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Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by valadaar on Today at 10:33:02 AM »
As they walked, Jerome opened his pda, looking for a status report of the systems.  He had to know what they were walking into...

Greetings Traveler / Re: Goodevening
« Last post by valadaar on Today at 10:32:05 AM »
Welcome aboard Vago! English is not the first language of a lot of folks here. 
Cosmic Pluralism / Re: Chalk and Fire: The Prequel
« Last post by Pariah on Today at 07:53:39 AM »
DOUBLE POST DAY!!!  Mainly because even in the notebook I keep separate ideas separate.

On Being Human

While I'm steering clear of making this about transhumanist themes and instead focusing on Action! and Adventure! and IN SPACE! as much as possible, certain things can't totally be ignored, because this is a setting of humans, and some of them have metal body parts (or bodies as the case may be, who am I to judge).  Since the setting is going to include peeps from across the spectrum of baseline though augmented all the way up to full cyborg and possibly AI (though I'm not entirely sure how I want to handle AI, it's kinda like wizards in that it has the possibility of getting out of hand really quickly...  Might go the Bungie/Looking Glass route of AIs having a tendency to pick up certain 'quirks' as they age, whether it's just a bit of a stutter or a compulsion to count the number of ceiling tiles in a room upon entry (and then turn in three full circles before leaving) all the way up to and including the compulsion to KILL ALL HUMANS!!!1!) and because as I was thinking about crime I started thinking of cyberpsychosis, here's today's doubleshot of crazy.

Now, one of the things that makes humans Human is that, rather than adapting to our environments like Mr Darwin's finches, we adapt our environments to us.  As such discussion of the public's views regarding those with various abilities to set off metal detectors naked are kind of needed to be dealt with.

At the first level we have "baseline" humans, which is not to say they're completely with or without any sort of augmentation, only that in common conversation most people don't refer to them as such.  There's really no clear line to mark where this ends and the next one begins (unless you're a crazy human purist who believes that man was never meant to better himself), but a brief detour into the reader's present day and age will suffice for a quick example.  Grand-Uncle George, the cyborg, of course you don't really view him as a cyborg, but going by a strict reading of the definition thereof he is in fact a cyborg.  After that one heart attack they put in a pace maker, then a few years later he started losing his hearing so he got a cochlear implant.  Grand-Uncle George is goddammed metal, like a boss, but neither you nor I would call him a cyborg.  This same view applies in an era where you can do more to your body than just fix the heart and ears, most people see nothing wrong with having a Jack (brain-computer interface) or blood-cleaners to help keep you alive if your job exposes you to environmental hazards and even something like that thingymajig that baseball banned four or five decades ago that boosts your reaction time by something like 20% is still pretty normal and not anything you'd be looked at askance for.

At the next level we have people who are OBVIOUSLY augmented, eye implants, arm replacements, replacing your hair with fiber optic dreadlocks like that one pop star from Enceladus, so on and so forth.  Unless if you're able to get some really high quality synthskin to cover up your arm, or shell out the big bucks to make sure your eyes look as real as modern engineering can get them (at which point most people would put you back in the previous category, even if you need to take off your arm to go through spaceport security) you're generally going to get a couple looks from people (more from spaceport security, apparently stations don't like it when some out of towner walks into a bank and robs it with their arm that turns into a machine gun or the detachable shotgun leg, and even if it only happened that one time and it wasn't even at this station, the public uproar gets people to do things they shouldn't without taking the time to think about why they shouldn't and then they can't take it back without admitting they shouldn't have done it in the first place) kinda like that kid that walks on the subway with six square inches of untattooed skin and 15 pounds of metal on his face, but otherwise most people don't really care.  There's a lot of reasons to get obvious augments done, born blind, went blind, got an arm lopped off in a mining accident, really wanted glow in the dark dreadlocks, and people understand that.

Finally we reach the "cyborgs" a term that can be applied equally well to people like Molly from Neuromancer with her fingerblades, mirrorshades, and 'tude (to her obvious love-child with Jensen from Deus Ex:Human Revolution) all the way up to people that are basically just a brain in a jar with a human shaped prosthesis to walk around in.  These poor shmucks actually do face problems with local governments and regular people on a day to day basis.  Part of this is because, using Jensen as an example, he could cover his arms with quality synthskin and surgically remove the mirrorshades and company logo on his forehead, it's kind of hard to pass as human with a government mandated remote-activated kill-collar around your neck, which he'd have to wear in nine out of ten of the Terran Arcologies, and this is a scene that is sadly repeated throughout the system.  Not all places require them, but far too many do.

The reasons for this irrational fear of the heavily modified can trace their roots to the prewar years, with numerous yellow articles of cyborgs that suddenly went crazy due to a complete loss of their empathy for their fellow man, because they weren't really human anymore.  This is, despite the fact that these same news organizations would generally publish a piece by actual professionals involved in such disparate fields as psychology and mechanical engineering saying that cyberpsychosis is downright impossible, followed a few days later by a belated retraction of the previous article, after it had spurred a few hundred thousand extra people to subscribe to whatever news service published the original article.  This old wives tale (I know it's probably not true, but you know, stuff like the kill collars wouldn't really be needed if it wasn't an outside possibility, right?) grew new legs after the war when the creative reimagining of Rambo by Park Sung Hyo starred Rambo as a cyborg.

And now that we've covered the various strains of human, let's move on to the not human.  Namely Bioengineered Humanoids.  The creation of, and research into the creation of, and thinking about making them, were banned in the Koani Accords of 2037.  Of course there's still rumors and conspiracy theories that this government or that corporation are secretly making them in a research facility in some out of the way place like Haumea, just waiting for the day that they can sell them legally so they're the first to market, but I'm sure you realize just how stupid that sounds, right?  I mean, if there's no market for something because it's illegal to buy, sell, possess, talk to, associate with, look at, or think about BH's, and it's actually safer for criminal organizations to kidnap orphans off the street to sell as slaves to shady mines and sex houses, who in their right mind would make them?
Greetings Traveler / Goodevening
« Last post by Vagoasdf on Today at 07:25:55 AM »
 Hello, my name could go as Vago,  im an 18th year old thast started more on freeform rp, and this year started playnd D&D and pretty much got hooked.
I belive myself to be a worldbuilder. i have tried to writte something,but ususaly i got stuck creating the infinite details of the world more than the story itself, so well, im here both to share and to improve.

Other things about me:
-English isnt my native languaje, so sometimes i might got  small bits of the grammar or the ortografy wrong. Sorry about that
- reading is probably the main thing i do in the day.... i think i have spent more on books that on food by myself

so..thats it. Hello all
Cosmic Pluralism / Re: Chalk and Fire: The Prequel
« Last post by Pariah on Today at 06:46:03 AM »
And now continuing what is basically just stream of consciousness barfed up onto lined paper (9.5x6 because they were the only size I could find with decent twirly ring binding that doesn't fall apart if looked at funny) with only minimal (read spell checking) editing between paper and screen, we're off that that most iconic part of space, the seedy underbelly.

When asked what they're most favorite character from the star wars movies are six out of every ten will tell you it's Han Solo (the other 50% say Boba Fett, solely for the disintegration line.)  Because cowboys, outlaws, and those who kill them are such a backbone to great American cinema that they've even spread their grubby feelers into Hong Kong, Japan, and back to America again through cultural reimportation, that's where we're going today.

ISSP (needs rename due to blatant theft) is the primary police force of space, which is not to say that they're the police everyone deals with on a day to day basis.

Jurisdiction covers crimes committed in vacuum, interplanetary crime, and attempts to flee from one planet to another in an attempt to avoid paying for your wrong doing.  While that all sounds quite simple, in practice it's not.  Because while that is their job, they actually lack any ability to enforce their laws or arrest anyone once the criminal enters a space station or makes landfall, which kind of sucks for them.  In the news and on vidshows ISSP is held up as a paragon of highly trained officers who are utterly and completely incorruptible, in the cold light of reality they're a tiger with pulled teeth.

To get around these pesky restrictions imposed on doing their job, the ISSP turns to two very different methods of criminal acquisition (read that as the acquisition of criminals and not acquiring something illegally, though both meanings probably fit when you're talking about an agency totally ignoring its guidelines just because the guy that's wanted for murder on seven planets happens to be good friends with the security chief on a podunk station in the middle of the belt) the first of which is Special Activities Directorate - Section 9 (also change due to blatant theft, twice this time.)  SAD-S9 is a collection of "private" individuals who have been trained by the ISSP and then "fired" due to "disciplinary issues" who were then immediately hired by a collection of shell companies or are "self-employed" receiving their checks through cut outs and other less than legal means, who go out on SWAT raids/black-bag jobs to collect high value individuals for the ISSP.  Of course, working illegally for a government agency that needs to protect its public image is not without risk, and you can be d**n sure that if one of these fine gentlemen is captured the ISSP will gladly point out that they were loose cannons, and definitely not involved with them in any way (read disavowed.) Now, while I'm sure you're all thinking of secret police of dystopia's everywhere, this is in fact not the case, after the, admittedly grey, capture of the criminal in question they do face a public trial with all of their rights, it's just, you know, they were kinda playing the system and the system doesn't like being played.

The other method the ISSP turns to to collect criminals to return to the jurisdiction that wants to try them for their crimes is the bounty program.  This is actually the most common method of dealing with criminals wanted for crimes, and it relies on basic human greed to work.  Local police forces and dedicated bounty hunters concerned citizens regularly put food on their families' tables by hunting down dangerous fugitives (and peaceful ones too) and turning them in (ALIVE) to their nearest ISSP representative.  After a brief period whereby they verify that this is in fact the correct individual, ChaChing, you get the bounty and gets to go your merry way.

The criminals themselves, because that's what you're really here for, are basically the same you'd see in a movie the world over, or even your own tabletop.  The range from the two bit thug that "just wants his money" all the way up to the high class "legitimate businessman," all of them looking to get ahead and stay out of prison.  Boring huh?

Alright, seeing as I mentioned bounty hunters a couple lines ago, I guess it's time to go back to them, this time covering the morally ambiguous methods of making a living by hunting your fellow human beings.  While the cops put up most of the bounties out there, almost all of them are for small change, the only time a big fish ends up on a bounty board instead of the back of a SAD-S9 hovervan is when the authorities just have no idea where they are.  Mafia dons and Triad bosses on the other hand, do put out high value bounties on people, with the added bonus that most of them don't really care if the person shows up to their door dead or alive.

When I started this I was planning on writing something about drugs in particular, but I really can't think of anything other than something, something, natural earth drugs for the discerning addict, something something; so, yeah...
Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by Autumn on Today at 02:44:35 AM »
Autumn looked up in alarm, hoping Jerome has a prescience of mind to record conversations by default. "By the sounds of it our good captain is being coerced to ferry Kotiri off planet somewhere else, for whatever alien reason they see fit, I would suggest we set up an ambush in the cargo bay for when they return or maybe ambush them just outside the ship, some type of surprise attack to rescue our good captain and make a fast exit from this system, unless someone else has a better idea."

She paused and stared back towards the direction of the ship, briefly wondering if they could make it back before the Kotiri or if they would need to retake the Lilacor a second time. "Regardless let's hurry back, we can work out details on the way, how many of those gun and bomb drones do you have left? Sunny, any chance of making some kind of fast acting nerve toxin that would incapacitate the Captain and Kotiri without killing the captain before you could administer an antidote?" Assuming no one objected, she immediately set a quick pace towards their ship with her friends, keeping a wary eye out for any Kotiri scouts that may be keeping tabs on them.
Tomes and Illusions / Re: GoofyTube
« Last post by Pariah on Yesterday at 08:35:41 PM »
Favorite comment, "He might be an idiot, but you have to admit, he's got a lot of fans!"  Followed closely in 2nd by the wailing and gnashing of teeth over destroying a Porsche 959.  And I knew I should've patented that when I was 11, then I could sue him for infringing on my magic energy rights... :c
Greetings Traveler / Re: Greetings To You All
« Last post by Strolen on Yesterday at 06:05:25 PM »
No thought. DO IT!


Hollen's Prize / Re: A Fast Exit
« Last post by EchoMirage on Yesterday at 05:47:56 PM »
The better part of the day had gone by hunting; the beasts of the thick woods not used to the concept of death riding a sliver of lead, but Jerome and the band still found challenges: a predator resembling a smilodon in denture and temper would not cease its appetite for the band's calories after less than ten bullets, a vicious ooze creature seemed to mind the bullets even less, and halted its fluent advance only after Sunny's needler spread its central nerve cluster across the general vicinity.

The freezers aboard the Lilarcor filled neatly with meat, and the second day was likely to haul in even more.

Standing atop a felled fat omnivore, skinning knife ready and the ladies on the look-out for anything lured in by the kill, Jerome heard his communicator beep.
He picked up, routing it to the speaker.
As if she was speaking to a petulant child, Irina explained: "Yes, my ship can take you to the stars, to other worlds."
The camera was not showing the captain's face, instead displaying the planet's grass and a part of her thumb.
"I will of course ferry you wherever you wish."
"Toy" a deep, irritated growling voice commented, followed by Irina's gasp, and a crunching sound.

The comm vent to static.
Greetings Traveler / Re: Greetings To You All
« Last post by The_Gekko_State on Yesterday at 04:58:41 PM »
Thank you for the information. I'll have to give it some thought.
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