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Setting Forge / Re: Refuge Beneath the Waves
« Last post by Aramax on Yesterday at 11:43:50 AM »
Do you want me to adapt New Philly to the area we are concentrating on, it could easily be European instead of American?
Setting Forge / Re: Refuge Beneath the Waves
« Last post by MysticMoon on Yesterday at 11:39:25 AM »
I agree that the concept needs some work, I just wanted to get the basics down and then return to focusing on a small region in the Atlantic.
Setting Forge / Re: Refuge Beneath the Waves
« Last post by valadaar on Yesterday at 09:42:22 AM »
The seismic activity would make fixed tethers a disadvantage, as it would hold the city in place so they would not rise with Tsunamis, but be very quickly submerged by them.  Also, the shock would likely transfer through the tether removing much of the advantage of a floating city - they will be yanked around as the earth moves.

Instead of a fixed tether, maybe you have anchor points which are tethered at fixed depths and fitted with beacons.  The cities have claws that can attach to the tether most of the time, but are free to detach as needed. 
Setting Forge / Re: Refuge Beneath the Waves
« Last post by Aramax on Yesterday at 09:00:41 AM »
Don't think I care for the idea of tethered cities
1) Wouln't you end up with a whole seasick city all the time?
2)If it worked EVERYBODY else would do it.
maybe could be done in micro but still doen't strike me as practical

my 2 cents
Fields of Challenge / Citadel Quiz #2
« Last post by Aramax on Yesterday at 06:56:53 AM »
I figured I would give AG a chance to play, same rules as #1

1) Name the only actor to be killed by an Alien, Preditor and a Terminator?


In Warhammer FRP, in a battle between 200 hvy war horses and 200 bunny rabbits, How many horses would die?
Name – Myazu, the Pale Lady; the Death Moon

Portfolio – Death (divine magic), Necromancy (arcane magic)

Myth – The palest of the eight moons would shine upon the world for brief moments, anyone the light touched would be dead before the rising of the sun. After nearly a thousand years of hiding from the moon’s light, a young high elf crafted a barrier for the city he lived in. He built a great mirror that was large enough to cover the entirety of the city and reflect the dread moonlight back into the heavens.
Myazu rose and shed her pale light, only to bathe in the light of her own skin. She died as everything else ever had and her light faded. Without the light of the pale moon the lands were soon over run with elves. In the next thousand years no one died, not even those that should have. Hunters lived on with savage teeth and claw wounds. Children contracted deadly diseases and lingered into adulthood and old age as they lay crippled for life.
The high elves sought to bring death back to the world, and in doing so unwittingly created the first of the undead, Myazu became the Pale Lady, an undead moon. She once again controls the death, and now, the undeath of most creatures. Her hatred of the high elves knows no bounds.

Manifestaion – Myazu has been known to manifest as a black skeleton shrouded in a pale robe and cloak. She also sends ravens, crows, and vultures as her messengers. All manifestations are accompanied by the soft rattling of bone on bone.

Ritual – Those creatures and undead that worship the Pale Lady hold a sacrifice on the last day of her new moon, in the hopes that the death will enable her to regain her strength. This sacrifice occurs every twenty-eight days and is a time of great trepidation among the townsfolk that live in areas infested with her worshippers, as they tend to be the ones sacrificed. Her preferred sacrifice is a high elf.

Divine Rewards & Punishments – For those that dedicate their lives to the Death Moon, Myazu is known to grant spontaneous undeath. A great warrior might become a wight or perhaps even a death knight whereas a magician might be granted lichdom. Those that displease Myazu are cursed to wander the lands as zombies and skeletons until they are destroyed for eternity.
Links / Re: Interesting Non-Game Stuff
« Last post by valadaar on February 26, 2015, 10:34:08 PM »
Rp area / Re: Legends of the Lilarcor - A Barrel of Bastards
« Last post by valadaar on February 26, 2015, 08:17:56 PM »
"Sounds good. We have a plan. Lets roll." He smiled briefly at Irina as he got up, momentarily self conscious on how little leg he actually had under the table.

"I'm going to check with some of my old friends to see what I can dig up on the principals here.  Elanor, if you have time, can you find out if any of the local chandlers have unexplained business. Big ships usually mean big crews, and they generally hate synthesized food."

Will check with his old contacts what they know about the mercenaries...
Therafter / Re: Chapter 3: Choices
« Last post by valadaar on February 26, 2015, 08:07:00 PM »
The only noise to be heard was that of her and her companions.  The place seems quite dead.

Through scattered flashlight - no light switch could be found - there appeared to have been two sides to the battle.  One group wore exclusively overalls with 117 emblazoned on them, while the other wore more random clothing.  None resembled any Kenabacers any of the group knew, and the hands and shoes had no signs of the hard life that existed outside the vault.

None were very young, many had salt and pepper hair and were all very pale.

Doc West managed to fish out a squiggling metal object from his first 'subject', taking great care to deny it any chance to grab him.  He dropped it into a can he found nearby and the thing ceased its scrabbling inside.

"Right, they move." said Asha absently.

They could not discern the rooms purpose, but two exits, north and south, could be found.  Both were closed doors, no visible locks.

Asha, examining carefully the scene of the battle, said "One group was trying to keep the other from leaving. The overall team was trying to get out."

OOC, Starters and Questions / Re: Prehistoric Pitch
« Last post by Moonlake on February 26, 2015, 06:42:19 PM »
Great :thumbup:
Goss, I would presume the cavemen share their food within the clan/tribe but do they do it in a way such that alphas always keep the food and then distribute as needed or they distribute once and for all upon the finish of the hunt? Was thinking that Dokktch would now wander over to her mother to eat (presuming that her mother keeps the food) now and then start doing other things but just want to make sure that that's okay in the cavemen world.
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