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Moderated Freeform / Re: [Operation One] Cosmic Era Mecha Game
« Last post by Maxine Sanchez on April 21, 2014, 06:50:14 AM »
"In these older mecha particle beams are going to be a regular problem, I'd suggest we make them a top priority target from now on when encountered, unless you have a different tactical approach in mind?"

"Sounds prudent enough, if the conditions allow it, certainly. We had to play it by ear today, but hopefully there'll be time for some actual tactics next time."



Maxine twisted around to look at the new arrival.

"Put the formalities aside for the moment, Sergeant. Derek was it? I was just saying to Marsha here that we ought to go out and get to know eachother. If there's time I was thinking tonight. Does that suit you?"
It's a bloody stupid idea, but I have to say my vote's on scary cave as well. ;) val, what say you?
Moderated Freeform / Re: [Operation One] Cosmic Era Mecha Game
« Last post by valadaar on April 20, 2014, 06:42:01 PM »
Derek too made a beeline for the showers, he tended to run his mech hot, and needed to cool down both physically and mentally.  That fight had ended far too quickly for the fighting part of his brain, though his tactical brain was satisfied with the results.

He didn't choose his dress uniform - he hated them and figured it a bit pretentious.  This was a mission, nothing more, and the cameras would want a mechwarrior, not a soldier.
Him simply donned a new field uniform, checked for any problems, put a little more polish on his boots and headed out.

He sat down near Sanchez and Stressor.  "Sargents," he said as he sat down. 
Moderated Freeform / Re: [Operation One] Cosmic Era Mecha Game
« Last post by Marsha Stressor on April 20, 2014, 06:32:09 PM »
Marsha nodded in approval, "Sounds like a great idea, getting to know the lance off duty will make easier to work together on. I think our two local members can point us somewhere the drinks aren't watered down too, unless we wind up back in the field on night patrol."

She glanced down at her data slate going over the numbers for the recent battle in silence for a moment. "In these older mecha particle beams are going to be a regular problem, I'd suggest we make them a top priority target from now on when encountered, unless you have a different tactical approach in mind?"
Elquin's vote is on Dieter. Shadoweagle's vote is on scary cave :D
he will defer to the will of the masters!
So it's either visit Dieter's remains ooooor fight a dragon.  :D Who's feeling confident? Heck, we may not even need to fight it, maybe we could talk to it, glean some info.
Moderated Freeform / Re: [Operation One] Cosmic Era Mecha Game
« Last post by Maxine Sanchez on April 20, 2014, 06:45:02 AM »
Maxine nodded and leaned on her elbows. "Sounds good, don't want them catching us with our pants down again. Yeah I feel that we all pulled our weight today. Listen, Marsha, I was thinking, we havent got memories of a common base camp to lean on, so what say we all go out and grab a drink tonight. We're gonna be relying on another from here on out, and I for one would like to know more about who I'm placing that trust in. It's not an order, but sooner would be better than later."
Moderated Freeform / Re: [Coldforged - 1423] Ardenwald
« Last post by Coventinae Fate-Weaver on April 20, 2014, 03:41:00 AM »
As he approached the hamlet, he noticed several strange things. There was a cold wind blowing from the mountains, and Elquin had circled around to avoid giving his scent away to potential farm dogs. On the courtyard between the five houses and the barn of the hamlet, tens upon tens of dogs moved around. Elquin studied the spectacle from the shadows of a nearby cluster of trees that were bordering the hamlet and the fields. The acorns hung low on the branches, and for the half an hour that Elquin sat there only dogs moved around on the farm. Occasionally they fought, but a huge spotted doberman always seemed to settle any disputes; the alpha male.

It was about three kilometers (2 miles) further down the road that Elquin's eyes really popped open. The ruins of a village, and a huge black crater. Something; some great explosion, had leveled most of the village, turned it into ashes. In the middle of it all was a black obelisk. Roses and other flowers had been thrown at its base. Several people were  prostate at the base, and Elquin could see they were crying. The village seemed completely void of life. Indeed the homes on the far side of the crater, houses that still stood somewhat intact, all bore scorch marks.

As evening approached, the obelisk was finally a people free zone; the pilgrims having left for home and shelter, probably at an inn Elquin had spied earlier; the Haunted Pilgrim.

Elquin studied the inscription on the Obelisk.

Here the 13th Hexenjaeger Company
 met the Fiery Devil of the Ketangeeshtal.
This obelisk
was raised
in memory of
Captain Dirk Karstens
and the 31 Jaegers
that fell with him,
and also to
the villagers of
who sacrificed all
to warn
the Ministry
of the
that was
as a human
among them.

We shalt not
before the
last Diabolicum
hath perished
the stake


Kuth studied the blade; let his sorcerous power glide over it, probing its potency and power.

The blade was ensorcelled, no doubt about it. Kuth brought Vitoriel over and they both probed it. Dark magics. The blade was made of volcanic glass; black obsidian. It was a masterpiece and while incredibly heavy, Kuth found he could wield it. There was a distinct smell of brimstone about it, and Vitoriel meant it had been forged in another place. She suggested that it even came from another dimension. Kuth blinked. While it was obvious the blade was magical, and potently so, it was also obvious that the exact magics were unknown, and that there was an unholy aura about the blade. The first time he studied it, he kept it with him for six hours at end, and in the end he flew into a fit of rage and leveled the entire house he lived in.

Later Kuth explored the edge of the forest in bear form. It was a magical realm, this forest, and he picked up the scent of many animals. Doe, hares, sparrows, elks, another bear, wolves, a racoon, and other, stranger things.

At one point he came upon a stone cave leading down into the ground below a small hill. From within came a low rumbling sound, and Kuth deduced it had to be a truly magnificent beast within; perhaps even Draconic. Outside bones of various animals, and even humans, were scattered about.

On his last day of exploring, Kuth picked up the scent of human females. Three of them, traveling together, deeper into the forest. But he had not the time to explore, so he went back to camp to discuss his findings with his esteemed colleagues.
Okie Muro told me in a pm he forfeited his choice, so Dozus, let me know if you want Star Point Gemini #1 &#2, or just #1. (And an email to send the steam cd key to)
Moderated Freeform / Re: [Operation One] Cosmic Era Mecha Game
« Last post by Marsha Stressor on April 19, 2014, 08:23:07 PM »
Marsha followed her commanders lead, heading straight for the showers and crisp dress uniform, taking a few extra moments to ensure her skirt was properly hemmed to regulation specs and her shoes perfectly polished and all the proper medals and badges in place. It would be the first time meeting Commander Carnahan, and no doubt there would be journalist inquires and interviews to follow as the local media sought to get a profile and handle on the new arrivals that had stolen the spotlight in today morning action.

Look your best and you make the Federation look their best, leave the glory and energy drink endorsements to those with the personality and looks to make the most of it. Old words from a retired veteran pilot that had given and advanced battle tactics lecture during her days at the academy when he'd been asked about publicity. To her it seemed like sound advice, and judging by Derek's over the top take downs the press would have more interest in him than her more by the book approach, which suited her just fine.

She entered the brief room a few minutes after Maxine, giving her a quick nod as she walked past her to take the next available seat to her right. "Tricky out there today with the coms down, I'll make it a priority to see to it all our mecha have functional laser communications before our next op." She said to her quietly, "Still we pulled it off without any casualties or even serious mecha damage, not bad for our first outing."
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