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Cavern of Inane Natter / Re: Sober Commentary
« Last post by Chaosmark on October 30, 2014, 02:22:13 PM »
I have an intense desire to consume copious quantities of alcohol and get inebriated tonight. Drink suggestions are requested. I will be making a liquor run post-work, so give me your best shots.
Cavern of Inane Natter / Re: Home Cloud
« Last post by Chaosmark on October 30, 2014, 02:19:03 PM »
Worth including here:

This is my intended network map, once I have everything up and going. I'm anticipating this being somewhere near done in approximately 2-3 years.

Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by Autumn on October 30, 2014, 02:04:48 PM »
Autumn raised her head slowly, the wash of pain informing he she wasn't dead yet, no doubt a slight disappointment to the pale hound, a disappointment she hoped to alleviate by sending it a fresh Kotiri. Slowly she reached down and grasped the butt of her hand cannon, grateful her combat reflexes had holstered it earlier before she tore into the creature with claw and fang, taking care to ease it from its housing quietly, the creatures bulk coiled int he corner where it seemed to be preparing a nest of some kind.

She pulled back her teeth in a bloody snarl, thumbing back the hammer and flicking the round designator to the 12 gauge flechette cartridge, the green laser sight winking to life on the things neck as it paused, turning to look at the sound of of feral fury as Autumns growl rose in intensity. She gave the monstrosity a wink as she pulled the trigger, the booming snap of the round tripping her cybernetic sound cut off as the steel darts all but vaporized the creatures neck, flaying the scales from its skull and transforming the eye sockets into a slurry of gushing blood and brain matter.

"Evolve to over come that you yellow scaled s**t pail." She spat at the creature, taking a moment to reload her cannon before walking over and using her dagger to remove the front fangs and claws of the creature, a few trophies of the near death battle couldn't hurt. As she worked she keyed her suit radio, surprised to find it still functioned. "This is Autumn, anyone still alive? Sound off! Over."
OCC / Re: Guardians of the Citadel OOC
« Last post by Murometz on October 30, 2014, 01:53:57 PM »
a) Yes your roll got all of you and Lucky inside castle courtyard.
b) only time someone splits off, is when they stop posting, aka Myst :) (because he's under weather, but sent pm, "how about i'm lost back at the market")
c) I feel bad for Lucky too at the moment, but geez, she's a GIANT WOLF :P  Why would Clodo have a giant wolf trot inside a council chamber? Lucky will have plenty of action, as will everyone, fear not.

What's sadder is that we seem to be down to 4 active PCs :)
Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by valadaar on October 30, 2014, 11:15:10 AM »
"How the fu.." Jerome trailed off, wondering how to get him down that didn't involve either of them breaking their necks.  Where was Autumn? It was suddenly too quiet.

How big are the trees ?

Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by EchoMirage on October 30, 2014, 11:02:00 AM »
There is something satisfying in a rocket hitting home, especially such an armored beast. The pressure wave distorts its shape in the most interesting ways, and one can observe the physics in motion - plates bend slightly, but the joints, the points of least resistance, that's where the body gives and the evaporated insides escape. The creature's clacking head landed in the bushes way beyond, propelled by the force of the blast.

"This the best your evolution can offer?" he jested, only to hear a quip from above: "They will evolve to deal better with firearms soon, I believe. Especially if more civilized folk come around. Also, little help here?"
Sunny was hanging head down, one foot tangled in a vine of some sorts, suspended between two trees, giving an apologetic shrug.

Autumn and her adversary rolled downhill, her head a blur, the vision a blur, just the instinct to kill still awake. Luckily, her imagination was too drugged to provide her with all the possibilities of why they might want her alive. She clawed at it, pawed, tore into the flesh, until it was uncertain who hunted whom. Blood flowed from both freely, until they couldn't tell which was whose, claws and teeth blurred, tore through the undergrowth, two beasts temporarily set their thoughts aside.
Autumn was uncertain whether she had won; she didn't know what there was to win. Or where there was. Or who she was.

All went dark, save the thought of a glimmering figure, gracious, slender, a dancing fey that dragged the hound back into consciousness. Sunny. She was out there in the woods, likely lost, possibly hurt.
Autumn dragged herself back into consciousness, to see the beast dragging her form towards a canyon. She made it bleed - and she could make it bleed again.
OCC / Re: Guardians of the Citadel OOC
« Last post by EchoMirage on October 30, 2014, 10:30:31 AM »
Regarding the recurring plot twist "The dog is not allowed inside anywhere, ever", I'd just like to interject that:
a) I rolled a critical to get the dog into the castle, but it did not help at all.
b) From the point of view of getting the story moving, if we continue to split the party all the time, we'll not get anywhere, ever.
c) It's no fun for Carly if her character isn't allowed to come along.
Just my $ 0.02 worth is all.

Sagely Advice / Re: What's in the box?
« Last post by Aramax on October 30, 2014, 08:13:41 AM »
1,000.000.000 credit wine bottle
Cavern of Inane Natter / Re: Free Word Association
« Last post by valadaar on October 30, 2014, 07:15:49 AM »
Sagely Advice / Re: What's in the box?
« Last post by Lady Wolf on October 30, 2014, 06:58:30 AM »
Inside the box:

Complete files on the runner group, not just runs they've pulled and who owe's them favors and who they owe one to, but everything from their list of safe houses and contacts in the slums and most recent side bets on a brawl biking match, to the sweetheart they had a summer fling with back when they were just teens.

The amount of info on the runners is truly unsettling, who would, or even could compile that much data on a runner group? More importantly, what do they need this much intel on a runner group for?
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