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Cavern of Inane Natter / Re: Foreign Spelled Nursery Rhymes
« Last post by PoisonAlchemist on Today at 03:23:30 PM »
Man, I had to read this like three times but I finally got it.
Cavern of Inane Natter / Re: Foreign Spelled Nursery Rhymes
« Last post by Murometz on Today at 02:36:21 PM »
This made my day. Very nice!
OOC, Starters and Questions / Eclipse-Phase One-shot
« Last post by PoisonAlchemist on Today at 02:27:39 PM »
Your mind is software. Program it.
Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it.

Hello Agents.
You have a new mission, unlike anything you've ever had before. You have to teach enough people on this forum how to play Eclipse Phase so MysticMoon will DM a play-by-post of it. As your handler I will be arranging for training in virtual space. I have provided some basic skillware and skillsofts but if you're a Jovian or just some old-fashioned twit we do have a data file available.

Tailoring your skillsets won't be painful if you follow the opening survey and these few simple rules.
  • The following skills should be at least 40: Fray, Frerunning, Frefall, Perception, and some offensive weapon skill
  • Pay attention to the gear section, gear is important

Of course for the lazy there are premade packages or wholesale egos.

Mystic is organizing the event so go bother him.
Citadel Tavern / Re: NaNoWriMo 2014
« Last post by Scrasamax on Today at 12:48:07 PM »
I can never pull of NaNa in November, too many distractions that I cannot get out of, frequent overtime, family obligations at Thanksgiving, and other things of that nature.
Citadel Tavern / NaNoWriMo 2014
« Last post by MysticMoon on Today at 12:28:09 PM »
A new November is right around the corner...

I have a lot going on at work, I've got 3 games starting up this month that I'm Gm'ng (plus the current RP), and I have a laundry list of things I've already put off, but d**n if I don't hear NaNoWriMo calling to me this year.
Greetings Traveler / Re: Hello everybody!
« Last post by Murometz on Today at 12:04:42 PM »
Welcome sammo from Amsterdam!

Your father is a wise man! ;)

Enjoy your stay! Have fun!
Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by valadaar on Today at 11:36:08 AM »
A strange mechanical voice echo'ed out, with terrible voice quality - like some mechanical membrane was torn.

"Soo..y Tha.. code is incorrect.. you ha.. th.. more attempts be... urit. .......Authorized...."

Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Carnegie H. Roberts on Today at 11:30:32 AM »
Carnegie put away the screwdriver with a scowl, she examined the dirty keys, looked at the big numbers emblazoned on the door and with a trembling finger punched in 117. She paused and looked back at the others, with a shrug, she mumbled "Not lajk we's got any better clues..." She brought her finger towards the ok button.

If anyone has any brighter ideas, feel free to stop me, otherwise I'm going for it.
Greetings Traveler / Hello everybody!
« Last post by sammo_4gun on Today at 11:21:01 AM »
Hey there!

I'm sammo_4gun, from amsterdam. 16 years of age. I love playing roleplaying games with my brothers or friends.
I started with D&D first edition (introduced to me by my dad), but since I've discovered D&D 3.5 I almost only play that version.
Love gaming, animes, and other nerdy things, and can't wait to get started with all the nice people on this site :D
Therafter / Re: Therafter Out of Game Discussion
« Last post by valadaar on Today at 10:53:26 AM »
Um, go check out the old post - pretty close to the last one in The Gathering....  And yes, there may be consequences for a wrong guess.

The flickering torch revealed some pertinent details of the room.

Rectangular, 30'x10, with the doorway centered on the long dimension.  Shelves on either side with boxes and many large plastic containers.  Brooms and mops on one side, card-board boxes filled with glass tubes on the other.

The robot's blade appeared to be some sort of multitool. The other arms included cleaning heads and manipulator arms.

There was another door - much different then the one they entered - at the narrow end of the rightmost side of the room. It was a massive metal door, circular in nature with a hinge recessed into the floor. Some sort of control panel was mounted to the wall nearby.  The centre of the door had the numbers '117' prominently emblazoned on them.

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