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Strolenati Guild / Re: I wish to join this Guild
« Last post by Strolen on Today at 02:37:29 PM »

Fist couple threads explain it in different ways. Take the one that makes sense and run with it. Once you are formally accepted to the Guild we can help with the character points, no problem.

Let confusion never leave your head and welcome to the Guild. Once you go Strolenite, you never go back!!

Greetings Traveler / Re: Greetings To You All
« Last post by Strolen on Today at 02:30:36 PM »
They be mighty quests to ensure you are worthy to become one with the guild.

For the Dwarves, this is the initiation quest: http://strolen.com/guild/index.php/topic,6004.0.html

Read the requirements carefully and they tell you what is required to gain entry. There is no time limit and it is mostly honor system. It is good if you post links to your stuff as you progress so other Guildmembers know to go vote on it for you so you meet the requirements. (Have to earn the votes of course, but you need people to review your creation.) Take your time and keep moving forward. Digging caves is hard work.


1) Declare yourself to the Guild in the linked thread. That commits you to it. You can't join another guild and you can't back out at that point.
2) Start a thread in that forum and update us on your progress.

http://strolen.com/guild/index.php/board,88.0.html has some specific instructions getting deeper in, but it is all in fun and we will help you along if you go astray. :)
Links / Re: Interesting Pictures
« Last post by Murometz on Today at 12:32:09 PM »
That's some beautiful artwork! Love the juxtapose of mechs and...babushkas.
Strolenati Guild / I wish to join this Guild
« Last post by sammo_4gun on Today at 11:49:24 AM »
Hello all!

I would like to join the mighty Strolenati Guild. I can't seem to find how the stat points/character thing works, maybe someone could help?

5 upvoted comments or ideas on other's submissions
you upvote 10 other people's comments or ideas
1 Submission
-Must have at least 4 votes
-Must maintain a 3 or better
-Must have the Freetext "Strolenati Guild"
Links / Re: Interesting Pictures
« Last post by valadaar on Today at 09:53:45 AM »
Cosmic Pluralism / Re: Chalk and Fire: The Prequel
« Last post by Pariah on Today at 07:22:33 AM »
Weapons, because while I was all set to do one post here a day, sometimes the brain says "screw you and your plans, you might as well write this s**t down because otherwise you'll forget"

In the distant future of 2163 the most common thing people think of when you say weapon is largely the same as what it was 300 years before, a gun that projects its projectile downrange through the combustion of its propellant in a violent reaction.  This is because, despite how amazing some of the advances in personal and seige weaponry have been, gun powder actually has a lot to recommend itself with.  It's self oxidizing, which means it functions just as well in atmo as it does in vacuum, it doesn't require batteries or any other sort of power supply, and while advances in defense technologies and personal augmentation means that the traditional 9mm hollow point of grandpappy's day no longer strikes fear into the hearts of innocent bystanders, continued advances in the field means that in the world of today gunpowder is still relevant.

With that out of the way, on to why you're really here, to hear about the awesome but slightly less practical weapons.  :mrgreen:

Electrolaser (picture the shock rifle of Unreal Tournament, which I'm assuming someone over there read about testing in electrolasers and said, "I want THAT in the game")

Definately falling under the exotic label, the electrolaser functions by using a laser to excite the air in a beam to the point where it forms a channel of plasma, which then gets a nice lightning bolt to shot down its length to even out the electrical thingymajigs.  Listen, I'm tired and applied awesome is not my major.

Primary uses: anti-personnel/anti-materiel sniper rifle is the image that first pops into peoples minds when talking of elctrolasers, though it isn't the only use.  During the war batteries of electrolasers were set up as anti-missile point defense systems, being significantly cheaper and more effective than launching your own missile at the incoming missle.  They're also commonly mounted on (attack helicopter/transit helicopter style) gunships.  Due to the exotic nature of the weapon, most systems are not properly shielded against sustained fire, and most infantry style troops are infact not shielded against directed lightning.

CONS (in all caps because killing people with lightning is awesome and everyone should want to use one of this, so we need to cover why a generic assault rifle is more often better)
-Due to how the weapon works, it can ONLY be used in an enviroment with atmosphere, and when taking it from one type of atmo to another (say Earth to the outside of a Cytherean hab) on board software needs to be updated so as to provide the proper amount of power to the laser to properly ionize the air.  Most vehicle mounted weapons have the processing power to do this automatically, however the man portable version must be updated by hand (newer models generally have the most common loadout preinstalled, just requiring a brief trip into the system menu)
-Power.  These things eat power like it's going out of style.  This means that one either needs to be plugged into the local power grid, or as is the most common case in the field, plugged into a portable fusion bottle.  Said bottle needed to be lugged with you, oftentimes by the spotter in a 2-man team.  Just because antigravity exists doesn't mean we can eliminate all weight, and most man-portable fusion bottles already have so many interconnected grav fields that too much outside interference can cause containment failure, with all the fun that the image of a fusion reaction escaping containment brings to your wonderful imaginations.

And speaking of fusion escaping containment, that brings us to our second kind of exotic weaponry...

Plasma Weaponry AKA The Marine's Portable Kitchen

Capable of both opening up passages into opposing ships (aka can opener) and cooking adversaries inside their own power armor (Microwaved Marine) plasma weaponry saw significant use in the latter stages of the war.  Because any personal armor capable of standing up to the sort of micrometeorite hits you'll see in a space engagement is more or less impervious to small arms, and boarding squads already carried a plasma lance to open passages into opposing ships (and yes, sometime boarding is called for, you don't always want to just nuke them from over the horizon) plasma weaponry saw significant development.

Heavy, unless if you're wearing power armor, you don't really want to have to try to use this.  And, in case you needed another reason to not use this outside of power armor, because more plasma weapons are basically just opening one end of a fusion bottle and letting all the fun stuff shoot out, you also get a nice dose of hard radiation.  Oh, and the very slight chance of catastrophic containment failure when you stop firing, which is why marines felt a need to give the weapon a nickname, because it's less scary when you get to walk around with a portable kitchen as opposed to the official moniker of Directed Plasma Lance.

Can't be used in atmo.  Though this one is less of a hard and fast rule than the shock rifle's in atmo restriction, it's just that as the amount of atmosphere increases the range of the plasma decreases.  At ground level on earth you're basically just holding a really expensive and dangerous blowtorch, and really, there are safer and more efficient ways to do whatever you're trying to do at that point.  Why not try Russian Roulette instead if you really have a deathwish?

Mass Drivers

Functioning along the same general line of thought as gunpowder weapons (and crossbows, bows, and thrown rocks before them), a mass driver exists to propel a piece of ferrous material downrange with as much force as possible.  The only reason they're not man portable is because the recoil issues haven't been solved yet, and the power issues, but the moment someone figures out the recoil I'm sure the power issues won't be too far behind.  There's money there.

ANYWAY, mass drivers are absolutely amazing at what they do, and they scale beautifully as well.  Spinal mounted mass drivers are used on many of the asteroid breakers, with numerous "point defense" drivers to further break up their prey, as well as protect against the stray piece of valuable mineral that might damage the ship.  Note that the same general principles work on a war-ship as well, though in that case they'd also have missiles with which to pelt the enemy.


In this case I'm referring to a weapon that fills the same general role as the 40mm grenade launcher, with the added bonus that on-board computers allow for EFF and target-locking functions.  Other uses are in ship-to-ship combat where a single large missile will split either shortly before it gets in range of point defenses or when it appears that an anti-missile missile has achieved lock, launching anywhere from 6-600 submunitions with their own onboard tracking and defense avoidance programs.  While this method is clearly less explosive on a gram for gram basis than a single missile that uses all that payload for its own explosives, it has the benefit of potentially overloading defending point defense programs with too many targets, allowing more powerful missiles through due to poor target selection.

and I'm sure more weapon ideas will come to me, but that's it for today...  I'm pretty sure...

Edit: FRACK!

Monomolecular blades
Pulse Rifle (HL2) <-some sort of projectile weapon using exotic method of pushing things downrange.
Glowing Crossbow Bolts (HL2) <- superheated to deal with heavy armor, though I really don't think that'd work...
Shredder Ammo (ME2) <- think of something to do with the name as inspiration
Disrupter Ammo (ME2) <- "--"
M-920 Cain/Littleboy (ME3/FO3) <- because manportable nukes :mrgreen:
Mauler (HL3) <- Hand shotgun
Fuel Rod Cannon (HL1) <- unknown glowing green explosives
Needler (HL1) <- switch from tracking f&f to shotgunning a cloud downrange, keep the fact that whatever material it's made out of explodes in a nonlinear fashion the more of the material is present in an area
Cosmic Pluralism / Re: Chalk and Fire: The Prequel
« Last post by Pariah on Today at 04:41:03 AM »
Can't have a setting without places to go, and one of the biggest draws of space opera is its roots in planetary romances, so away we go...

The Cytherean* colonies: Slowly extracting carbon and inserting hydrogen into the atmosphere of Venus, these hardy folk are viewed as deranged by pretty much everyone else in the Solar System, other than the nice folk on Io, mainly for the fact that the colonies have no failsafes for anything other than the lift bags.  Exterior walls 1mm thick being all that separates them from horribly corrosive lung death strikes most sane people as insane.  Cythereans will gladly reply that it's actually a lot safer than being in a mining vessel, because the ship might have triply redundant failsafes in place, but a hull breach is still a hull breach and all the atmo in at least one compartment is going to be sucked out into nice, hard vacuum, possibly with you included.  All they have to worry about is choking.

*I like Cytherean to describe colonies on Venus, mainly because I apparently have the same problem with Venusian as early astronomers did, namely it sounds bad.  Venerean works, but carries connotations of pus, lice, and drippage...

Mercury - While there are a few Mercurian mining colonies, and a couple factories, Mercury is still largely uninhabited.  Part of this is caused by the fact that Mercury doesn't have a Gate of its own due to its present status as a "wandering planet."  Forced out of its original orbit it's currently migrating to its future position as Venus's moon, planned arrival time of late 2236.  As Venus's moon it will end up tidally locked to its new planet, and impose spin on her, also providing tidal heating, allowing for a heated Cytherean core and a magnetosphere to help keep that precious hydrogen in Venus's atmosphere where we're working so hard to put it.

Project Hektor: In response to complaints from the outer colonies over how much of their tax money was going to fund work on the inner systems, PH is clearing the Jovian L4.  Using advances in applied gravitronics (no idea what I'm going to call gravity manipulation, I think that's the industry accepted term though) first researched at the Charon Institute for Colonization, the Project is capable of projecting strong gravity fields away from the actual source of the artificial gravity.  The Project will collect all the asteroids in the L4 into one spheroid, thus simplifying resource extraction and providing valuable real estate for colonization.  Depending on the success of the project, Patroclus might be the next application of the technology, thus solidifying them in the wrong camps for perpetuity.
RP / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Lady Wolf on Today at 04:37:11 AM »
(The Following took place between Jenette and me  in private chat, then I posted it here after she edited it for clarity.)

Lucky growled briefly at Silveressa's look, but decided against refusing her command, gently picking up the half eaten deer leg in his jaws and carrying to the tent, before pawing it into one of his saddle bags for later.

"Anything happens in the night and we wind up separated, our attempt at a campsite earlier today would make a good rally spot," he suggested to the group before nosing his way into the tent, finding the space slightly cramped between the both of them and Silveressa's traveling pack and weapons.

Silveressa placed her pack into the far corner as Lucky filled the interior with his warmth, the light from the fire shining through the side of the tent, painting them both in a warm ruddy light. With a shake of her head she gently grasped his muzzle and brought him closer, staring into his eyes with concern. "Mystic seems to be going crazy and hearing voices, Dozus is a lost somewhere in his own head and you're acting more like an animal than the woman I love. I need to know, are you still in there Carly?" She asked, her voice low but carrying notes of worry.

Lucky flinched slightly at the urgency of her touch, relaxing as her fingers caressed his fur and he sensed not anger, but sadness and, fear? In response to her question he instinctively licked the side of her face, his pink tongue leaving a trail of warmth and wetness in its wake as his mind formulated a more human answer. "Yes, but Lucky is in here too, and loads of Dire wolf instincts, its... Muddled sometimes but I'm still me, at least enough to know whats what, and how I feel about you."

Silveressa relaxed visibly at the answer, laying her head against his flank as she felt tears welling in the corners of her eyes, his warmth and the wild musky scent at once both reassuringly familiar and a reminder she was unbelievably far from home. She grasped him firmer about the neck, wrapping her arms around him and hugging hard, not trusting her voice not to crack for several moments.

Lucky reached out to return the embrace, finding his paws unable to fold around her as he desired, instead nearly pawing her to the bed roll in his attempt, settling on resting his head in her lap and licking gently at her hand in a show of comfort, a soft whine unintentionally escaping his lips.

Silveressa pulled back after another moment of silent sobbing, shaking her head and brushing a tangle of hair from her eyes. "Sorry, I'll be fine, it's just been a hell of a day and I'm fresh out of scotch." She admitted to him with a smile, a flood of embarrassment at her emotional outburst causing a rush of crimson to her cheeks.

Lucky looked up and licked the side of her face again, giving her a wolfish grin, "Elvish girls look so pretty when they cry, no wonder they melt the hearts of adventurers." He let the smile fade a moment later, admiring her golden silver eyes before speaking again. "It's not like the fantasy novels and games is it? No fair maidens to rescue, dungeons to delve and wagons of loot to haul to town with peasants singing our praises." His ears pricked as he heard the sounds of movement in the darkness beyond, but it ended just as abruptly as it began.

Silveressa nodded at his insight, drawing her knees up to her chest and shivering slightly, "No, it's nothing like the stories, but still even as miserable as this is, it's better than earth, no pollution filling the air and soil, no bills to pay off, no doctors telling me I've-"

Lucky reached out and placed a paw over her lips, interrupting her in surprise, his voice a deeper growl as he filled the silence, "Enough of that, you said earlier we need to focus on here and now, not then and there if we're going to survive in this place, if I can hold it together without oppose-able thumbs and sharing the body of a Dire Wolf with Lucky, there's hope for the rest of you, but not if we don't stick together."

Silveressa nodded after a moments thought, "You're right, still, I'm worried about Rosie too, and if she even knows something's happened, that's assuming time flows here the same as it does there, for all we know a life time here is a handful of seconds back in our dimension."

Lucky tilted his head at her words, the animal side of him urging him to nuzzle her, offer comfort and reassurance until she was once again calm and confidant, the human part of him recalling far to many episodes of Quantum Leap and Sliders for his own good. "This place is full of magic, I remember D&D having spells for planar walking, summoning and more, instead of looking for a way home we could hunt for a way to bring Rosie here, and help our friends that want to get back there at the same time."

Silveressa nodded, "It's worth looking into, the castle Lady K is from sounds like as good a place as any to head to, I'll see what everyone else thinks in the morning." She shivered again, the cold more biting now she had removed her thigh high leather boots, the longing for a cold weather sleeping bag suddenly overwhelming. "I really wish the GM had made a point to tell us how bloody cold it was in this area so we could buy the proper gear for ourselves."

Lucky whined softly in agreement, sliding along side her and pressing himself against her, letting his body heat warm her. "Just be glad you didn't decide on a chain mail bikini." He quipped, yipping softly in laughter.

Silveressa giggled and nodded, snuggling closer against his fur, the warmth and comfort compounding her drowsiness. "I bet you'd just love to see me in one of those." She told him sleepily.

Lucky panted slightly at the vision it conjured to mind, primal urges stirring within him, warring briefly against his own need for sleep before emerging as the firm victor. "You don't need chain mail lingerie to turn my head, or Lucky's." he growled softly, licking the side of her neck.

Silveressa opened her eyes a bit wider at the response her comment elicited, shaking her head and smiling gently. "You're both incorrigible you know that? More so now you share the same body; Not a word of complaint tomorrow about not getting enough sleep." She told him quietly, closing her eyes and losing herself to the moment.
OCC / Re: Guardians of the Citadel OOC
« Last post by Murometz on Today at 02:45:18 AM »
This is EchoMirage...  7:00-7:57
RP / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Silveressa on Today at 01:19:14 AM »
Silveressa looked up in alarm at Mystic's perplexing reaction, her voice warm and reassuring, "Easy now, easy, you're going to be just fine, take a deep breath and try to relax, the only voices you' re hearing are those of us right here." She gave the rest of the group a worried expression before starting to turn her attention back to Mystic, her concerns about his mental well being momentarily forgotten as Tusserk spoke. "I'd recommend against posting watches solo, a single sentry can be overwhelmed much easier than a pair, plus two sentries have a lower chance of falling asleep than a lone one." She looked around at her friends and sighed in exhaustion, her own desire for sleep growing with each passing hour.

She yawned and caught Lucky's gaze for a moment, gesturing to her tent meaningfully, giving him her best we need to talk, now, expression. "We can sort out details in the morning, by the sounds of it the troll has plenty to eat this night and won't come hunting for a while yet, if he shows before then I have some torches, and we can fight or flee as each of us sees fit, but if none of us get any rest we'll be in poor shape to make decisions come dawn, let alone fight."

She sighed and knelt down to crawl into her tent, giving a backwards glance at the group, "Kindly wake us when its our turn to take watch."
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