AM »
Why are the cleric and Ninja together? What of the cleric's ethos or church?  I would focus these early encounters on defining the character's relationship, the normal game world and how the characters are connected to that game world.

Would you describe your plan for campaign as being more Robin Hood or Conan?
Sagely Advice / Re: Engaging/Balanced Encounters For a Cleric/Ninja Duo?
« Last post by Moonlake on August 06, 2015, 03:57:57 AM »
Hi, Veretix. The link below looks like a good starting place for you to explore:
Fields of Challenge / Re: Moonlake's workpile
« Last post by Moonlake on August 06, 2015, 02:37:39 AM »
July 2015 progress log:
Actual released work (2):
  • 2 retro quest subs: Villains quest and Into the Dungeon quest

Overall assessment of progress:
  • Now 2 ahead in terms of retro quests in an accumulative sense
  • stagnant work conversion remains at 0 but at least no more incoming
  • starting to work on a short story for the epub and went through a couple false starts
Sagely Advice / Engaging/Balanced Encounters For a Cleric/Ninja Duo?
« Last post by Veretrix on August 06, 2015, 12:43:36 AM »
Hey everyone. I made another post talking about a campaign I will run with my two friends. One decided to be a Tengu healing cleric (much to my surprise, since he is the "smash the enemy with my +50 Legendary Keen Acidic Flaming Unholy Returning Warhammer of Demonic Rage until it dies" type of player). The other is a fetchling ninja (alternate rogue class; no surprise with that player, but it's still different than his usual schtick).

My campaign is going to be set in a coastal kingdom that is dominated mostly by forest, with the main exception being the coastlines. I have an idea for the first few encounters, but I'm a bit stuck on ideas for random encounters after that. I don't want to make the encounters feel monotonous or stale, but I also don't want to murder them before level 5 if it can be helped (they're starting at level 1). If anyone has an idea, or knows where to find some, for some early (level 1-6ish) encounters/adventure hooks for a pair of d8 HD adventurers, let me know. I feel like too much combat might be too much considering only one of them is fairly combat centered (Ninja). The cleric, however has 11 Strength and focused on mental scores, having 19 Wisdom and 15 Charisma.

Ideas for short story arcs are appreciated as well. I'm planning for this to be consisting of multiple (possibly interlocked) story arcs, but I'm not quite sure where I want to even begin with those.
Setting Forge / Re: Castoria, Land of Shattered Stars
« Last post by Strolen on August 05, 2015, 08:09:22 PM »
I love it!
Sagely Advice / Re: Ideas For A Campaign With Only 2 PCs
« Last post by Strolen on August 05, 2015, 08:08:23 PM »
It is not so much what we think, but if you would like running it. That is the answer you seek. If it sounds fun, go for it! Localized mysteries have never been my strong suit (or my groups). The most obvious clue in the world to your eyes can be a enigma of unknown proportions to others.

I just think back to my group at the beginning. We were definitely hack and slash and loved it, but combined with a fun continuous plot line, you don't have to get intricate like a witch trial mystery to entertain your players. Sounds like they might be happy just killing a monster. But if the monster is tied to something bigger, well, you are building up your world and their place in it.

Your ideas in the other thread are brilliant. I would stick to those and try to tie a bulk of your encounters to discovering a clue about something associated with your overall theme and keep them moving. If you do the witch trials, tie it into you overall plot somehow...like a curse by the cult leader to stall them from getting to the next town where they just xxxxxx and now they arrived too late. Something to make the players feel like they are known in the world, known as a threat and now they can direct some anger to the baddies because they have been manipulated. More fun when it is personal.
Greetings Traveler / Re: Greetings From An Experienced Yet Doubtful DM
« Last post by Strolen on August 05, 2015, 08:00:32 PM »
Read your other thread...you got it!
Greetings Traveler / Re: Greetings From An Experienced Yet Doubtful DM
« Last post by Longspeak on August 05, 2015, 10:54:05 AM »

That second-guessing thing will probably always be with you. :) But I think that's good. The key is learning to use it instead of letting it use you. Analyze your plans when the doubt hits you. You might find it helps you improve them. And as you gain confidence, you will find taking a look at them will remove the doubts from the best ones at the same time as it helps improve others.

Sagely Advice / Re: Ideas For A Campaign With Only 2 PCs
« Last post by Veretrix on August 04, 2015, 10:24:45 PM »
Cult leader, mad mage, theives guild, whatever. As long as they recognize his handy work, he escapes, and/or they are actually defeated by him, it is great having a recurring bad guy.

Thanks for all the advice Strolen. It was all very insightful. I do use my own encounter tables from time to time, but I can get kind of lazy as far as what's on them. I kind of like the idea of a thieve's guild that has the town that the PCs are arriving at in the palms of their hands.

Another idea I had (and please feel free to say what you think or whether I should create a separate post), was to have a scenario not unlike the Salem Witch Trials, which in my players' cases could mean hunting down supposed witches and then finding out it was just Granny Matheson from three houses down who knows how to make a mean apple pie. But they might kill her anyway because of "witch trial paranoia".
Setting Forge / Castoria, Land of Shattered Stars
« Last post by Veretrix on August 04, 2015, 09:41:00 PM »
This is a country that I came up with about a month ago, and I've been juggling the idea of using it for a campaign since then. Let me know if you think it it a good setting, and/or if you think it can work as a campaign with 1-3 PCs.

Castoria was once a thriving and prosperous nation, a rich trade center for the surrounding lands. This all changed when, on one fateful night nearly a century ago, the Mist of Eternity rolled in and surrounded the land, obscuring more of the outside world as days and nights passed.

By the time the Mist blocked out the sun, a new light shone during what was assumed to be daytime: The Starpoint Spire, a mysterious place atop Castoria's highest peak in the northern-central region. Some say that there is some sort of building atop the mountain shining the dim "sunlight" onto the land, but it is only ever too bright or too dark to fully make out any structure, not to mention the mountain's immense height.

Not a month after the Spire's light lit up, the stars fell. Flaming rocks and debris from far-flung edges of space plummeted downward onto the eastern region of Castoria. Once the shower subsided, a strange energy from within the fallen stars transformed the eastern lands into what are now known as The Voidwastes, a barren gray land littered with craters and strange alien creatures (these can vary, but I had Pathfinder's Akatas in mind).

To the south, strange mechanisms of eldritch origin are again at work after aeons of rest in the Ruins of Kchuthngnl, an ancient city of non-human creation that is estimated by scholars to be no less that five millennia old.

To the west, the once peaceful and serene forest, now known as The Plagued Woods, has been experiencing corruptions of the wildlife and humanoids living there. Some humans have reported creatures that appear not unlike a halfling, except that they can open their mouths to massive proportions to swallow creatures the size of an ogre. Others claim that there are wolves with spiny tentacles where their tails should be. Others still talk of humanoids with short legs, yet abhorrently long arms that will steal you away in the dark of night and devour you.

When adventurers and citizens alike try to make an escape from Castoria, they are never seen again, and it is utterly unknown whether they found hopeful sanctuary or agonizing death withing the Mist's depths.

What is unknown to all residents of Castoria is that all of these events occurred because of the actions of a secret but powerful cult loyal to the Elder Gods who call the space between the planes their abhorrent home. The cult still lives on, larger than ever, and their plan is for the alien horrors to incubate and thrive within the dome of mist that now envelops Castoria, so that when the Elder Gods return as the cult's prophecy foretells, they will have an army of blasphemous creation at their disposal that they will use to make war with and enslave the denizens of the Material Plane.
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