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(15:05:05) Minion: valadaar rolls 1d10 and gets 1.

(15:08:32) Minion: valadaar rolls 1d100 and gets 71.

Kuth hurls a brick sized stone, and misses.

Enthri and Caldu both quickly send arrows at the armored figure, but they glance off harmlessly (Both hit, but do not do enough damage).

The combat rolls for the Ekauri and Vitoriel, Eurydice and Ronal.

This will be posted in the game thread after all of you posted the results of your round too.

valadaar and Gossamer: Roll for your PC, but also for your combat ready NPC henchmen.
You may never fail a morale roll, but your henchmen may very well do that.

Combat rolls

The Ekauri:
(19:50:02) Minion: Ancient_Gamer logs into the Chat.
(19:50:11) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d10 and gets 4.

Alright the Ekauri is slow (+3 initiative) and so he attacks on 4 (roll) + 3 (initiative slow) + 1 (Greatsword) = 8 iniative. The lowest initative roll wins.

(19:50:34) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d100 and gets 43.

The Ekauri attacks Ronal, who will be charging the Ekauri right back. This roll is a hit.

(19:50:39) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d20 and gets 15.
The Ekauri hit Ronal in the right arm

(19:50:52) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 2d8 and gets 8,5.
(19:51:04) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d6 and gets 6.

For 19 damage. Unless Ronal makes his dodge roll, the Ekauri will cut off his right arm and only a stump will be left.

Ronal, Eurydice and Vitoriel's initiative:
(19:56:23) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d10 and gets 1.

Vitoriel and her entourage acts at the very beginning of the combat round 1 (ini), +2 (Longsword

(19:56:30) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d100 and gets 30.
Ronal scores a good hit

(19:56:38) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d20 and gets 12.
His longsword slash hits the breastplate of the black knight

(19:56:46) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d10 and gets 2.
(19:56:50) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d4 and gets 4.

And the hit just scrapes the surface and forces the knight to take a single step back.

(20:01:47) Ancient_Gamer: Ronal dodge to avoid loss of arm. Melee skill = 50
(20:01:53) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d100 and gets 91.
Ronal loses his right arm, and also his sword.

(19:59:02) Ancient_Gamer: Morale check (Eurydice)
(19:59:29) Ancient_Gamer: Willpower 15 - 4 (dread effect) -4 (Ronal lost his arm) roll 7 or below on 1d20
(19:59:33) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d20 and gets 6.
Eurydice stands her ground and attacks with a telekinetic blast

(20:05:00) Ancient_Gamer: Ekauri Magic Resistance (65%) vs Eurydice Telekinetic Blast
(20:05:05) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d100 and gets 60.
Eurydice attacks with a powerful telekinetic blast, but the magic effect sizzles and dies as it hits the Dark Essence Elemental.

(20:24:41) Ancient_Gamer: Vitoriel spell cast (Flame)
(20:24:45) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d100 and gets 40.
Flames begin to form around the black knight

(20:25:00) Ancient_Gamer: Ekauri spell resistance
(20:25:05) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d100 and gets 39.
...But when they touch him they wither and die
Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by EchoMirage on April 14, 2014, 11:06:19 AM »
The reactor room hummed with the core's energy, humid and warm it was, the moisture having nowhere to escape. Much akin to a sauna, in contrast with the core's blue light.

They scouted cautiously, while Autumn worked at the reactor's console. By pure luck or smart construction, the emergency had unlocked the overrides - the ship's designer was well aware that out on the fringe, people with access codes sometimes died.

Jerome and Quan assessed their surroundings carefully. Here, at the ship's stern, there were the holds, the engines, the reactor room, and connections to the front of the ship, to its five floors. A few choice choke points were available - for example, the airlock they had passed that separated the ship's prow from the potentially dangerous cargo and from results of reactor problems.

Curiously, they peeked into the open cargo hold. The cavernous structure was under emergency lighting, the lights glimmering dimply as the backup source slowly failed. What they could make out were four huge silos and a water tank; rows of cages, pried open from the outside; a wrecked loader exoskeleton, and a row of eighteen stasis cells. The first thirteen had failed entirely, holding mechanisms and life support silent. The locks on the last four were still engaged according to the blinking lights, but otherwise they were silent, ominous metal caskets. One stasis cell still worked, apparently still connected to the reactor.
Irregular biological shapes could be seen clinging to the rafters and stuck in corners, eerily still and calm.

They examined the other holds - one held freezers, still online, the rows of freezer doors stretching into the dark distance. Another was a colonist compartment with habitats, entirely silent. It was as if they just waited to be unloaded on a lush world, to house families on the frontier.

The fourth was empty, save containers and salvage equipment - perhaps intended to house loot from the Desdemona? Certainly, the catastrophe had occurred prior to any salvage.

They even passed the airlock that connected the Lilarcor to the ancient cruiser; it was locked, the docking gear stuck. They gazed out, and could make out at least five suits in the gloom, motionless. The salvage party did not manage to get back home. Whether it was the better option, they dared not to say.

They came back to Autumn, who was relieved to find that the reactor as such worked, though set to minimum level by a lack of demand. The lines to much of the ship were dead, the analytical computer chirping away connection error messages like a depressed chipmunk.
Navigation offline.
Landing gear offline.
Engines offline.
Lighting offline.
Emergency shuttles launch disabled, locked by "The Red Viking". Power to pod bay nominal.
Life support nominal.
Gravity offline.
Inertia compensation offline.
Communications offline.
Central control offline.
Power supply to cargo hold one partially offline.

Strange how the reactor worked, but so many connections to independent systems had failed? Even from the backup batteries?
At least the screen also provided her with a comprehensive overview of where the power lines had failed. A dozen freaking places, in key places. That would take some work!

Having been confronted with the dangers of the ship, Sunny stayed back with Autumn instead of scouting, and had a chance to examine the cocoons, or whatever they were. She had expected some aliens inside; alas, they held parts of human bodies: one half a torso with the head and one arm still attached, one a liver and kidneys, one a spine and pelvis. Alas, the last, best concealed blister right next to a thermal exhaust port held a complete human, a young female - tall, muscular, raven-haired - in deep slumber, her minute movements betraying that she was still alive.
Cavern of Inane Natter / Re: Free Word Association
« Last post by Kassy on April 14, 2014, 10:21:03 AM »

Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by valadaar on April 14, 2014, 09:03:48 AM »
"Yes, lets get the engines on-line first."


We continue from where we left off!

Expect a new post tonight.
Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by Autumn on April 14, 2014, 06:34:38 AM »
"I like the idea Sunny," Autumn nodded in agreement, heading for the engine room. "If we're the ones to bring stuff back on line, I'll make sure we're also the ones in control of those systems once they're operational."

Once at main engineering she gave an appraising glance around, deeply regretting the loss of her former assistant. "Given the infected nature of this ship though, I would suggest once we get it operational we use it's weapons to splash the remaining drone outside, patch or find some new suits or a shuttle, and get back to the Prize, this ships a quarantine waiting for a few torps in her belly."

With a pause she turned to glance at Jerome, "I recall the computer saying there was someone near the reactor, perhaps you could take Sunny and see if thy're still sane enough to deal with and I'll run some diagnostics here with our pilots help and see if I'll be able to restore main power, or at least the secondary and emergency systems." She spared a glance down at her wounds and shredded suit, the blood matted fur reminding and tattered carbon fiber weave an unpleasant reminder of her inability to easily escape to safety, should depressurization occur.

"It should give you a chance to scout around a little too, maybe find a good place to fall back to, place a couple of those turrets somewhere handy," She gave them another nod, "You know what your doing, I have complete confidence all of you." She panted softly in approval, giving them a time honored and very much traditional thumbs up.

(Rolls for engineering appraisal/jury rigging/whatever else is appropriate to assess the damage and determine what's fixable and how long it'll take.)
(07:24:59) Minion: Silveressa rolls 1d100 and gets 36.
(07:25:03) Minion: Silveressa rolls 1d100 and gets 16.
Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by Gossamer on April 14, 2014, 05:52:51 AM »
"How long can we play along though? What if he gets the ship working and takes us to their homeworld or something. Let's try to come up with a trap of some kind, maybe barricade ourselves somewhere defensible if it turns out there are more of these things. We'll scout and make an assessment, yes?" Sunny relayed through the internal comms, her tail whipping with excitement.
Like I said, I was about to post before the thread got locked, so yeah, I'm still in.
Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by valadaar on April 13, 2014, 09:38:11 PM »
"Play it by ear, I guess." Jerome said, stopping to scoop up the autosentry..

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