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Citadel Tavern / Re: [THACO's Hammer] Splatbook updates
« Last post by DMRendclaw on June 14, 2016, 03:12:27 PM »
Splatbook 122 – Maintaining the Legend!

We try to uphold the image we have created in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they delve deeper into all of the legendary things. After answerng some emails, the guys get right to it. First they cover an article in Dragon Magazine concerning the bard’s legend lore ability, then they change pace by discussing magical bows and arrows in another issue of Dragon. Then finally, they wrap things up with a Brainstorm concerning a legendary person.

You can find us on Osrgaming.org, d20radio.com, Tumblr, Facebook, iTunes, Planetadnd.com and Twitter (@thacoshammer), as well as our home page at http://www.thacoshammer.info. If you are looking for an RSS feed or a different way of downloading the show directly, the address is: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/94174. If you are looking for our Actual Play (AP) podcasts, you can find them on iTunes (search for WGP's OSR AP Podcasts), or you can go to http://feeds.feedburner.com/osractualplaypodcasts. You can also email the show at thacoshammer@gmail.com, and you can leave a voicemail for the show at 405-806-0555.

It’s In The Book – The Legends Say… (Dragon #202)
Loaded For Bear - Bazaar of the Bizarre: Long Shots (Dragon #237)
DM Brainstorm – The Legend of… (person)

Email from DM Sean (Crazy Crandor’s Discount Dungeon Emporium)
Email from Dan Hyland (Factions in a campaign; Humanoid Cities)
Email from DM Freddy (renaming the “named” spells)
Sagely Advice / Re: Roleplaying a deity?
« Last post by valadaar on June 14, 2016, 02:43:35 PM »
The Anime Blue Exrocist provides an interesting look at demons and the like. Hard to get into it without dropping spoilers though.

Make the big  S a sympathetic character, he's in it for the long, long con, so he'll hold back on the hellfire and head rotating and stuff. He's the aggrieved party, champion of freedom.

Of course, all he'll do is lie masked with semi-truths the PCs want to hear. Ideally all your PCs have goals and aspirations he can use. Since he is the big S he can know their secrets regardless if they have told another mortal soul or not - he can read hearts, especially if there are sins involved.

Sagely Advice / Re: Roleplaying a deity?
« Last post by EchoMirage on June 14, 2016, 02:25:52 PM »
OK, guys, sh!t just got real. Apparently, I will be GMing a game about witches. Covens. Building edible edifices and baking fat German children. That sort of witch thing.
Now, some demons are bound to make an entrance sooner or later, and perhaps the PCs may glimpse the  Lightbringer himself (ol' Lu, the Big Red, El Diablo, that guy).

Any input on how to portray infernal forces in an original way is welcome. I'll up the difficulty - ideally, the portrayal should be such that PCs don't immediately think "Gee, serving Lucifer sounds like a really stupid thing to do."
Cavern of Inane Natter / Re: I am using a LOT of Strolen material in my Home game!
« Last post by Aramax on June 14, 2016, 11:09:30 AM »
Ok in currant game a roving band From "Knocker's" cleaned party while in dungeon and one had a shield with the name on it for advertizing.
Fields of Challenge / Re: The Citadel ePub.
« Last post by Murometz on June 14, 2016, 09:51:37 AM »
Congrats folks!! Way to get it done.
Links / Re: Interesting Writing Links
« Last post by valadaar on June 14, 2016, 07:08:07 AM »
Unfortunately, the link is trying to do the hard sell.

Links / Re: Interesting Writing Links
« Last post by axlerowes on June 13, 2016, 09:44:30 PM »
Thanks V that is very interesting
Fields of Challenge / Re: Moonlake's workpile
« Last post by Moonlake on June 13, 2016, 09:40:48 PM »
Amended 2016 Goals:

Pulp fiction Epub:
At least 1 story for each issue up to issue 3

Retro quests:
3 more
Fields of Challenge / Re: Name And Numerology
« Last post by Murometz on June 13, 2016, 07:39:38 PM »
No, tell me.
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