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Does your game world have a Christmas?

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Does your game world have a Christmas, Chaunuka, Kwanza, like holiday? If you do, what is it like?  If you don't, why don't you?

Not that it has to be during winter....but my games rarely get cold ;)

I have holidays but they are usually just festivals celebrating a king's coronation or something. I really like making Mardi Gras adventures with the costumes and mayhem. Easy for the bad guys to hide....same with the PCs.

Christmas? Nope. No presents or anything like that.

Not a bad idea though!

Game world??

Ria Hawk:
Fictional setting where you set games.  Go look at the Antasia, Kerren, Deadspace, and like threads for examples.
I haven't gotten as far as organized holidays yet, I barely have a religion.  I don't think I will, though.  Like Strolen, I like the idea of masquerades and such things.  I dunno.  I may incorporate that.  *Pulls out World Notebook and starts jotting things down*

Depends on the region your in.

In Breton, they celebrate the Birth of Artur, the famous king-messiah.
In Kalasa, they celebrate Dicefeast on the anniversary of the birth of the God of Gambling.
In Stalimsoth, they celebrate the Feast of Holy Achelous, the birth of their local water god.

So on, so on.
But no real "Christmastime" holiday.

What is it with you and the cold, Strolen?


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