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Hollen's Prize / Re: OOC
« Last post by EchoMirage on Yesterday at 01:02:33 PM »
a) Yes, you add specialty dice onto the base skill. You may also purchase just a specialty instead of the broader skill, in which case the base is just the attribute.
b) You get three specialization dice by sacrificing one broad skill die. A specialization is pretty narrow - i.e. flying an X-wing whereas the full skill lets you fly any starfighter; shooting a specific type of gun instead of the whole category, survival in one terrain type vs. all.
Hollen's Prize / Re: OOC
« Last post by Silveressa on Yesterday at 11:30:57 AM »
Indeed, you are allowed to get specialties for reduced cost - 3 specialty dice for 1D I think, must check (see Star Wars).
This can improve detail.
Skill dice cost (old dice rating) per pip - so, getting guns from 5D to 5D+1 costs 5.

So that means how many points = 1 or 2 dice of a specialty skill? Also do specialty skills start off at a higher rating than the broad skill? (I assume yes since it's rather worthless otherwise) Specially how much higher? (I assume a single die rating, or is it whatever level you initially purchase the specialty skill at?)
Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Asha on Yesterday at 11:12:47 AM »
Asha gave a short nod of agreement, stepping past her to take a slight lead, her Glock held in a low ready position. "Whatever is waiting for us no doubt heard the gunfire, but if the machine man is any judge of the inhabitants I would guess finding a sane, or alive person in here is unlikely." She waited patiently for Marcus to don the vest, taking a swing from her canteen to wash the taste of cordite from her mouth.

"If this place can be secured and restored a bit it may make a suitable place for our townsfolk to shelter in the event of danger, or a particularly harsh winter." She paused for a second as she realized yet again she had referred to the town as ours, not theirs, realizing that already she was growing attached to the place, even with its dangers and oddities.

Keep going and others will be calling me a actual towns member before long, but compared to the pest hole I came from this isn't half bad at all, at the very least the baron seems agreeable and his sec men are the kind of people I can trust and come to call friend, perhaps even more in time.
OCC / Re: Guardians of the Citadel OOC
« Last post by EchoMirage on Yesterday at 11:02:55 AM »
Traveling, will post sporadically, would like to get one post in before feces impact the ventilator.
RP / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Silveressa on Yesterday at 11:02:37 AM »
Silveressa looked at the man in mild alarm as he began suddenly uttering his dire warning, nodding in understanding as she feigned a stretch, casually scanning the crowd for any sign of pursuit or imminent danger, keeping voice low in reply, "Thank you for the warning, it shall not go unheeded, for now  I will have the jacket and some of the treant sap vials and four of those nice furred blankets." She quickly fished into her backpack and withdrew her coin purse, hurriedly paying the elf before giving Lucky a grim nod and picking the quickest route from the area away from the crowds.

"Lucky, if you catch scent of any of our comrades do let me know," She told him quietly, knowing that now she was in a more outlying area of the market any pursuers would have a harder time remaining unseen, and her chances of spotting one of her friends would be much easier while not surrounded by people. "Also, if things look bad and we find ourselves in a potentially bad spot, let out a rallying howl, with luck our friends will hear it and come running, it will also draw attention, something those that hunt us hopefully wish to avoid."

(Can I have a spot check please GM? I'm searching for both anyone following us and any sight of the rest of our group.)
Hollen's Prize / Re: OOC
« Last post by EchoMirage on Yesterday at 08:34:34 AM »
Indeed, you are allowed to get specialties for reduced cost - 3 specialty dice for 1D I think, must check (see Star Wars).
This can improve detail.
Skill dice cost (old dice rating) per pip - so, getting guns from 5D to 5D+1 costs 5.
RP / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by valadaar on Yesterday at 07:42:19 AM »
Valadaar sighed. If they were so unconcerned with stealth, they had a reason.  Confidence no one would stop them.

He moved to get closer to the goons, taking the effort they weren't in being quiet.   A clay pot snatched from a stall with a hurried apology was soon airborne and hurtling towards one of the goons.

(09:39:38) Minion: Tusserk has been logged out (Timeout).
(09:39:41) Minion: valadaar rolls 1d20 and gets 11.

Not the greatest, but back attack (+4) and dex bonus (+3) apply here. And I'm not trying to punch through armor....

Even before it landed, Valadaar attempted to break line of sight....

Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Carnegie H. Roberts on Yesterday at 07:11:30 AM »
Carny found herself nodding gratefully, with a weak smile for both of the women. Anya ought to know, being an ex soldier after all. And Asha... she wasn't sure, but she knew few people had been fortunate enough to grow up as sheltered as she herself had. Heavenly Haven hadn't been free of death or violence, but if something happened it had been dealt with quietly and discreetly, away from the eyes of children and those of frail nerves. The christ cult wasn't really clear on how that kind of thing was supposed to be viewed. On the one hand it said something about eye for an eye, but at the same time it contradicted itself by saying turn the other cheek and something about throwing stones only if you wasn't the kind of person who would throw stones in the first place, and that's not even mentioning some of the more obscure holy pamphlets saying things like insert plug A into port B and only use the device in ambient temperatures of 41 - 95 degrees. Still, she vowed to herself that she would not ever kill anything human if she could help it.

She adjusted the shoulder strap on her rifle and stepped outside waiting for the others to finish divying up the spoils. She looked down the corridor. They might as well continue down the same one, she figured. The door on the opposite side of the locker room didn't have an apparent way of opening it, odds were it could only be opened from elsewhere. The strange thing was, she hadn't seen any cctv cameras, but that didn't mean there weren't any, and lord knew how far sound could travel in these metallic corridors. No doubt whatever was left out there, was waiting for them.
RP / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Murometz on Yesterday at 12:50:04 AM »
Val kept an eye about for trouble. Despite the fog, he found some rather quickly. As the listless and depressed giant MysticMoon, made his way about from stall to stall, seeking sausages, Val spied two slim figures draped head to toe in cloth following the warrior. They seemed not overly concerned with stealth, and were getting closer.

The warrior paused to watch the play the actor's troupe was performing on a raised wooden platform draped in decorations. His head easily seen above the crowd of spectators.


The elf smiled again, almost if inebriated Sil observed, then said something nothing to do with fur blankets or other supplies, as the smile disappeared from his face...

"Get away from here as quickly as you can. You are in grave danger. Mortal danger. There are many among us who believe that by slaying your companion, they will somehow bring back death and magic to our people. Bring back Morena. Seek out the others in the Vast. To the south and west. In Sunken Zamaloq you will find friends. You can trust the half-elven monk. He knows the way. But you are being hunted. Right now, right here."

He looked about before continuing,

"There are also those who do not wish you harm but to merely understand you...you're arrival and our goddess' departure."

The elf went back to smiling and showed Sil various blankets along with vials of Treant sap to ward off the vicious insects of the Soulmarsh, and a sleeved, elven-made furred jerkin for Willem.
Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Asha on Yesterday at 12:16:54 AM »
Asha squeezed her companions shoulder reassuringly, Ayna's interjection cutting her her response as it poised on the edge of her tongue. She turned and gave the sniper a grateful smile as helping ease Carnegie's burden. "That thing was long dead, just a machine crammed inside a corpse, none of us can rightly claimed to have killed something that wasn't living to begin with." She reassured her, the sight of the machine riddled corpse making her recoil mentally.

"Let's hope who, or whatever made that thing and the robot dog we killed yesterday is long since pass on." She grabbed the vest and gauged it's weight, before tossing it to Marcus with a shrug. "You like to get all up an personal with problems, chances are you'll need that more than we will."

I may find you disagreeable on a personal level, but the fact of the matter is the town needs you, and we need you, so making sure you stay this side of the reapers blade is in all our bests interests, for now at least.
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