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Side Money Makers For PC's?

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I was wondering if anyone uses side money makers for their PC's Durring Campagins.

*Someone will buy Body Parts
*Someone needs herbs collected
*Bounty Hunting

This is just an example of what I'm trying to get accross. I can't quite explain it very well.

Thank You Much!

There are a lot of character specific types of odd jobs that can be accomplished.

Scribe - For anybody that can read/write but mostly for priests.

Healer - Priest again. Depends on their god but why not charge for healing in some out of the way places? Many will never see a healer or doctor so when you come through they want to take advantage of it. Doesn't have to be broken legs or sword injuries, could be a bunion, chronic back pain, bum leg, athritis, etc.

Blessings - Priest again, for offerings maybe. Depends on your god.

Trader (had one that wanted to figure out the cost fluctuations in items in the places the adventure was taking them and bought up all he could in one town and sold them in the other. Didn't make a lot because he couldn't sell direct to customers, but he had fun doing it.)

Furs - Rangers and such could do their trapping thing. Maybe even fish.

Herbs was a good one!!

Maps - if somebody took good directions of their travels there may be a market for that stuff.

Plunder - Many adventurers forget about carpets, wall coverings, candlesticks, tables and chairs etc. Make sure you have a wagon. We had one group and we were basically a caravan wherever we went. We got robbed by bandits, but hey.

Siren no Orakio:
Party has a bard? Go talk to the barkeep in a tavern or two, someone will want some song and dance.

Perhaps a noble merchant has a caravan coming in, but tomorrow is a city holiday - He needs someone to guard a packaged caravan for a night. Or perhaps he's having a nobleman or even the king, and needs to be able to guard against suspected assassins for an evening.  

A local cartographer will pay well for maps of the area just beyond what he's explored, assuming the players can convince him they're the real thing.

The theives guild has a once in a lifetime opportunity to strike at a caravan that came in on a holiday, and they want your party rogue's lockpicking skills! If he refuses, they'll break his knees!

Characters may have a myriad of simple crafts: While things such as smithing may not go well, perhaps the party runs across a mercenary troop that needs an armor repairsman. Or your party's wizard may be able to brew up a lightly carbonated pick-me up from the herbs you found in a field, while the fighter prepares a delicate pie from the griffon you just took out - and local legend has it that griffon meat enhances male potency. Party just took out a den of giant scorpions? Well, your dear friend the backstabber got to work, and has a gallon of distilled scorpion venom in a gel base: he keeps a pint of it for himself, and on the next visit to a large city, hawks his wares... and may well get busted by the city guard, requiring significant bail/bribe money.

Or you could open a brewery. Players (esp. fighter/barbarian/berserker types) are always complaining about not having strong enough drink. If you have a long storyline, you can have them distilling vodka, whiskey, even the infamous Everclear. Doesn't require a lot of supervision, but makes decent money.

Ria Hawk:
Training the city gaurdsmen:  A bunch of new recruits have just joined, and need to be trained.  For one reason or another, the regular trainers are entirely too busy to do it, ill, dead, lazy, etc., so they might jump at the chance of hiring an adventuresome fighter or two to do it.

Couriers:  Local merchants and people of influence would know that the adventurers are more than capable of handling themselves, so hire them to deliver special packages, letters, etc.  Even if it's something that everybody wants,  any group that has become famous adventurers will be able to handle run of the mill thugs without breaking a sweat.  For less than honest PCs, this also presents an unrivaled opportunity for theft and/or blackmail material.

Blackmail:  The PCs know something that could either embarass or endanger someone of influence, possibly by reading private corrospondence (See above.)  This will of course get complicated, but that's half the fun.

Also, don't forget those characters of, um... negotiable virtue.


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