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Moderated Freeform / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Dozus on Today at 07:02:03 AM »
"Dozus stood looking down at the burning brazier, herbal smoke filling the inn room. He performed the ritual according to his spell book, chanting the words in black and gesturing the actions in red." He shrugged diffidently. "Sorry I can't help. Don't know if I'd be much help anyway, since I already used my spell for the day."

He turned to Murometz. "Do I need to roll something?"
Moderated Freeform / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by EchoMirage on Today at 05:17:27 AM »
"I am all for the paladin being the party leader - imagine the incessant quarrel if for example the rogue led the group."
"Plus, I haven't played an RPG where we're heroic protagonists in a while."
"Also, the charisma and paladin status opens a lot of doors and ears."
Plus, Echo thought, I'll get along with an LG character quite well.

"And not to forget, he dies first while the rest of us can slink away. I say it's win-win."
Echo loved teasing Jared, and threw him a cheeky grin.

"Alright. Liantirie turns to the innkeeper, asking with unveiled urgency: 'Do you have a vantage spot? A tower? But honestly, a window in a firm wall will do as well."
Then, he turned towards Murometz: "I'll take up a firing position, the cover should add to my decent AC. I'm not opening fire, but if a fight starts, I'll start picking them off. They should glow like fireflies in the cold outside. Hmmmm, infravision rules."
"Pssst... You... You... Come over here!"

"Do you want to get an invite to the new, ad-free social network Ello? I got some invites for ya..."
Moderated Freeform / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Silveressa on Today at 01:35:01 AM »
"You're not exactly subtle as a dire wolf hon," Jenette told Carly with a wink, "Besides if they knew the lady Kefka hired us then they know we have a Dire Wolf, anyway." She paused to pour herself a mug of Mead, savoring the rich beverage.

"I stir sleepily as Lucky nudges me, starting at his nip and nearly kicking him as I sit up in surprise, the voice from outside silencing the curse that rises to my lips. I listen to the mouth piece of the mercs as I quickly don my armor and peer out the window, hoping to spot the spokesman and determine if he's within arrow range."

She looked over at the rest of the players, their faces illuminated by the dancing candle. "Since we're a established team of body guards I figure we have some sort of rough plan in place for situations like this? Such as I know not to open fire until our leader gives a whistle signal or something? Speaking of which who is party leader? Our Paladin?"
Moderated Freeform / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Lady Wolf on Today at 01:22:40 AM »
Lucky Unentangled himself from the sleeping elf as the sound of approaching hoooves assaulted his senses, nuzzling her with his cold nose to rouse her from her satisfied slumber, adding in a light nip on her leg to convey the sense of urgency he felt, placing his paws on the second story window to gaze out as the bandits surrounded the camp and began to speak.

Carly stared down at the map, trying to calculate their odds, the number of enemies seemed quite high, especially with their wizard indisposed at the moment. "How do they know we have a dire wolf did they track us?" She fielded the question to the table, more out of curiosity than expecting an actual answer.
Moderated Freeform / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Murometz on Today at 01:07:45 AM »
“Men on horseback surrounded the inn, bearing huge torches, as they encircled the building. Even their horses were snorting violently. In the torch-light, you can make out the unmistakable gleam of mail and blades. Dozus is in the middle of his ritual by the way, can’t be bothered now.  Silveressa and Lucky are in the guest-house next door to the inn, so they have a good view of the new arrivals. Silveressa counts at least two dozen riders. Chok leaps up from his seat by the bar next to Myst, and stares out the window in some alarm. ‘Lady Karkayla’ he says panicked, and rushes upstairs towards her room...”

"Suddenly, those not asleep (or in mid-ritual) can hear a booming voice outside..."

“You should not have been so niggardly in hiring an escort service, Lady Karkayla! There are not enough of them to protect you!” A pause then, “Members of the Citadel Escort Company, hear me!” another pause, “Give up the Lady Karkayla and you will survive this night. Resist and be cut down.  The Lady is due a reckoning, and we have been hired to procure her.  Stand down, and send her out. No one needs to die this night. We know you have a dire-wolf. We can pin it to the ground with a dozen steel bolts if need be...”
Moderated Freeform / Re: Guardians of the Citadel OOC
« Last post by Silveressa on Today at 12:56:01 AM »
Silveressa Mourning Wolf

Elven Ranger

Alignment: Chaotic Good

STR        14
DEX        18 (+3 to initiative, +3 to hit with missile weapons, -4 to AC)
CON        15 (+1/die HPs)
INT         14
WIS        14
CHA        12
HP: 12
Gold: 5 gp

Armor: Leather

Composite Longbow:

Arrows (60)

Elven abilities/skills: infravision 60', +1/+1 hit/dam with bow and sword,

Moderated Freeform / Re: Guardians of the Citadel
« Last post by Murometz on Today at 12:46:24 AM »
2:30am Val’s house…

“It’s now 2:30am. It took a while to get the horses stabled, acquire the rooms, and get yourselves fed and aled up. Can someone lend Dozus some gold pieces? He needs one hundred of them to enact his find familiar ritual upstairs in his room. A brass brazier, the catnip, basil, savory, mint, nightshade, monkshood, and dried lamb’s ear you can get in the inn, but you need to burn 100 gps worth of the herbs and other stuff during the summoning. Good luck, hope you don’t get a shrew…”

“Meanwhile most of you are in your respective rooms by now. The unsavory types mentioned earlier, a group of six cowled travelers immediately retired upstairs to their rooms. Downstairs only Chok and MysticMoon remain at the bar, drinking competitively. EchoMirage is in the taproom as well, suffering from her chronic sleeplessness.  Scras, the Lady Karkayla invited you to her room discreetly earlier. Do you accept her invite? Careful Scras, you're a paladin, all those lovely powers start going away as soon as you stray from the path of righteousness...Valadaar our unassuming thief, by the way, is nowhere to be seen as per usual.”

“Few minutes later….Lucky senses it first and emits his low growl. He smells many men, dozens on horseback, the unmistakable sound of many hooves in the night. Bit late for lots of hooves, travelling quickly apparently, too quickly for night-time, towards the inn."

The players were getting a bit sleepy. Outside the earlier drizzle had turned into machine-gun rain, creating a strangely soothing rhythmic beat. The candle was almost burned down now. The professor had a gleam in his eye.
Moderated Freeform / Re: Guardians of the Citadel OOC
« Last post by Lady Wolf on Today at 12:28:40 AM »
Also My char:


Dire Wolf companion of Elven ranger Silveressa

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Hp: 22

AC 5

attack: 1/round bite 2-12

special attack: "pounce/knockdown"

(GM feel free to alter this as needed to include anything relevant I left out  8) )
Moderated Freeform / Re: Guardians of the Citadel OOC
« Last post by Lady Wolf on Today at 12:23:41 AM »
In the interests of being able to play as if we are all old college pals I thought it would be helpful to add in a paragraph or two about my self, given no one here aside from Silveressa really knows me (or I them) so rping as "old friends" is somewhat difficult for us.


Age: 27
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 114 lbs

Likes: Animals, anime & science fiction, nachos with real cheese dip

Dislikes: Bullies, short deadlines, rap music

A small framed girl with a slightly mousey complexion, that is known to be quite shy when meeting new people, but very outgoing when in a online chat room or at the gaming table, especially once she gets in character.

In college she was one of the quiet nerds, studying to be a doctor and usually with her nose buried in a science fiction novel or medical text book. She was most often seen outside of class accompanied by her furred shadow Lucky, a 120lb German Shepherd she shares an (un)comfortably close relationship with, and often spoils rotten at every opportunity. While not the most outgoing person, she was known to be a trusted confidant to those she called friend, and often went out of her way to help them with problems as well as volunteering for various charities and activist groups on and around the campus.

After abruptly leaving (*cough* being kicked out of ) college for undisclosed reasons, her friends know she wound up in a slightly complicated relationship with Jenette and her girlfriend Rosella, moving in with them a few months ago and taking a job at a near by hospital as she earned her registered nursing certification, still staying in touch with her college pals via email and on facebook, until the opportunity for a reunion of old friends around the gaming table gave her the chance to reconnect and enjoy their favorite hobby.
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