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RP / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Silveressa on Yesterday at 08:41:05 PM »
Silveressa emerged from the tent a few moments later with a slightly embarrassed smile, reaching back to aid Echo in her exit before turning to regard Mystic with concern, Lucky repeating his earlier suggestion to check with a grub for the poisons transference potential and using leeches if it proved feasible. "If it's magical a stone to flesh spell may cure him after he's solidified." She pondered for a moment, waiting for Echo to gather her thoughts and examine the injury for herself.

"No sense messing with worms first, might as well try for the leeches and see what happens?" She offered, heading over to a stagnant pool of brackish water and turning over a few stones with a stick, smiling a few moments later. "Let's see how these little lawyers work to suckle the poison from your back Mystic." She gently pulled up the mans shirt and delicately applied the blood suckers to the wound with gloved fingers, taking care not to press too firmly upon the injured area.
OCC / Re: Guardians of the Citadel OOC
« Last post by Silveressa on Yesterday at 05:48:47 PM »
When backing up this weeks rp thread into google docs I noticed we're at 340 pages by google doc standards, not too shabby for an rp that's been running a touch under 2 months!  :thumbup:
Rp area / Re: Legends of the Lilarcor - A Barrel of Bastards
« Last post by Autumn on Yesterday at 05:39:07 PM »
The hound lowered her ears in displeasure, the nebulous reward offered too uncertain for her liking, but seeing little alternative but acceptance, the promise of farther riches tantalizing, the brief hope of quality starship components making her pant slightly.

"It sounds like a fair enough offer, we can also scavenge from any of this mercenary company we trade gunfire with once the dust clears." She paused as another thought struck her. "This planet is known for alien ruins correct? Perhaps you may be able to direct us towards a site with some easy to excavate piece of technology? It would help off set ammo and medical expenses." She found herself warming to the woman, despite the obvious attempts at winning them over there was just something.. Trustworthy about her, an odd feeling that made Autumn briefly question her readiness to accept the woman terms before giving a satisfied nod and gazing over at her pack mates for confirmation.
RP / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Lucky on Yesterday at 05:09:21 PM »
Lucky snorted in frustration, eyeing the elves tent and scenting the air before speaking. "This is too important to wait any longer, and my wolfish senses tell me they are no longer.. Occupied, and are sleeping, quite contentedly." He added with a wink, padding over to the tent and unabashedly sticking his head inside, the wolf side of him unconcerned with civilized concerns like privacy and discretion.

Without hesitation he pressed his cold nose into the ball of Silveressa's foot, chuffing in amusement at her scream of surprise, looking at her entangled with Echo with a mixture of bemusement and unreadable canine thoughts. "If you're both done recovering from your brain diving Mystic needs you, he's apparently turning to stone from basilisk magics."

He didn't wait for a reply before turning and retreating from the tent, giving them a backwards glance and shaking his head. "Elves!" He growled in amused exasperation, giving the others a bob of the head. "They will be out shortly in some fashion or other."
RP / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Silveressa on Yesterday at 04:54:37 PM »
"So, Silver, how do elves link? I guess it's not our avatar tails." Echo looked puzzled.

Silveressa giggled, “Last time I checked I was lacking any plant bits on my person,” She paused in thought a moment, making sure the tent flap was securely drawn and tied down, the slight gloom of the interior somewhat cozy.

“I think some type of conjoined meditation might be the ticket, or maybe it’s a natural side effect when two elves make love?” She shrugged uncertainly, “If Spider heart was around he could tell us.”

"Have you felt something peculiar when you have searched the memory on your own? That might give us a hint." Echo asked her softly.

She shook her head, “I haven’t really tried very hard, I’ve been more than a little worried what I might find, this world seems pretty harsh and brutal, a happy childhood sounds rare.”

Echo smirked, perking up, shrugging, rolling the eyes back. "Then, we have to experiment. For science, and all of Elf-kind. Hold my hands, and begin delving - and observe your mind and body. There will be an epiphenomenon indicating either a psychic or corporeal aspect of the Delve. This will steer our exploration further. We must delve slowly, as not to be overwhelmed and retain our faculties for astute observation."

Silveressa nodded, pulling off her armor and laying her bow in easy reach, taking a deep breath and centering herself as she sat crosslegged facing Echo. “Before we get started just let me promise you, whatever dark bits of unpleasantness we might run across in our pasts, I won’t take it personally, I get we’re just inhabitants and were not in control of anything that happened before we arrived.”

"We can't be held culpable for anything, true - but it would be actually appropriate if we did find something dramatic in the past - that makes us more interesting protagonists (dramatis personae) and gives us greater depth. It would be narratively appropriate."
The priestess took a deep breath, adopting a steady rhythm… inhale, exhale, slow and steady, deep and whole.
"It's not dissimilar to the discoverers of LSD…" Then, the quipping stopped as Echo focused on the task at hand: "Feel anything?"

Silveressa nodded, reaching out to gently take the priestesses hands, clearing her mind and letting it drift backwards, similar to how she let herself go when divining the histories of Valadaar’s ill gotten treasures. “I think it’s starting to-” She stopped speaking as the memories began to unfurl themselves in her consciousness, like a flower blooming at dawn's first light.

There was light, both between their hands, seeping as if each set of joined palms held a firefly, and the Chant came to their heads, its words in a tongue predating Elven, perhaps even the start of the world, a musical tongue that could speak no falsehood.
The first tones escaped their lips, and all Echo could do was wonder: "In this world, I can sing…."

Silveressa slowly relaxed into the rhythm of the chant, its song- like pattern lulling her into a state of deeper relaxation, nearly that of a lucid dream; the glow between their hands intensifying, separating into several dozen smaller orbs that began to dance about their heads, curling themselves in a time-lost runic pattern. The temperature inside the tent dropped sharply for several seconds as the enchantment took hold.

The light seeped into their hair, and the vibrant red and gold shone subtly; Echo gasped as flowers of light sprouted from between the shining tresses, and opened up akin to a spring meadow, layers upon layers of petals unfurling in thalian cascades. Sparks of light flitted hence and forth from blossom to blossom in streams, thoughts akin to fireflies surrounding them. "Don't let anyone ever tell us we don't have beautiful minds" Echo sighed, and swooned as their thoughts began to meld.

The first hazy memories and images that flowed to the elves were of figures retreating into the muck of the Soulmarsh Vast, overrun by the sheer numbers of humans, with their stone castles and their querulous ways. A fleeting glance of elven forces battling hordes of armored men, some victories some losses, but the numbers always in the favor of the expanding humans....

Then an image of childhood bubbled up from below the waves of memory. The haze lifted, unveiling two young elves listening to stories and tales from the elders.

They simultaneously gasped at the realization that the images of war and immigration had not been their own, but rather the memories of their elders, memories of the elven histories told to them.

More hazy images flickered into existence, difficult to truly see or identify at first. The trailing locks of their hair gently intertwined as they felt the connection between them deepening, each memory presenting itself to two minds, two contexts and sets of attributions, the thoughts of each audible to the other - and the attribution of the origin of the memory to a person faint. 

Finally the images clarified. The young Lianterie, with her unmistakable fiery curls, sitting near a stream, tiny fairy-like glowbugs darting overhead. Mists rising from the water. A hand touches hers. Somehow Echo knows who it is though the face isn't clear in the vision. Ikavilain, first ranger of Zamaloq, caresses her arm...

Lianterie is in tears. Why? Difficult to tell. Ikavilain whispers something...

"My feelings are not mine to command, Liantirie, my heart yearns for your half-sister, her beauty and grace fill my dreams and waking hours. Please, find the inner greatness to understand. The world holds wonder beyond what we felt and could have shared, and undiscovered passions on each of its many corners. So many others. Your whole life is ahead…"

The vision shifted...

Silveressa, on horseback, her hair tousled by the playful wind, is riding along with the other rangers, Ikavilain at her side. Silveressa's eyes are focused on the horizon, where their quarry should appear, but Ikavilain's gaze glides over a far closer prey, her leather-clad form. Wrath is written into the features of the first ranger. "I could have had your half-sister's affections, but spurned her love for yours. I desire your heart, but you continue to deny me, tantalize me with your dispassionate lasciviousness..."

The scene shifts without warning. The elven rangers lay defeated, another tragedy brought upon them by their unchanging ways. Silveressa lay in a darkened cave, wounded and alone. She is hiding. In the blackened depths hears a low growl. Hesitantly she forces herself to Investigate. Two wolf pups lay deeper in the cave. One is dead, the other licking his deceased twin, mewling in hunger and loss.

He growls again when the ranger approaches. Brave one, she thinks, and reaches out to the little wolf pup. Hesitant, the pup lets her touch him..."We're both lucky to be alive little one." She hears herself saying..."Lucky," she thinks she hears the wolf pup answer, her eyes opening wide in surprise.

The cave dissolves in a wash of rainbow light, clarifying on Lianterie as she packs her belongings. "What will you do now?" She hears someone ask. her voice filled with both pain and resignation as she answers...

"The goddess will have me. She is the pastor of the dead, and I verily am dead inside."

"And your half sister?" A hushed voice inquires.

"She has her own life - and is dead to me." Lianterie answers solemnly. "And the only one I've ever loved belongs to her now as well. There is nothing for me here anymore. I will go learn of death...and magic."

The memory meld fades...


"This drama is excellent! Echo exclaimed. "Estranged half-sisters vying for the same man, to reconnect when the need is dire and their erstwhile … not-boyfriend… dead and buried."

“I think from my memory you were welcome to his affections,” Silveressa replied with a grin.

"Yes, yes, but it's more dramatic this way."

The ranger nodded slowly, her smile softening, “You really should have been a bard in some manner.”

"I do have an amateur theatre troupe back home, actually. Regardless, this is golden, just imagine…"
Echo put on a fake dramatic face: "You claimed him for yourself and let him die!"
"Ha, gold."

Silveressa laughed again, the dramatic weight of the experience and unexpected accompanying headache lessening under the welcome relief of humor, a part of her feeling a swell of affection for Echo, as if the brief union had bonded them on a deeper level.

"I may have gathered a few of your character's thoughts and a few of old Earth thoughts of yours, Sil. Stuck in my head, they are." Echo told her lightly.

She gave the priestess a playful grin, wondering which thoughts of hers she had managed to access, “Do share with me these hidden, no doubt lewd thoughts of mine, you managed to glean, don’t keep a girl in suspense.”

"Suffice to say, I am ever so flattered and infused with a healthy dose of Oh, You!" Liantirie booped her nose. With an index finger no less.

Silveressa smiled and pulled back for a half a second, before reaching out to gently caress the side of Echo’s cheek, “Something I’ve discovered, both in my time on earth and here, take full advantage of the moments of bliss and enjoyment when they present themselves, because you sometimes never get a second chance.”

Echo's eyes flitted across her face in a bedazzled question.

Silveressa winked at her playfully, leaning closer to softly brush her lips across the priestesses, breathing gently. “Relax dear, I can help you find the way, if your memory fails you.”

Briefly, the priestess accepted her lips, brushing gently across, then held Sil at arm's length, grasping her shoulders, serious and sincere. "Are we ever coming back, Silver?"

The ranger shrugged, “By now our bodies are likely in prison or some asylum, assuming those inhabiting them didn’t get killed wandering into traffic, going home could easily be the end of the line for us, and I feel this place is perhaps our best chance at happiness now.”

"Considering that someone is always attempting to kill us, it may be a short chance - but, we might have forever. Until the stars fade from the sky, Silver?" Echo's grey eyes were intense, pupils wide, almost frighteningly sincere.

Silveressa closed her eyes in thought momentarily, taking a deep breath as she opened them and met Echos gaze with equal intensity. “Until the end of time and beyond, if that’s what the future holds in store for us dear, but however long, I wish to  face the untold ages with you at my side.”

"I better not get boring then, eh?"

Silveressa giggled and kissed her a second time, “With how well we seem to connect, I don’t believe even an eternity is long enough for either of us to become bored.”

"Flatter us some more, please?"

She smiled and slid her hand lower, her fingers dancing over silken elvish skin, “There are far more ways to flatter than with just words my dear.”

The priestess stiffened, bashful, wine red in the face, for neither the elf nor the man were used to being … seduced? Silver knew Echo would play the moment off with another poorly timed joke in 10.. 9...

She leaned in and kissed the Priestess a second time, pulling her closer and laying back to pull the elf on top of her, sighing slowly and smiling calmly, this wasn't the first inexperienced woman she had introduced to the ways of romance after all.

"So is this how the sisters reconcile?" and, slipping into the role, gathered courage to slip a hand into Sil's garments, tracing her curves with the other.

“It sure beats hours of counseling.” She quipped, gasping in surprise as Echo’s touch filled her with warmth. With a soft moan of desire she leaned forward and gently nipped at the edge of Echo’s ear,  trusting their desires would  guide them the rest of the way.

(the preceding was written by Echo and Silveressa in G docs then posted here after editing.)
OCC / Re: Guardians of the Citadel OOC
« Last post by Silveressa on Yesterday at 04:37:54 PM »
Working on a scene with Echo in g docs atm, expect a rather large post to follow soon :)
OCC / Re: Guardians of the Citadel OOC
« Last post by Murometz on Yesterday at 03:06:01 PM »
Also the long curved wicked (shiny) dagger from wiz-ass.
RP / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Murometz on Yesterday at 03:04:29 PM »
"I'm fine, Luck--Carly. Just feel a bit stiff. Why, does it look bad? I guess it feels a bit numb since you ask. But I'll be fine. 18 Constitution remember?" Mystic smiled momentarily, still focused on Gyma's handling of Headtaker.

Sniffing the wound, Lucky quickly determined there was no discernible infection. That left poison, magical or otherwise. The wound smelled of nothing in fact. Whatever venom was involved had no scent.

Tusserk's experiments also yielded results. Apparently whatever was affecting Mystic was not transferable by contact, according to the litmus leaves.

Gyma was half-way done with the polearm, when he opened an eye. He recognized the stony texture surrounding the wound on the warrior's back. The locals called it "Basil-milk". Sounded innocent enough, except it was a euphemism for Basilisk Milk. Rare stuff, but he had heard of it even across the sea from where he hailed. Some of the more sophisticated assassins of his realm, were known to purchase the extract from the elves of the very swamp they were currently camping near. Bottom line, Gyma posited, was that the big guy was slowly turning to solid stone. Once the organs began to calcify, Mystic's anguish would become apparent. Sadly, Gyma wasn't aware of a cure.
Therafter / Re: Old School
« Last post by Carnegie H. Roberts on Yesterday at 02:28:04 PM »
Carnegie took a seat and opened a sandwich pack, she took a nibble and looked at Anya. She shuddered at the thought of the janitor-made-bot. To distract herself she reached for a can. "Hmm...Ah think Ah'll jess call you Dot12, iffin you don't majnd." She smiled at the robot, but was startled back to the can as a fizzy fountain enveloped her hands with sticky soda. She blushed and sucked desperately at the can trying to contain her fumble. What was this, it tickled her nose as she drank it! "Uhm, w-what is dis stuff..? Never had a soda do dat afore. It tastes kanjda funny, did et go bad?"

I dunno if soda would actually stay fizzy for that long, probably not but since the food is so well preserved...

She looked around and frowned, she bent down. "...Elvis! What are ye doin?! Bad dog!" She whispered harshly. She could understand his confusion, this place was huge, but they were technically indoors, and in someone else's home no less... Or it could be like a ruin, she wasn't sure yet. She gestured for him to take his place at her feet, but there would be no treat for him now!

She winced and looked at the robot but he didn't seem to care much. She still wasn't sure how to designate him. He could understand them and he could talk, but he also seemed awfully repetitive, still she had met a lot of...original people in her days. "Sorry bout dat...'e must be feelin nervous..." She mumbled.

"So uhm, iffin those logs 'ave been cleared n'd wut not, how d'ye know who de administrater is, mister Dot12?" She asked out loud, then she leaned forward and whispered at Asha. "D'ye wanna tajk 'im wit us? Mabbe we coudd be 'is new administraters."

RP / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Lucky on Yesterday at 02:02:17 PM »
"Echo's not the only one," Lucky interjected with a quiet sigh. "I was in med school for two years before-" He stopped speaking abruptly and shook his head, "Before I left, and I am a registered nurse and have seen lots of ailments in the E.R, but  this is like nothing from earth." 

He turned and padded around to look mystic in the eyes, "Can you describe your symptoms? Are you in any pain, or is the area numb or itchy? Any mental fog or feelings of nausea?" He leaned closer and spoke a touch quieter, regretting the lack of privacy for such a personal question. "Given the wounds location in the back near the kidneys, I have to ask, have you noticed any blood or unusual discharge in your urine?" He reached up a paw and placed it against the fighters forehead, checking to see if he felt feverish or clammy to the touch. "Can someone take a pulse reading for me?"
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