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Therafter / Re: Chapter 3: Choices
« Last post by valadaar on March 28, 2015, 10:09:48 AM »

Mr. Creed noticed no real distortion of the roof, apparently the ceiling was sheathed in metal and it had not bent. He did catch sight of a smaller, wheeled robot upturned in a pile of debris. Damaged, but mostly still there.

Therafter / Re: Chapter 3: Choices
« Last post by Carnegie H. Roberts on March 28, 2015, 07:29:11 AM »
Carnegie peeked out from the doorway whence she had taken cover. Finally, she let go of the frantically struggling Elvis. She turned her flashlight on and surveyed the wreckage, slipping her t-shirt over her nose and mouth which inadvertantly bared her midreef. Dust particles dancing in the cone of her light. "...M'okay!" She responded. Poor Dot12, he had been a nice robot.
Fields of Challenge / Re: Freetext Friday
« Last post by Dragonlordmax on March 27, 2015, 09:12:50 PM »
Hi-ho, Silver! Onward, Rosinante! Run, Secretariat! This week, the word is Horse. Mighty steeds, gentle palfreys, and rapid racing horses are all fair game. Maybe mechanical horses? Ranches? Werehorses?
Therafter / Re: Therafter Out of Game Discussion
« Last post by Tusserk on March 27, 2015, 03:59:56 AM »
sorry for not posting in a while, working 7 days a week is slowly killing me
Therafter / Re: Chapter 3: Choices
« Last post by Tusserk on March 27, 2015, 03:59:16 AM »
Pulling a bandanna up over his nose and mouth, Creed let the others pass him as he reached for his goggles and slipped them over his eyes. The bandanna muffled the whispered prayer to Sun Tzu to help him spot any dangers that may lurk within the damaged room, and hid the fact that he was talking out loud.

Slipping into the room, Creed ran his eyes over the roof and then the walls before heading to the right to stand guard in the corner. Chambering the next tazer shell before slinging the shotgun across his chest, Creed drew both pistols and prepared to defend the small group if need be.

"Stay away from the center of the room, the walls will offer some protection if the ceiling collapses due to damage from the bomb."

Shelter from the Nut-Cases to cast the cantrip Guidance
(00:48:42) Minion: Tusserk rolls 1d100 and gets 19. OH YEAAAH... /kicks down a wall
(00:50:13) Minion: Tusserk rolls 1d20 and gets 14.
(00:50:59) Minion: Tusserk rolls 1d4 and gets 4.
14 + 2 (Wisdom) + 4 (Guidance) = 20 for a Wisdom (Perception) check for eyeballing the structural integrity of the room, specifically the roof.
Therafter / Re: Therafter Out of Game Discussion
« Last post by Lady Wolf on March 26, 2015, 10:52:03 PM »
So um... This still alive.... or?
Therafter / Re: Chapter 3: Choices
« Last post by Ayna on March 25, 2015, 06:17:23 AM »
Ayna coughed and picked herself up from the corridor where she had fled at seeing the rest of the group retreat, giving a wordless thumbs up to the well being inquiry, the noise of the blast still making her ears ring.

"Lets hope they don't have a stockpile of whatever they used to make that spicy meatball."  She commented with a shake of her head, rising unsteadily to her feet.
Therafter / Re: Chapter 3: Choices
« Last post by Doc West on March 25, 2015, 06:14:29 AM »
"I appear to be unharmed, is everyone else as fortunate?" Doc West replied with a nod, brushing the patina of dust from his shoulders the explosion had kicked loose from the ceiling and giving Asha a curt nod. "If our foe has taken to wiring explosives to machinery we must entertain the possibility they will so wire their human controlled minions as well and treat them with the utmost caution." He advised the group cautiously, carefully eyeing the room the explosion took place in to gauge it's structural stability before reentering.
Fields of Challenge / Re: Citadel Quiz #3
« Last post by Longspeak on March 24, 2015, 09:44:51 PM »
This is more opinion, But Keyser Soze was a legend created by Spacey's character, IIRC named Verbal Kint or something, a boogie man he could use as the public "face" of his own criminal organization. Either way, we was a ruthless badass crime boss.
Fields of Challenge / Re: Citadel Quiz #3
« Last post by valadaar on March 24, 2015, 09:45:03 AM »
A mysterious slavic(?) crime leader possibly portrayed by Kevin Spacey.

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