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Citadel Tavern / Re: Quotes of, by, and for, the Citadel
« Last post by Murometz on January 31, 2016, 11:25:03 PM »
Captain Penguin: you are going to MAP OUT THE ENTIRE GALAXY?!
PlainWhiteSocks: Something I did in the past that worked "ok" was to list the travel times and costs to travel to all the different systems(planets).  It resulted in a big chart (really big, even bigger than that :shock:), but it was handy to have at the gaming table.
Murometz: why can't we get more members with names like PlainWhiteSocks?
MoonHunter: because I have only so many friends. And most of them are special.
Sagely Advice / Re: The Chanters - a sentient race based on the goldfish
« Last post by Moonlake on January 31, 2016, 08:17:03 PM »
Not much I can add personally but like this idea  :thumbup: (I somehow mistyped 'like' as 'live' before and in reality I am a forgetful person so....)
Sagely Advice / Re: The Chanters - a sentient race based on the goldfish
« Last post by Murometz on January 31, 2016, 08:02:36 PM »
Love this idea.
Citadel Tavern / Re: [THACO's Hammer] Splatbook updates
« Last post by DMRendclaw on January 30, 2016, 11:07:02 PM »
Splatbook 117 – For the Gold, For the Glory!

We seek gold and legendary status in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they delve in the recently completed 2nd Edition retroclone, For Gold and Glory! After answering some emails, the fellas get to the task at hand. First, they give an overall review of the book, and then they give their pros and cons they found in the rulebook.

You can find us on Osrgaming.org, d20radio.com, Tumblr, Facebook, iTunes, Planetadnd.com and Twitter (@thacoshammer), as well as our home page at http://www.thacoshammer.info. If you are looking for an RSS feed or a different way of downloading the show directly, the address is: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/94174. If you are looking for our Actual Play (AP) podcasts, you can find them on iTunes (search for WGP's OSR AP Podcasts), or you can go to http://feeds.feedburner.com/osractualplaypodcasts. You can also email the show at thacoshammer@gmail.com, and you can leave a voicemail for the show at 405-806-0555.

Link for free download of For Gold and Glory - http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/justen-brown/for-gold-glory/ebook/product-22356395.html

It’s In The Book – FG&G Rulebook, an overall review
Rule Zero – FG&G – The Pros and Cons

Email from DM Freddy (Fudging die rolls)
Email from DM Freddy (Buffing humans in character generation/Humanocentric games)
Email from Chantel Jones (Level draining monsters/Higher level monsters vs. low-level adventurers/Childish behavior in game and new players)
Cosmic Pluralism / Re: Cosmic Era Progress Log
« Last post by Scrasamax on January 30, 2016, 09:35:26 AM »
Space Oriented phenoclade

Bones are not that important, since you don't have to deal with gravity. Who needs arms and legs if tentacles are superior? Also, lacking gravity to pack everything together, the spine decompresses, and going back to gravity can cause spinal injuries as everything pulls back together. The alternative, cartilaginous spines? bionics that resist separation, moving to a body shape that doesn't require bones to hold it's shape. The alternate form could more resemble something from the ocean than anything that walks on land. The downside is that this clade would likely be unable to survive in a high gravity environment, or would require an exoskeleton suit to do so (while still finding it very uncomfortable)

(astronauts lose 1-2% bone mass a month in space)

Space on a space ship is a commodity, smaller people require less space and less resources to support. A neotenic phenoclade could retain a child like size and mass while attaining a full level of mental and emotional development. With automation and robots, the need for brute strength goes away. Also, with the decreased need for bones, tentacles can be very strong while being small compared to a normal human limb

One large strong heart isn't going to cut it. The circulatory system is based on gravity and muscular resistance. In space, a heart loses mass and blood pressure drops. The phenoclade would need an augmented circulatory system. This could be having a multi-heart system like some nematodes and shellfish, or adopting full on cybernetics, and having a bionic heart to maintain the needed level of blood pressure.

The immune system functions less in space, and would need to augmented. The options would include either a higher powered system, or a bionically supplemented one.

Cosmic radiation damages the retina of the eye, and prolonged exposure can cause blindness. Alternatives? bionic eyes, cellular regeneration, move to a non-optic sense?

The blood pressure thing again, no erections in space, plus embryos don't develop correctly in zero g. While the multiple heart or cybernetic heart can deal with the blood pressure issue, it doesn't do anything for the embryo issue. Well, this might be the part where Homo Xenus, gestated in a machine (which could possibly just spin the embryos to generate centrifugal force) would thrive while man does not.
Cosmic Pluralism / Re: Cosmic Era Progress Log
« Last post by Scrasamax on January 30, 2016, 09:05:15 AM »
I keep finding myself coming back around to the space elevator. In the Galactic Clicker game the Space Elevator technology is a boundary tech, when you buy it, you transition from a planetary level to a solar system level. I guess it makes sense that it is going to be seriously hard to do major work in space when everything that comes up is taking literal tons of fuel to get into orbit.

There are plenty of works dealing with space elevators, and plenty of artwork too. It is interesting, daunting, and I'm not sure how it would fit into the mythos of the Cosmic Era. There are still rockets and mass drivers, so getting into orbit is cheaper, and with A-pods and launching from an aerostat is easier than launching from the ground.

I do keep coming back around to something I wrote earlier, the tether-vator. Rather than a true space elevator, the tether-vator is a space escalator, lifting goods and people from the surface to a floating aerostat complex. The complex is tethered to the ground, and very likely a superstructure like an industrial acroplex. Goods are zipped up the tether to the aerostat. There is a second tether, this one connected to a space station in a locked orbit, where it stays in the same place relative to the ground. It's tether is connected to the aerostat, and the 'stat sends it's goods and passengers up the space tether to the station. Once in orbit, the hard part is over, and small craft and other ships can move the goods from the station to wherever they need to go.

In a few decades or centuries a network of tethers would eventually grow, and a Niven Ring could start to form around the planet. Goods go up the now true aerostat-less elevators to the ring, where a transit system moves the good to another node in the ring, where they are either loaded onto a ship, ferried to a mass driver, or go down another elevator to a different point on the planet.

This is all well down the road and would very likely be the transition from the Cosmic Era to something like a Stellar Era, or Universal Era.

Does it fit the guidelines of the Cosmic era?

Is it for sale? - yes. Using the tether-vator is a for profit operation. You don't buy the system, you lease a spot on it, or you buy a ticket. Also, with the size and function of the system, it is easy to attach antenna for broadcasting, or a cable for secure data and hardline communications, all of which come at a premium cost.

Life is cheap? - probably quite a few people died during it's construction, and there are certainly accidents, but they do not stop the operation of the system

Sex is everything? - phallic image?

Frantic Pace? - the tether-vator doesn't stop. There is always a steady flow of goods and passengers going back and forth. Cue the Futurama and Jetson's pneumatic transit tubes

Antique Values? - not sure about this one

Nothing is Real? - the tether-vator looks like a solid thing, but it is a number of flexible components. It looks solid, but it can move, it can move a lot. It's all dangling bits hanging from things, it's a rope hanging from the gym roof.

Everything is terrible - The tether-vator is an eyesore, it is horrible to ride on, like a swaying roller coaster that constantly feels like it's about to go off the tracks, if there is a problem, you could suffocate before help arrives. EM radiation from the magnets driving it, the disturbing socio-economic power of the Tethervator operating corp or govt agency

Citadel Tavern / Re: The mystery of magic
« Last post by Murometz on January 29, 2016, 06:26:09 PM »
My favorite part is the way you seamlessly weaved all those cool-looking occult symbols into the tale.  :evil:
Fields of Challenge / Re: Freetext Friday
« Last post by Murometz on January 29, 2016, 06:15:11 PM »
"Hard to imagine what qualifies for this one..."

Well, stuff like this for example :) https://strolen.com/viewing/Red_Herrings
Fields of Challenge / Re: Freetext Friday
« Last post by Dragonlordmax on January 29, 2016, 05:19:24 PM »
;) I plan to be like one of those ancient fellows with the really long beards in the movies. You know, the type who've guarded some ancient secret for 10,000 years?

Who's the real person behind the monster of the week? It's Red Herring! No, actually, it's not. But the freetext for the week is! Hard to imagine what qualifies for this one, but I'm thinking things that look suspicious or sinister but are totally innocuous. These are always hard to pull off in a game, so bonus points for taking practical concerns into consideration in your post.
Links / Re: Valadaars Link of The day
« Last post by valadaar on January 29, 2016, 09:31:17 AM »
How about a missile that needs a heatshield to launch?


Oh, and its a Nuke too.
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