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The parable of the sun-seekers


"Through the midnight forests ride the Seekers, their horses tirelessly galloping as they have done for centuries. Across the snowy wastelands of the far North where no seas stand in their way they are forever chasing the sun. They never stop to talk to the weaklings who are content to live in the darkness. It is a shame, for if they did, they might find out the error of their way."

This is used as a parable to refute the goals of science by the strict priests of Het. They say that the non-believers are like the riders, forever straining after a goal which is only attainable by having faith.


I really like that parable, and it has another meaning too. Everyone knows if the sun-seekers would merely turn around and run the other way, they will reach the sun faster than just waiting will too. It not only implies taking things on faith, but also the fact that you have to work to obtain a goal, just in the right direction, and can't find it by your own means, but must enlist the help of others!


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