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Moderated Freeform / Re: The Silk Road Act 1: Old Cairo
« Last post by EchoMirage on March 06, 2018, 12:34:52 PM »
"Then you in fact may be an evolved human, who knows. Wouldn't be the first one. Where do you think they got the genes to make *this* beauty from?" Blue pointed to Blue.
"For example, I know for a fact there was a ... what do they call it ... wild-type, meaning not engineered ... woman in a Midwest arco. Sheltered as they come, report says she did some telekinetic stuff for fun. Minor, think cheating at cards and tickling people. The police came for her baby, poor thing had some super-bug. Woman went Akira, tore up a street, along with the coppers. Died of the super-bug though, too."
"When we're back in town, I'll fix you up with the standard parapsychic test battery. Hidden cards, spoons, arcanotech in unlabeled boxes, girls you see from the waist up and have to guess the colour of the panties, the standard fare." Blue smiled at the question written across Joao's face. "All the parapsychic stuff works better with motivation, so use treats instead of random objects , etc. What do you like anyways, except justice and being all grumpy?"
C'mon, Joao, there has to be *something*
"Also, we can order some peyote from across the lake and go on spirit voyages to unlock your potential. Worst case: we've had peyote. Best case: you're suddenly samurai ninja Merlin."
Blue briefly lost the train of thought, or rather, found it still on a different rail.
"With the girls, you get to see her panties only if you guess right, and otherwise have to wonder all day what colour they were, and whether she wore any at all."
Moderated Freeform / Re: The Silk Road Act 1: Old Cairo
« Last post by Dozus on March 06, 2018, 12:12:43 PM »
João leaned against the hull, crossing his arms in thought. Blue's jibe was right, he knew: parapsyhicic abilities weren't something taught, they were bred or forged by arcano tech.

And yet. There was that quiet, hidden sense he felt somewhere in the back of his mind. The extra sense that picked up the monster they'd fought before.

He started to open his mouth, then looked down at Blue and thought better of it. The neo-ethnic probably mock him. So? he heard Thiago Watanabe, his old master, whisper in his head. The warrior has fulfills the virtue of yū - heroic courage. To be mocked is nothing. To learn is to become stronger.

João shrugged, as if to respond to the voice in his head. "I think there is something going on there," he said finally. "Up here," tapping his temple. "I've noticed it before, when I meditate. A sense of... something larger, yeah?"
Moderated Freeform / Re: The Silk Road Act 1: Old Cairo
« Last post by EchoMirage on March 06, 2018, 09:57:55 AM »
"Teach you, Joao? Sure, it's simple. First, become the pinnacle of human evolution, like me. Then *snip* stuff floats. There may or may not be the need for a little preparation first, like, to cut a hole in your forehead and find someone to make love to it with long, loving thrusts. A mixer may have the same effect."
Ah, there was Joao's no-nonsense face again. Blue started laughing, then regained composure half a minute later.
Far quieter, so that LV wouldn't hear, Blue added: "No, really, it's a hoot. We can have a session of spoon-bending when there's time. In other news, there's a needle with some fentanyl in my hip pouch, here. If I go ballistic, just jam it in my butt, and I'll snooze off safely for a while. Okay?"

Then, Blue sat down with the 'beer', and sipped. Molten silver in glass veins prickled and crunched as the neo-ethnic fidgeted with the can. Nodding to the sitar pop, Blue mused. Why was the dragon just a mass of walking cancer? So much for appearances. D'awww. Foul is fair and fair is foul and I want my drugs, the entire haul. Howl. d**n. If I put on a faux German accent, the rhyme works.
Moderated Freeform / Re: The Silk Road Act 1: Old Cairo
« Last post by valadaar on March 06, 2018, 08:12:06 AM »
Jerome sighed.  That's what he got for trying to do too many things at once.  A thought and Tom was shutdown, Jerome's drone implant sending the killcode.  He'd have to flash the bot's firmware this time, which meant he had no idea what new quirks the bot would acquired when it rebooted. More work for later. 

"Well, that was ... interesting.  Thank you Blue. And good job with the incendiary. I'll have to add those to my shopping list next time ..."

Oh God let there not be a next time. Let this score be enough.

Moderated Freeform / Re: The Silk Road Act 1: Old Cairo
« Last post by Dozus on March 05, 2018, 09:13:26 PM »
Matos spat. Watching the monster die felt more like a cold relief than a victory. The fact that it had existed at all was disconcerting.

Joao had heard stories and rumors of arcanotech rising up like monsters in bad kaiju programs. He’d never encountered much arcanotech nimself, not directly. His implants were of Japanese manufacture, mostly biomechanics and nanomachinery, quantum machines that were well understood (or so he’d been told). The company’s cutting edge arcanotech was tightly under wraps. Watching the smoking hulk of flesh that had overtaken that mecha, he understood why.

But no time to dwell on it now. The thing was dead, could be killed like any other thing. And he was still on the clock for more killing.

Matos climbed back into the cab of the turbotank. “We’re done here, yeah?” he nodded to Jerome. “Shut down your bot and let’s move on.”

He gave Blue a nudge as he passed by. “Forgot how good you are with that psych stuff, cara. You gotta teach me sometime.”
Moderated Freeform / Re: The Silk Road Act 1: Old Cairo
« Last post by EchoMirage on March 05, 2018, 06:12:50 PM »
Blue plopped down bonelessly, cushiony behind smacking the deck. "How's that for a wish, Oromë? Phenomenal cosmic power, itty bitty living space."
"What's with those legs anyway? Shouldn't I trail from a lamp? Indeed, verily so. The best wishes, only from me. Rub the lamp, get a wish."
Behind sore, Blue rubbed it, went down, and grabbed an alcohol-free beer, drinking thirstily. "Oromë, Jerome, mellon mie, why is your little clockwork helper scuttling around with explosives? As something of a ... revolutionary... chuckle mysef, I can tell you, that's irresponsible." 
Moderated Freeform / Re: The Silk Road Act 1: Old Cairo
« Last post by Scrasamax on March 05, 2018, 04:24:49 PM »
Everyone felt the hulk shudder, and tip. The forward gantry on the rusted ruin of the ship lurched as the weight shifted, and buckled. Blue felt like blood was turning to molten silver in glass veins, hair became antenna, picking up on alien frequencies, playing a curious mix of sitar melodies and old pop songs. The hekatonkheire felt the thrum of power, and stopped it's flailing assault.

Joao's incendiary round struck true, burying itself in the cancerous flesh of the exposed knee. The round burst, spewing molten volatile chemicals into the flesh.

The thing screamed.

It did something like screaming, but it didn't have a mouth. It emitted a howl of psychic noise. Psychic noise that resembled strains of Vivaldi run through a wood chipper and then poured, covered in ten thousand cuts, into a vat of alcohol.

The wail rose in intensity, as the hulk continued to shift, and the gantry tipped and fell. More corroded iron spars smashed into the creature. The hulk of the ship groaned and fell over, sheering through the forward section, and hammered the creature to the ground.

The psychic scream stopped.

Tom stood, holding the satchel charge in it's small mechanical hands, seconds away from arming and detonating the device inside the bed of the turbo tank
Moderated Freeform / Re: The Silk Road Act 1: Old Cairo
« Last post by EchoMirage on March 05, 2018, 10:09:45 AM »
"Fire away, dear Oromë, just leave me clear vision over this earth" Blue withdrew from the gun post, stumbling when the gun's handles were no longer available as support.
Legs. Long legs are long. This one's mine, the other one too. Shouldn't I have some sort of blue trailing mist instead?
Legs! With all the focus on the damaged knee, Blue focused the River's power upon one of the hulks that looked about ready to roll over. A little nudge here, and it might do just that, impacting the Hekatonthiere's knee joint from the side with its gravity-driven bulk.
Ai! laurië lantar lassi súrinen,
yéni únótimë ve rámar aldaron!

Ah! like gold fall the leaves in the wind,
long years numberless as the wings of trees!

As Blue's hair stood on end, so began all the spent shells in the tank rattling, dancing, bouncing, like live cuttlefish in searing oil.
Moderated Freeform / Re: The Silk Road Act 1: Old Cairo
« Last post by valadaar on March 05, 2018, 09:20:41 AM »
Jerome approved of Obutsu's weapon choice as he pulled out another magazine for his rifle.  Getting low, he thought.  Hadn't really expected to need to use as many rounds as this was needing, but there was nothing for it.  Going to need to pick his shots from here on in.

"Your Djinnery worked well Blue! Keep it up, apparently its pretty stupid."   A contingency plan involving Tom and a demo charge was forming in Jerome's mind.  "Tom, grab package #1 and get ready to move."

Jerome had been careful not to install a full AI in Tom and Jerry.  The programs were good, but lacked agency.   Even then, they had occasional odd outbursts that made him wonder. 

"Blue, you want me on the gun so you can focus on Dijinnery?"

Moderated Freeform / Re: The Silk Road Act 1: Old Cairo
« Last post by Dozus on March 05, 2018, 08:29:27 AM »
João felt a shudder of odd relief as metal and gore burst from the monster. "Sangra," he muttered. The explosion shook him from his shock and the warrior quickly settled into combat mode.

Hearing the thing's reaction to the assault, it occurred to Obutsu that it could feel pain. That was something he could exploit. He pulled an incendiary round from his pack and loaded it into the LV 10-60. He dashed down to the cargo bay, ignoring LV's screams, and scrambled atop the mech legs he had used earlier. From his perch he could see the infested mecha striking the rusted junk, and the exposed flesh of the knee joint. Powering on his weapon, it linked with his targeting eye and he focused his attention on the wounded joint. João drew his weapon, waited for the targeting sensor to signal, and pulled the trigger.
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