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Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by valadaar on October 15, 2015, 08:04:07 PM »
The Pod maneuvered decently enough.  The thick atmosphere made it feel more like a boat then a spacecraft.

The outside temperature was high - Derek wasn't sure if was the reentry or the air temperature - he hoped it was the former, since a lot of his toiletries went up with the Ten-whatsit.

He had his bubble suit on - a somewhat overly showy pressure suit with a perfect fishbowl helmet.  A prop from a movie it was still fully functional. It better be - he had no idea if the air was good here. The prop guy said the scrubber was good for five years and only put out token radiation. Nothing he should worry about.

As the surface of the world got closer he was somewhat surprised to see what appeared to be patches of jungle.  The terrain also looked rather rough. This could be touchy, thought Derek.  And no stunt double! No Green Screen. This was for real, and that thought made Derek quite .. Anxious.  But, he had to keep it together for the camera, and the .. lady.

Ah, that spot looked good.  He threw the pod about and put all of its power into not slamming into the ground too hard...

(20:53:17) Minion: valadaar rolls 4d6 and gets 2,6,1,4. So, 15 all told...  Good for a Moderate  skill check...
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by EchoMirage on October 15, 2015, 12:29:39 PM »
The principles of tensegrity failed the Tensegrity as she disintegrated. Looking back at the fiery streak across the gilded sky, Luna reminisced of the crazy turns of events that led her to her current predicament. What a ride!

A year back, she had served as a guide for a film crew who wished to shoot footage in a genuine jungle, picking Borneo of all places. Luna's responsibilities included keeping the entire outfit from getting lost, getting eaten, eating what should not be eaten, as well as keeping them from ruining all of their fancy gadgets on the first day. In the evening, she had entertained the crew with stories of the West Indies - adventure, loot and scantily clad protagonists, flashing sabers and lost cities populated them. Why not - after all, any city left to the jungle for five years was lost, sabers still were used where guns were a luxury, and in the tropical heat, no one wore too much.
With a toothy smirk, she realized that pirate captains had been undemanding, the average mafioso was well-behaved and the run-of-the-mill cutthroat sane in comparison. Regardless, it was grade A entertainment, and an opportunity to shine. She had led the crew to hidden waterfalls, caves and overgrown temples, providing backdrops that no civilized man could conceive for their scenes. In the end, "Borneo Blues" turned out to be a decent pulp movie - and her pay was actually sufficient to keep her from stealing anything to compensate.

Apparently, word got around, and she got hired for another mission - this time, the destination was slightly stranger than Earth though.
"Why bother stealing peanuts when you can steal the spotlight? Time to make it big!" she thought, and said yes.
Peanuts did not agree with her sharp teeth anyway.

Honestly, she might have enjoyed a little less of the spotlight, and was genuinely worried that somewhere, someone of ill intent and unpleasant common history might recognize her face. The Lure of Venus was stronger though.

Luna had never whored herself out, but knew well how the game went - and the concept of a reality show had enough in common that she could draw parallels and ... emulate.
A little teasing the camera, hint at something that may come, seem available yet not too easily, keep some mystery and deliver the goods when you've got what you came for.
Show a little for the camera, on accident of course. Be funny. Be interesting. Act like you like the audience, but aren't desperate to have them around.

She turned to the adventure ahead, and smiled, the fragments of the ship behind them.
"So, Captain, looks like the mission has begun in earnest."
Hah, she once had had a mission in Ernest. Poor sod had swallowed a golden ring. It was not too hard to get it out.
The smile widened to a toothy cheer.
"I will be impressed if you bring us down safely - if not, I won't!"
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by Murometz on October 14, 2015, 11:38:49 PM »
Venus: Retrograde or "To Venus With Love"

When Derek found out from Dr. Esau R. Dimmer that a female companion would be joining him on his planetary quest to mysterious Venus, Skyrider perked up literally. He straightened, flexed his pecs involuntarily, squeezed his butt cheeks and arched his brow just a bit, like he did in "Against the Grain", probably his best role to date, where he played a blind, paraplegic ex-rugby player, who managed to scale Mount Everest and meet the girl of his dreams.

When Luna appeared, Derek's arched both brows, this time pretty high up, and his mouth slacked open a bit.

This was going to be the ultimate reality show. Cameras would always be rolling. It's how Dimmer sold Derek in the first place. He'd probably win an Oscar upon his return!

What the? This was supposed to be about me, he thought to himself. Now Tiger-shark here (although she was sexy, he had to admit) will steal my spotlight!

Luna, unbeknownst to Skyrider, was also hired by Dr. Dimmer, to be the first Lemurian (there weren't many other candidates) to explore our sister planet, the bewitching and shrouded Cytherea (as the professor insisted on calling it). Derek was the face and hammer of the operation, and she the brains and lance. Her particular physiology and innate abilities, Dr. Dimmer further insisted, would prove quite unique advantages, on a planet most probably strewn with steaming swamps and misty jungles.

There wasn't much to say. They would get to know each other in flight. After all, they were being offered adventure, fame, and money. All they had to do was be the first to explore Venus.

They were shot into orbit inside Dr. Dimmer's latest creation, a rocket ship that would (theoretically) reach Venus in mere weeks! The unfortunate part was that Dr. Dimmer had no eye for aesthetics, and the ship, named Tensegrity, resembled a giant coffin.

The theory proved correct. Tensegrity reached the impenetrable haze of Cytherea's atmosphere in two weeks. Yet its shape proved prophetic as well. The ship started burning up and then proceeded to melt as they raced through the Cytherean, sponge-like ochre.

Somewhere forty miles or so above the Venusian surface they prepared to abandon ship in their emergency escape pod, which resembled a Volkswagen Beetle or a giant soap bubble.

The last communique they managed to receive before bailing, was Dr. Dimmer's anguished cry of "That wasn't supposed to happen!!"

There was some good news, Skyrider couldn't help but think, as he piloted the pathetic pod through honey-thick gasses. The cameras and the feed were still operational. 

Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by valadaar on October 14, 2015, 10:01:36 PM »
Ah, Mini-6 - http://www.antipaladin.com/Mini_Six.pdf

Derek Skyrider
Human, Fine Specimen

Attributes                 Skills
Might         4D6+1    Brawling 5d6+1 (1d)
Dexterity    3D6+2    Pistol  4d6+1(2p)  Pilot 4d6+2(1d) Dodge 4d6(1p) 
Wits           2D6         Search 3d6(1d)  Repair  3d6 (1d)
Spirit          2D6        Persuasion 3d6 (1d)


Attractive (1): Others find the character pleasing to look at. This
can help reduce suspicions or distract others depending on the
given situation. Once per session the character can double one
roll for any action related to their appearance. Examples include
seduction, a subtle bluff or simply distracting guards.

The Queens English

Derek is a powerful looking human, 6'2, 220lbs of lean, sculpted muscle, and could be a movie star.  He is one, in fact, or was at least.
He's looking for a chance to gain attention once more to restart his career so he can live the life he's used to.


Plasma Pistol 5D6
Spidersilk jumpsuit  (As Leather Armor, +2 Armor Value)
Flight Belt (from piloting....)

Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by valadaar on October 14, 2015, 09:38:39 PM »
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by EchoMirage on October 14, 2015, 07:00:27 PM »
Luna "Roger" Caretti
Lemurian, Earthling

Attributes:      Skills:
Might:         3D   
Dexterity:   4D   Athletics 5D, Stealth 5D, Melee 5D, Larceny 5D
Wits:           3D   Survival 5D, Naval Vessel Operation 4D
Spirit:         2D   

Distinguishing trait:
Amphibious, can breathe water and air.

Indonesian, Lemurian, English, Chinese

Might subsumes strength and stamina; dexterity includes both manual and whole-body agility; wits is intelligence and wisdom; finally, spirit subsumes charisma, alertness, luck (and some ephemeral traits, if those are used - like receptiveness to the supernatural). 2D is human average.

Luna stands six feet tall, and were she a human, she'd likely be wiry and muscular; alas, being a Lemurian, a firm layer of subcutaneous fat gives her a well-rounded figure.
As their creators wanted to preserve human aesthetics, Luna's face is basically human (though she can close her ears and nose, and cover her eyes with a nictating membrane). She has a mane of red hair as well - underwater, Lemurians braid it. Unlike human ones, her teeth are sharp, to deal with raw fish and other peculiarities of underwater cuisine.
Patterned akin to a tigershark, she's rusty-brown and milky white, a combination she considers rather fancy.
To propel her underwater, she has webbed fingers and toes, but especially a muscular tail sticking out of her butt.
Lemurians, similar to their human forebears, are viviparous mammals, though the children are born more developed and slightly larger; hence Lemurian females have wider hips than human ones.

Thrill-seeking, adventurous and wishing make it big, with no small affinity for the fine things in life, Luna joined a pirate crew as a teen.
With only a few years of formal education, her skills are mostly self-taught and picked up here and there - luckily, she's a quick learner.
Following a narrow brush with law and death that broke apart the pirate fleet she called her home, she found employ as a tour and wilderness guide and skipper in West Indies, though she never abandoned the criminal walks of life for good - a little smuggling, black market deals and larceny on the side when she could get away with it brought in some coin.    
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by Murometz on October 13, 2015, 04:47:54 PM »
Venus: Transit
There are doors, and then there are doors. And there are still many doors waiting to be discovered. Doors through which no one has yet stepped.

somewhere in Kansas, modern day.

Ralph Kinney was daydreaming in a field of sunflowers as usual, and fell asleep, imagining the home-made rocket he had built earlier that week for the school fair, taking off and making its way across Galaxies.

He woke hours later when it was already dark. Late for dinner again, he grabbed his backpack and rushed across the vast flat field to get to the dusty road that would take him to his house. But the fates were no doubt conspiring against him that day, for he tripped on something suddenly and pitched forward, tumbling to the ground. Except instead of the hard ground, he felt himself falling farther, as if the ground had opened up to swallow him.

He thudded down and let out a painful breath. He had fallen into some kind of sinkhole. Getting his bearings he looked up and realized there was no climbing out. It was too steep and the soil too soft. Letting out a mild curse, Ralph let his eyes adjust to the darkness around him, then proceeded down what looked like an earthen tunnel, hoping it would start angling up. Instead he descended gradually deeper beneath the ground.

An hour later, he began to panic. He considered returning to his original position and screaming up through the hole for help, then reconsidered. No matter what, he was already late and in a lot of trouble. He may as well explore this peculiar cave. His curiosity aroused, Ralph proceeded on until the tunnel widened into a cavern. The weird thing was, it wasn't dark here. Ralph noticed something like a rock glistening in the damp earthen wall of the cave. He neared it, and noticed some alien glyphs or runes or who-knew-what adorning the walls. As to the luminescent object inside the wall, Kyle could ascertain now that it was some kind of mineral or crystal.

It didn't shine, but rather gave off a wan, chartreuse light, and was weirdly spherical in shape.

At that moment for some reason, Ralph thought of the local Wichita legends he had learned as a Boy Scout. Something about the Great Spirit, who was known as Kinnekausus, Man-Unknown-on-Earth, and his first creation, Kiarsidia, Woman-With-The-Power-To-Carry-Light.

Perhaps unwisely, Ralph reached out and touched the greenish crystal. He felt himself paralyzed suddenly, and thoughts began racing through his head. Thoughts and visions he could not begin to comprehend. He felt himself fading away somehow, as if traveling many thousands of miles in mere seconds. Finally he gasped and lost consciousness.

When he woke, Ralph found himself above ground once more. It wasn't dark. He lay there confused for a few moments until a new realization dawned upon him. There was no Sun in the queer, golden sky above. And it was hot. Much hotter than a Kansas summer evening ever dared to be.

Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by Scrasamax on October 13, 2015, 12:22:18 PM »
Can the Loc-nar make a cameo? Maybe Den?
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by Murometz on October 13, 2015, 12:04:14 PM »
That can work I suppose :)
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by axlerowes on October 13, 2015, 09:07:25 AM »
How about a WASPish wide eyed pre-sexual 12 year old boy from middle America armed with knowledge gleaned from rocket kits, chemistry sets, old issuses of popular mechanics and stuff ordered out of the backs of comic books and copies of Boy's Life.
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