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Fields of Challenge / Re: Ice Monsters? No Ice Monsters?
« Last post by EchoMirage on Today at 04:12:25 AM »
You got me to work on a 30 Ice Monsters. Congrats. Got 5 so far.
Site Help / Re: Facebook group for Strolenites
« Last post by Moonlake on Yesterday at 09:16:36 PM »
Thanks, Strolen, for getting me in. I just didn't see the request link anywhere like I did the first time around.
Site Help / Re: Facebook group for Strolenites
« Last post by Strolen on Yesterday at 08:02:42 PM »
Did you find the group? https://www.facebook.com/groups/strolenati/

There should be some kind of request link somewhere.

I sent your strolen.com email address an invite so that should work too. Otherwise PM or respond with your facebook account name and I can invite you directly.

Site Help / Re: Facebook group for Strolenites
« Last post by Moonlake on Yesterday at 07:17:40 PM »
I lost touch with my Moonlake Facebook account cos I used Yahoo mail to register and then my account expired due to inactivity. How do I join group again? I can't remember what I did last time and anyway, Facebook did a revamp on the interface back 5 or 6 years ago that scared me away cos I don't know where everything is anymore and also in general it fell off my interest list (for a while I was like addicted to it or something- on all the time and involved in all these silly game apps although I never paid up so I wasn't that addicted). Can someone tell me what to do? I remember it's a closed group and I can see where I can apply to get in. I can only like the page or Message.
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Blood on Ice Spilled
« Last post by Shadoweagle on Yesterday at 07:36:54 AM »
A huddled mass shivered on the frozen bank downstream, covered by heavy white furs which had been scavenged from the corpse of a mercenary. Lyric Hydennhal drew the covers closer around her body. She had been sucked into the surging waters when the horrendous beast set its flame upon the ice and it was through sheer luck that she had managed to claw her way out of the icy slush before darkness consumed her. She would have long succumbed to hypothermia if she hadn't managed to strip off the soaked outer layer of her garments and cover herself with the cloak.

"@!#$..." She whispered through chattering teeth. Lyric stared at the longbow which lay in the snowy bank before her. It was weathered and was well used, but for its age, it was obviously well cared for. She had named that bow - Melocum - the old tongue for 'song'. With it, She had carved out no small amount of fame serving under the kings banner. Leader of the Ravenflight Clan, was she; tasked with directing her brother and sister archers in battle. Well, no more. Lyric doubted any of her clansmen had survived that calamity. She had personally ensured that they were in the middle of that forsaken icy river - poised to flank the Boubon horde. "@!#$." She repeated. Stronger this time.

The bow was her life. Nearly three decades dedicated to the weapon. An aim as sure as stone and hands as still as death. She took pride in her skill. Lyric looked down to her hands, and this time a small bout of quiet yet hysterical laughter preceded her expletive; "@!#$!"

The frozen river wasn't the only source of Lyric's agony - Fire before Ice. Snowshadow's breath of death had bathed her liberally before cracking the ice beneath her feet. Her hair was half singed away; a tangled, mottled mess. Her face bore blisters and sores which would likely leave her scarred beyond recognition. She cared not about this, though. No, there was worse; her left arm was twisted and curled beyond recognition. Blackened skin and flesh hung loosely and no less than two fingers were completely gone. The held the crippled arm against her body - this was beyond healing.

Finally, the woman stood. Enough strength had returned to her now. She eyed the bow on the ground longingly for a second before she turned and stumbled upstream, leaving the weapon to be claimed by the snow.
Lyric had died in that battle. It is best that she be forgotten.

How long she walked, the woman didn't know. Eventually  the corpses along the shore told her that she was at the scene of the battle. She had appropriated a mace of cold iron from the clasped fingers of a frozen corpse - the fingers actually shattered free with the weapon as the tugged it away.
Finally, the sound of voices led her to a trio of men in various states of misery. From what she could hear as she approached, the men were planning to make way to one of the camps further back. As good a plan as any - they were probably all going to die out here anyway. Two Boubons and a Kingsman, by the looks. She did not think she recognised the kingsman.

She tugged the white furs closer to herself with her emaciated hand and spoke with a creaking voice once she drew near, "I... Let me come with you!" That came out more pleading than she meant. She spoke again, "That is, uh, there is safety in numbers. We can help each other." She eyed the Boubon folk warily, her good hand clenching tightly on the shaft of the mace - These were not her friends, but under the circumstances...
"My name is," She paused, "Erravin. I am... was, Kingsman." Erravin - Lost; Gone astray in the old language.

Erravin stood firmly, doing her best to stifle the shivers brought on by the harsh climate.
Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Blood on Ice Spilled
« Last post by Strolen on November 26, 2015, 12:20:02 PM »
Any number of mountain beasts have been making themselves known in the past minutes culminating in the distinct howl of wolves. Need to find some cover before they descend on the valley. He was not in any shape to defend himself nor make the trek back to the Boubon camp. Pausing his self-hug, he checked the hidden pockets in his pants with numb fingers and was reassured by what we felt. Lost a lot from the coat but still not defenseless at least. A few bodies were near by now. Looks like a head wound from the blood splatter. Hopefully it was a clean blow that kept the coat out of the blood.

A shout careened across the landscape. Jorstin cringed with the force of it and looked to its source. One was obviously a Kingsman, the one that probably shouted. He was with another that looked in bad shape. After a moment he corrected it to really bad shape. Jorstin stopped for a minute and reviewed his surroundings again. He missed these two on his first review, no telling what else he had failed to notice. This failure of perception made him think that his own injury might be worse than what he first thought.

Jorstin continued his walk to the body and relieved the corpse of a fur lined coat, gloves and a cap with ear flaps. Small blood splatters were all over it, frozen in memory of his death. A mercenary from the Snow Lion clan out of the north by the style and weapon. A small clan with not much for flat land, less for farming but a very vibrant hunting area. They had a harsh winter and the pull of trade and gold was too much for them. Ferocious fighters and their clothes will be padded and warm. He struggled to move the stiffening body as he rolled it and fought the arms to get the jacket off. At then end it was released with a snap that put Jorstin on his ass. Shaking his head at the cold that was taking over his body, he finally managed to get the clothes on.

A quick scan of the bodies found a couple shoulder packs that he collected and he faced the Kingsman and his mercenary companion. After a final look around, and failing to see anything else of significance, Jorstin decided he might as well join them. The threat of the approaching creatures was enough to throw his dice into the game and see where it goes. A Kingsman, a mercenary and a Boubon...this sounds like a bad tavern joke in the making.

As he approached within knife throwing distance Jorstin said, "Well met friends. Whether it be the wolves that are closing in or the returning of the dragon to feast on this generous course, either way I would like to be away from this battlefield." Looking at the injured one, "The smell of blood is thick here but we will soon have to dress that wound to save your life and protect our movements. A dragon's shrieks will eventually gather many a beast from all directions once they measure it safe."

The Boubon camp was up a difficult climb and a well fortified area and Jorstin was not willing to return that way. Reports had the King's camp at the base of the mountain. That is probably the easiest. For now, time to be helpful. Jorstin entered their area looking for a way to assist the wounded man.
Fields of Challenge / Re: Ice Monsters? No Ice Monsters?
« Last post by Scrasamax on November 26, 2015, 08:54:00 AM »
There ya go, Scras. Nothing fancy but I had a spare 20 minutes. No need to vote/comment on any other of mine. :)


Fields of Challenge / Re: Ice Monsters? No Ice Monsters?
« Last post by Shadoweagle on November 26, 2015, 08:14:33 AM »
There ya go, Scras. Nothing fancy but I had a spare 20 minutes. No need to vote/comment on any other of mine. :)

Freeform Roleplaying / Re: Blood on Ice Spilled
« Last post by Murometz on November 25, 2015, 07:03:55 PM »
"Aye" Pahvil agreed once more. The Kingsman made sense. The axe-fighter groaned as he rose. The blood pumping from his leg had finally coagulated and was now frozen black. With broken ribs, every breath caused him tear-inducing pain.

"I may yet die this day, but not before that one" he said gesturing toward a stumbling man, whose spindly arms were wrapped around a torso with nothing more than an undershirt. "He'll wish for the dragon's fire soon enough as he begins to freeze."

"We left a makeshift camp at the base of that mountain, hours before the battle." He spoke to Bogdan again, adding in a quieter tone, "There is a way through Snowshadow Mountain."

Then Pahvil heard the first howl. "Wolves are coming. Gods know what else. Come with us if you wish to live." This was shouted to the confused looking man in the undershirt again.
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