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Forum Rules Implemented
« on: December 24, 2003, 06:09:44 PM »
Forum Rules Generally in order of importance. (additions or edits welcome)
  • Keeping threads on topic
    The contents (i.e. the individual posts) of any thread should always be relevant to its title. For example a thread called "Inventing Languages" should not include a discussion about someone's hair color, whether another user is an idiot, the weather, etc! Please keep every thread relevant to its title.
  • Users 'fighting' (aka flaming) in threads
    Users should not use the forum to settle petty disputes amongst each other. The purpose of this forum is for people who enjoy roleplaying, fantasy adventures, etc. to chat and help each other - it's not a virtual boxing ring or a school yard. The site's terms of use make it clear that abusive behavior is not welcomed or allowed on this site. If you want to have a 1-to-1 chat or heated argument then find another place to do it - or better still take a breath and relax, life is too short!
  • Topic Titles Be descriptive!
    Don't just post a title called "Help" or "Very funny" - it's annoying for everyone and no-one likes an attention seeker. Give users an idea of what your post is about. If someone wants to read your post they will, so please don't try and trick them in to reading it.
  • Chatspeak and H4x0r $p34k
    We prefer full sentences and use of Emoticons to Chatspeak. For instance instead of using LOL use  :lol: etc. but the accidental usage of Chatspeak should not be flamed.
    1 4M 4N 37337 w1nd0z3 h4x0r wH0 h4$ 0Wn3d y0uR w3b p4g3.
    Don't want to see it. None of us are hackers none of us want to be hackers and we don't want to translate it.
  • Swearing and 'Masked' Swearing
    The majority of swear words are not allowed on Strolen's Citadel. If you do accidentally swear then the forum software has an auto-censor which should replace your swearing with a number of *'s. Please respect the auto-censor and do not attempt to bypass it by inserting spaces or any other characters in to your swear words.
  • Respect the minimum character limit
    Each post you make on the forum should be at least 15 characters long. This is a forum NOT a chat room. All the posts you make in topic oriented threads of Strolen's Citadel should contribute something of value.
  • No Commercial Advertising
    No commercial advertising whatsoever. End of story. If you have a nonprofit webpage appropriate for us then feel free to let us know about it. Don't abuse this privilege though. There is a link thread that is appropriate for straight advertising with a description of your site. I don't expect threads popping up advertising your own site. Think about what you are doing and ask yourself, "Would you want somebody doing that on your site?"
  • Signatures
    Please keep your signature to a suitable length and keep in mind the advertising rules. You may absolutely link to your personal site in your signature. Your signature may be edited or deleted at our discretion if it is deemed inappropriate.
  • Respect the administrators and moderators decision.
    Moderating a forum can be hard work, and to make things easier and better for everyone else, we would greatly appreciate it if you do your best to make these forums a pleasant place. If a thread gets locked, or a post gets deleted or some other thing happens. Please do not go and make another post or thread about it, as that is not wanted and will be promptly locked or deleted. If you have a problem, send a personal message to an administrator or moderator.
  • We reserve the right to amend these rules without warning and at our discretion.

It is up to you as a forum member to keep up to date with these rules.[/list]

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