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Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Blood on Ice Spilled
« Last post by Murometz on November 25, 2015, 07:03:55 PM »
"Aye" Pahvil agreed once more. The Kingsman made sense. The axe-fighter groaned as he rose. The blood pumping from his leg had finally coagulated and was now frozen black. With broken ribs, every breath caused him tear-inducing pain.

"I may yet die this day, but not before that one" he said gesturing toward a stumbling man, whose spindly arms were wrapped around a torso with nothing more than an undershirt. "He'll wish for the dragon's fire soon enough as he begins to freeze."

"We left a makeshift camp at the base of that mountain, hours before the battle." He spoke to Bogdan again, adding in a quieter tone, "There is a way through Snowshadow Mountain."

Then Pahvil heard the first howl. "Wolves are coming. Gods know what else. Come with us if you wish to live." This was shouted to the confused looking man in the undershirt again.
Fields of Challenge / Re: Moonlake's workpile
« Last post by Moonlake on November 25, 2015, 05:56:59 PM »
Nov 2015 progress log:
Short story and then procrastination. I found a webpage with the full translation of the Chinese ancient text for my Chinese lifeform codex but haven't gotten around to updating the relevant subs. These two months have been all around procrastination basically. In between I had a whole month of back to FT work but still...
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Cytherean Cycle, the
« Last post by EchoMirage on November 25, 2015, 01:00:11 PM »
"I am a death shark, lizzy. A badass shark that swims through the seas, dispensing death upon those who had it coming."
The translator chirped and wheezed and hissed, and honestly, Luna had exactly no idea whether these were sounds of system failure, or the actual translation.
"Also, concerning seas, how is the water on this world?"
Orange. Fizzy. Suspicious. Not something you'd let run across your gills without prior testing.

As they approached the robot, she could not resist, and quipped: "Perhaps he is not looking for oil, but a heart?"

But, the quipping aside, she approached the waves, wistfully sighing and gazing towards the islands, their honeycombed cliffs and impossible pinnacles. Her need to immerse herself in cool wetness was ever growing. Slowly, she prodded the lapping waves with her boot, wary whether they would bite. I'm supposed to be the thing that bites in the waves. No fair.
"So, lizard? Are these waves poison? And what lives within?"
"Any luck with the robot? Perhaps it can tell?"
Fields of Challenge / Re: Ice Monsters? No Ice Monsters?
« Last post by Scrasamax on November 25, 2015, 11:46:58 AM »
I'll up the ante.

I will comment and vote not just on every monster submitted, I will comment and vote on a submission of your choice. Only caveat, if you write a >500 word sub, don't ask me to vote on a War and Peace sub  :ahh:.

Fields of Challenge / Ice Monsters? No Ice Monsters?
« Last post by Scrasamax on November 25, 2015, 10:23:46 AM »

I went looking for an ice monster to put into the Blood on Ice Spilt game and we've got two pages. That's it.

We need more ice monsters.

Wampas, ice worms, frost wolves, etc.

Not sentient races, not artistic encounters, not background color.

We need stuff that hunts PCs and bleeds XP.

Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Blood on Ice Spilled
« Last post by Scrasamax on November 25, 2015, 09:23:10 AM »
'Bogdan of the Rothlorian Highland, Old Wolf clan, and kingsman to a dead king,' he said. 'I have quarrel with anything but the ice.' he said.

A thin shrill sound echoed over the vale, carrying on the cold winds. Bogdan stiffened, that was not a good sign. There were fell beasts, not as dire as a great wyrm drawn from it's lair, but to a mortal man, being ended by a dragon or a half ton ice wolf was still death.

'We must leave, fell beasts will be drawn to this, the dragon's fire and the stench of death...' he said. 'Which may draw the dragon out again.'
Tomes and Illusions / Re: What books do you read?
« Last post by Moonlake on November 24, 2015, 08:33:43 PM »
Just read James Patterson's Hope to Die, quite good if you are looking for quick actions, page turner type of thrillers- very short chapters (6 pages max.) and reads a little like a cop movie.

Currently reading Elizabeth Chadwick's Shadows and Strongholds. It's a historical fiction and the back cover says that it's "a powerful tale of pride and strife- of coming of age in a world where the past taints every step and chivalry is long forgotten". To be honest, I picked it up mostly because of this line and after finishing the first chapter, it seems all right. Will report in further after finishing it.

Read a few short stories off-and-on these few months for the pulp fiction group but nothing truly fantastic to report on. Then again, my taste runs towards actual books and series, not short stories.
Tomes and Illusions / Re: What DVDs/ Video are you watching
« Last post by Strolen on November 22, 2015, 06:55:50 PM »
Legends with Sean Bean. Where does he find all the time?

I like spy movies. I like The Bourne Identity books and movies. So this is right up my lane.

The end of the first season got really good with the new information that came out and it had me hooked. Watched what was available of the 2nd season and I really like where it is going. A person that has so many identities that he doesn't know what is real or what is not. His search for the truth of who he is, basically, is a fun romp.

The Last Man on Earth.
Gets a little old in parts but, all said, love it. Lots of pretty d**n funny parts that, even when you get annoyed with it, you can't help but laugh.

The Bastard Executioner
Meh. May watch it just to see what happens I guess.

The Musketeers
BBC at its finest. Reminds me a bit of Xena and Hercules....but much better. Continuing storyline amongst stand alone episodes. I really enjoy this one!

Black Sails
The Pirate GoT. It is Pirates, it is awesome.

Those are the last few months. Since I got sick and sleep away my life, I have been trying these and watching the same episode over and over as I fall asleep during them.

Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Blood on Ice Spilled
« Last post by Strolen on November 22, 2015, 06:44:31 PM »
Silence and light met Jorstin as he suddenly awoke. The suddenness of it caused him to twitch which brought a burst of cold to his body. Slowly he brought his legs up to his chest testing the movement against expected pain. Nothing permanent he thought to himself, just bone chilling cold and some soreness at the motion.

The silence was only broken by the chattering of Jorstin's teeth as he lay curled in a ball trying to salvage what little heat his lean frame could provide. He had been back by the wagons when the battle lines met. His appointment this day was to watch for treachery amongst the hordes of mercenaries they had hired on for the battle. The weight of a pledge based on the weight of gold often got lighter the closer to battle it came. This time they hired many more mercenaries than usual to ensure today's victory. All that planning, gold and maneuvering towards this single battle...all for naught. In all the calculations they made, the dragon was never a factor. When was it the last time it was seen take wing? Was it an obvious oversight?

Jorstin slowly extended his legs preparing to take stock of his current status. The battle lines were well against each other when he went to the wagon to change into a stolen set of Kingsmen garments. He was midway into changing for the next phase of his orders when the dragon hit. Uncertain of the dragon's target he dodged quickly to the sparse trees by the ice's edge. More focused on survival than comfort, he only got as far as Kingsman boots and leggings and was without an overshirt or coat when he was caught by the dragon's attack.

Still shivering, Jorstin when to his feet and leaned on a nearby tree to steady himself. Looking around for anything to cover himself, he spread his eyes over the carnage. By the look of it, the dragon had been back a few times. He had no knowledge of when he was knocked out but a melted trail and smoking carcasses and horses said that his quick movement must have saved his life. His review of the area went to the edges of the battle and the end of the flame's path. There it looked like men found death by something other than dragon's breath. Most any men-at-arms is bigger than Jorstin's skinny body so anything would fit. Anything is better than his current situation when he may soon freeze to death.

Jorstin tested his steadiness with a few steps and wrapped his arms around his torso only covered by a shredded white undershirt. He slowly made his way to the nearest corpses without tendrils of smoke misting out from them.

OOC, Starters and Questions / Re: Zombie Game
« Last post by Strolen on November 22, 2015, 05:23:40 PM »
I very badly want to do this but not sure about my ability to be consistent with anything.

If you are willing to kill me off or have me get lost, kidnapped or presumed dead occasionally.....I will give it a try!
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