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D&D Alignements and Cruel Gods

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Cheka Man:
In rl, few are totally evil. There are for example some very dangerous gangs that to others are definately Evil, but who will risk their lives for each other which could be seen as a Good Trait. Detect Heretic or Detect Lawbreaker would be better then Detect Evil.

i'll go with a quote here that some one said to me once... actually its more like a short story:

Guard: " Excuse me sir ( talking to a gnome) could you come with me for a minute, we have some questions for you."
Gnome:"... but i havent done anything. Infact this is the 1st time i have ever been to your humble little city."
Guard: " Be that as it may sir, i still need to ask you some questions"
Gnome: " But i havent done anything wrong! I have Broken No Laws of your city!"
GUard: " SIR, Please Stop Making a S..."
Gnome: " NO, I Will NOT come with you! No Law Has Been Broken, i have done NO ILL WILL TO ANY ONE!, Your Just Being Racest against My people!!"

Guard:"sigh*...( now their are 4 guards) Sir, The Key Stone of the archway you are standing underneath has a Detect Unlawful spell on it. Now i am not saying you have done anything wrong, but being that this is your "1st" visit, and your rating is in the Bottom 10%, were going to need either Ask you some questions or arrest you. Which will it be?"

Gnome:... "Can i get a cup of tea atleast?"
Guard: "yes"
Gnome: "Okay.... ask away."

This is sort of a old topic, but I'll put this here anyway.
I, like a lot of people, took issue with alignment in D&D and other games that used it, but it is hard to remove without messing up concepts like the paladin.
My answer was that Good and Evil did exist, but only as extraplanar influences. Angels and Demons - and those who consorted with them or drew power from them - would detect as Good/Evil, but normal people would not. In this version, the Tyrant who rules with a iron fist is still neutral, as is the leader of the local (but non-religious) orphanage.
For those who worship gods, their god can have a impact on how they detect, if they have enough devotion, or if they have been given boons.

It should be noted that;
 A) the difference between the originals (Demons, Angels) and those that are merely touched, should be preserved. There should be a sort of power level of how strong a person detects.
 B) Detecting as Good or Evil does not mean the person is. A Wizard who deals with Demons and Devils will read as Evil, even though he could be a ardent crusader of righteousness... or at least trying to make a difference by any means he can. On the other hand, these influences are not merely cosmetic, either. Such a wizard would find himself tempted to use ever more violent methods, ever more dark magic in his quest. If one is not careful, he could be lost to the darkness very quickly.
Depending on how you play it, it could be possible to read as both good and evil at the same time
This all goes again for LAW vs CHAOS

Their was a game we played once where the DM put the Alignments on a grid, and the 9 alignments were placed thusly.

What he did was give us the number of points ( or rather coordinates) on His map and Put a Dot in that location( we made a bigger one and used tacks later). And then her colored it according to the Alignments. So if you were True Neutral for example, you would start at (0,0) If you were Lawful Good, you would start at (10,10)

As we went through the game he would keep track of the actions we took through out the game and at the end of it would +/- a number from your starting location. ( if a true neutral person did something particularly good that day, his new position on the grid might be (0,1))

Essentually the idea was to show that we were still within our alignment even if we did a good/bad/chaotic/lawful deed every once in a while, if we started to go too far in one direction than our alignment would change accordingly.

It worked, kept the PC's in check ( though their was a point and time where we were doing a "boss" fight and the Pc's pushed their alignments to the edges by using spells and tactics to win the battle that were outside their alignment.)


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