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Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Kassy on Today at 10:24:27 AM »
"What you're saying makes sense of course, and I agree with you."

Anya paused, nodding briefly at Asha's words, before continuing.

"We can pursue the killer tomorrow, after we have done our best to ensure the safety of the towns inhabitants. The main thing, as you've rightly pointed out, is to fix the holes in our perimeter. After which we should do a full sweep, to see if we can discover any further gaps we are unaware of."
Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Marcus Anthony Sauvage on Today at 09:35:20 AM »
Marcus paused as he listened to the two women, his eyes never straying from a particular spot of the forest before him, as if the maple leaf's gentle swaying held such mystique wonders to keep any sage of the world entranced. His sight never wavering, he spoke.

"Justice cannot wait, it must be sought and fought for; no one else in this desolate world in which we live will fight for it for you. True, as its you who's gettin' it, its equal parts justice and vengeance, but even so, it must be fought for. Justice, or the pursuit of it at least, is what separate man from beast," and here his voice dipped low, so low the others could barely hear it, even if they strained their ears, "even if both lie in the same creature."

Here he turned, to face his audience. "If you lot say wait, then I will wait, and we shall go hunting at first light. But if you say go, or even choose not to answer, then I will go. But you- you did not see what that thing did to him."
Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by EchoMirage on Today at 04:51:48 AM »
"Coupling? Hah. Also, don't think you'd be getting the Lila so cheap, sweetcheeks."
The captain laughed, then laid an arm around the hesitant Autumn.
"Come, let's sit down all together while Quan steers us towards orbit."


For the first time in quite a while, the crew of the Lila was gathered on the bridge: Quan spun around in the pilot's chair, Jerome fidgeted with a robot with a look of utmost concentration, Sunny sat beside Autumn and squeezed her behind encouragingly, while Irina leaned against the main console to face them all. The growing disc of the planet and its moons in the blackness of space provided a sufficiently dramatic backdrop.

"Thank you everybody for getting this far. We will be dropping off our passengers soon, and then, it's back to the career of the freelance trader and noble scoundrel."

Autumn interjected: "So you are really not staying on Kotir?"

The captain just smiled: "I'll take a few days of vacation there, if you permit - so don't fly off without me. Kotiri biosphere is compatible with ours..." she grinned, "... thus, feel free to do a little hunting - the food stores are awfully empty. I hear the beaches are lovely, too."
She stretched, nonchalantly, panther-like, then turned towards the bridge's window.
"We may do some in-system passenger flights once the Kotiri find a way to help us pay the fuel."

Then, she sat in the captain's chair, resting, but even then, her body projected an aura of speed and strength.

"Quan, please ready the freight shuttle. I'll take the Lila to orbit."
"Yes, my harsh but beautiful mistress" the pilot laughed, and headed off.
Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by Autumn on Yesterday at 06:27:55 PM »
Autumn stared in a bafflement at the unusual ritual, shaking her head at the doctors suggest she run should anything go wrong, slightly insulted that Sunny would expect her to abandon her without a fight. She watched with interest as the the Kotiri locked itself in embrace with Irina, slightly nauseated at the spectacle, wondering as she awoke if she was still even the same captain as before.

"Will you be staying with them on planet now since your.. Coupling?" She asked Irina, giving Helia an uncertain glance, but stepping tot eh side to allow the captain to pass.

Are you even yourself now? How much like them can you become before you lose what remains of your self and become more of a beast than even myself?
Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Asha on Yesterday at 06:18:58 PM »
"Chasing a man killer in full dark is a great way to become its victim or blunder into a raider encampment, the trail will still be there in the morning, and we can follow it without lights giving away our position to  two legged predators," she suggested helpfully. "Shoring up whatever hole in the wall allowed it go get in here is a more pressing concern anyway I'd imagine."
Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by EchoMirage on Yesterday at 09:11:57 AM »
The ship had had an automated maintenance bot service once. The dysfunctional shells cluttered up their bays in the walls; only occasionally, a light flickered or a servo whirred in an attempt to resume their function. Still, there would be good parts to build several annoying scampering drones. Jerome plundered the bays, pulling the robots out like bunnies from burrows. They even protested meekly at time: "Please place this unit with its tracks facing the floor?" in a voice that reminded Jerome of a chubby bashful girl. "Don't worry, you will be remade into a more glorious purpose" he smiled.

The aliens and the women were not around, just Quan could be heard from the bridge, listening to psychedelic electronic beats. But then, the Lila was significantly larger that the somewhat cramped Prize. He chuckled at the thought of sitting on each others' heads with a pack of aliens. Who knew? Perchance they'd hire more hands someday? Or, he could use the extra bunks to store robots.


Sunny observed the strange joining raptly, commenting into her wrist comp and absentmindedly petting whatever Kotiri came close. In the same tone, she added in between sentences: "Autumn, stand back, if something goes wrong, run to the bridge."
Then, she proceeded to comment.
"Peristaltic movement of the appendage indicates small quantities of content passing to the human; flow is unidirectional, flow rate appears to be several grams per minute at most. Movements of the appendage indicate activity besides transfer of contents, likely related to the manipulators at its end."
"The human does not appear to be in pain; rather, eye movements and muscle tone indicate a state similar to REM sleep."
"The alien appears paralysed; muscle tone is high, but no movement is visible. Its eyes and most other sensory openings are closed."

To Autumn, it seemed an eternity, and visions of the Kotiri falling upon Sunny, to turn her into some strange creature, flooded her mind.
T'was then that Helia's voice showed some excitement.
"The transfer has stopped. The human's muscle tone is rising."
"The appendage appears to move further inside the human... and detaches from its former owner, without a visible wound. A lumen and manipulators similar to those on the end initially inserted into the human are visible."
"The alien awakens, and hands me the human."
Sunny caught the unconscious Irina; the difference in their build was pronounced by the contrast - the slender sinewy doctor appeared willowy next to the muscular captain.
"The appendage is fully withdrawn."
"The human's pulse is quickening; same is true for breathing."

She then smiled, and patted the captain's cheek: "Good morning, sunshine."
"Good morning" Irina replied sarcastically, then stood on her own, swayed, placed both of her hands on her own forehead, shaking it thoroughly then.
More confident than when she went into the storage room, she nodded to the other two women: "Let's take them home. We will be able to handle them now."
Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Kassy on Yesterday at 06:18:16 AM »
Anya caught up to Marcus as he checked over the weapon he'd picked up near Qwell's remains. Messy.

The fast approaching darkness wouldn't help them track whoever, or whatever had caused this. "We'd be better off locking the town down. Posting dual sentries. See if there are any NVGs in the armoury that we can distribute."

"There's little to be gained by pursuing it now. We can do that on the morrow. For now, I suggest we secure this town." She said, nodding her approval at Asha's sensible words.

"That said, if you want to push on Marcus, you've got me at your shoulder."
Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Carnegie H. Roberts on Yesterday at 04:42:19 AM »
Carny was in the bathroom, washing her hands after a long evening of tinkering with the old car wreck. Tilly's beau Sig had helped her out, but progress was slow. She pulled her pants down and sat down on the cold porcelain stool, it was broken of course, like everything else, but with a water bucket serving as a means to flushing it, it still served its original purpose as well as being a rare piece of luxury.

The cool evening air wafted in through the barred window, when the chorus of bugs was broken by rifle fire. One, two, three shots. Something must have happened. Carnegie hurriedly finished, pulled up her pants and ran back out to her room and geared up. A tired Elvis was roused by the activity and followed suit. Together they sprinted towards where Carny judged the sound to have emanated, rifle on her back.
Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by valadaar on July 27, 2014, 07:05:31 PM »
As Marcus was inspecting the van, and as he retrieved the rifle, he heard the Boom of the heavy caliber rifle.

A stump burst into splinters.


A round buried itself into the dirt.


A rock shattered into pieces.

Running feet flew deeper into the underbrush, unscathed but certainly hurried on its way.

Rifle has stats per 7.62 Remington.  2d10, 5 round internal storage (slow reload, each round needs inserted). -2 to hit due to damage, and fumble range increased to include nat 2 and 3.  Converted to blackpowder.   Rifle is currently loaded, and a box with 21 rounds was found quickly.

Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Marcus Anthony Sauvage on July 27, 2014, 03:57:19 PM »
Marcus looked down at the scene, unable to look away for a couple of moments. He stared at the head, questions thundering in his head. If it was an animal, why didn't it eat the head? Or at least bring it as a snack for later. Maybe it came to kill, maybe it just loved the taste of murder. Whatever the case, a beast that could do this, that could sever head from neck with a single bite, needed to be removed.

He moved to leave the scene, when the rifle caught his eye. To take or not to take? He wanted a gun, and partly needed one, especially for its purpose: hunting. It wasn't like Qwell needed it. But it seemed a tad disrespectful to loot the place so soon after it owner was killed. He shrugged. Perhaps he could assuage the souls of the dead by killing their killer with their own weapon.

Marcus left with the hunting rifle in hand, stowing any extra ammo Qwell had in a pocket Marcus searches the place for ammo, taking nothing but ammo for the rifle. Stats for gun would be appreciated.. He blinked in the harsh sunlight.

"Qwell's dead. He died quick, far as I can tell," he told the assembled people gruffly. "If yer squeamish 'round blood, I wouldn't suggest goin' in there."

He eyed the approaching darkness, and then he eyed each person in turn: Anya, Louis, the new girl, and then he said, "Come on, we got a beast to kill."

With one eye on the trail, he set off into the woods, the night, and justice.

Marcus is not out of earshot or very far: you may choose to follow or talk him down
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