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Author Topic: Poems  (Read 3360 times)

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« on: November 10, 2003, 12:06:44 AM »
Here are a few poems for your reading pleasure.
Be nice okay.
Lady Silver Bell

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The Killer
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2003, 12:10:06 AM »
I had a friend at one time he'd kill for fun
But now he don't like to fight,
He don't like to kill,
That part of him's a ghost
It's gonna comin' back. . .
But I watch his girl pushin' him arond.
I know in about a week he'll be fed up.
Three weeks later it's one the new. . .
His woman's body is found,
No evidence, no aliby, not enough proof.
He's thrown in the slammer for speeding
They look for clues while he's leavin town. . .
The only evidence he left was a glove
And now he's gone agian
No one finds him no one tries. . .
Four years later i see him agian
He looks lonely and depressed
I walk over and give him a hug
Long time no see i say. . .
He looks at me tries to smile
Then he breaks down and cries,
He tell me what he did
I tell him what he needs to do. . .
Hecalls the cops,
They take him in,
No evidence no proof
He's released agian. . .
This time he can't take the guilt of killing
He killed an innocent for no reason
And now he's decided to take his life. . .
As I walk in the front door,
I find a note by the door with a black rose
I pick up the note and read it
Shocked tears run down my face. . .
I hear a gunshot before I finish reading
I run towards were it came from. . .
I walk in my room and find him,
He's on the floor gun in hand,
I know he's dead
He shot himself through the head. . . He's dead. . .
As I look on I see him laying there,
Lifeless as heat leave his body,
I look at the blood and brains splatters like paint all over the wall
I start to cry as i just stand there watching his body...

 Lifeless he lays there
No movement for him is seen
No breath from him is heard
This cannot be i say in my mind. . .

In the distance i hear an ambulance pull up
People rush in to save my dear friend
I'm holding the gun in my hands. . .

Scared, I look at them
The gun in my hand slowly rising
They know what I'm about to do. . .

As everyone screams "NO"
One man lunges for the gun
Startled I pull the trigger. . .

The bullet flies throught the air
I fall back in pain
I was hit in the neck. . .

Blood pours from my body
Everyone rushes to help me
They stop the bleeding. . .

It's too late for me though
My body's cold
My heart does not beat
my limps are stiff and unmoving. . .

It's just was I told him
I die with him or soon after
But i never thought it would be this why. . .

The news of his death
And mine create publicity
 Most speclate it was murder suicide
But no it was suicide and accident. . .

You see my friend I was not ready to die
Nor did i wish to
I meet my friend agian on our endless torture
We're doomed to walk the Earth for all eternity. . .
Lady Silver Bell

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Trapped in the Midst
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2003, 12:11:19 AM »
Being pulled in two directions
Standing 'tween two new sections
Once were all greatest of friends
Now, against each other they war
Neither way my heart bends
Not knowing what its all for
Stuck between, and see no end
Stretched so thin at my very core
Not willing to turn on either friend
Watching helpless as their battles roar
Lady Silver Bell

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The Dark Path of Life
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2003, 12:12:06 AM »
I can feel the strength in my veins
Fading as my power drains
I do all I can to stave off danger
To protect my friends from that harmful stranger
Growing weary, my mind stretched thin
I search for more power to hold within
I find myself contracting with demon and devil
To help me stem the flow of evil
The strength to do what is right
Has been found in darknes, not in light
Efforts to harm those I love would be so bold
You shall find my vengence dark and cold
Using light and darkness I shall cause the darkness pain
Offenders shall find me, to be their greatest bane
Lady Silver Bell

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In A Darkned Room
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2003, 12:35:12 AM »

I sat alone in my darkened room
i sat alone enjoying my gloom
my heart a piece of broken glass
my soul a piece of burnt leather
my time being passed
sounds and screams of the d**ned never ceased
these sounds to me kept me at peace
for so long i had heard their cries
that thoughts and fears of lonliness never entered my eyes
i opened my eyes when the cries went silent
looking and listening for sounds or scenes of violence
without these my world fell apart
for i sat in silence clutching my heart
i grabbed for my soul in the darkest of fear
i prayed with all i had that noone was near
i saw a door open in a long forgotten corner
a light sprung from which i'd never felt warmer
i drew away from the light clutching my remains
i yelled out " leave now you've nothing to gain"
the door opened slight
a trick i wondered as i sat in the deepest of fright
the door slowly closed and the light went out
i heard the cries of the insane rising about
i sat and i laughed
my worries deceased
yet in my heart i was far from at ease
the wails and cries were still around
yet for some reason their anguish was down
i chased my demons knocking them down
"you've never backed off never left me in silence"
always a from the pitch raised with the scabs removed
as i huddled in the shadows me
and my brood the light long forgotten
as time continued to pass  
was back in my loving misery c
omfy at last yet as time went on my soul grew restless and weary
my darkest pain not causing their usual misery
i was pondering my past
when i heard the creak of an old door being opened
which made my knees week i scrambled my remains in my jacket
my heart and my soul safely locked away
i looked up with a fright the same light to behold
i yelled out "disturb me no more" at the top of my voice
a soft silhouette bathed in light answered"you do have a choice"
i blocked my eyes shutting out the light caught unprepared
i begged for the night a glimpse
a fleeting glimpse was all i could see of an angel or demon
which could it be
the figure crossed its arms and returned to the light
i jumped to my feet to close the door
returning the night i sat in the shadows feeling unwhole
i sat in the shadows clutching my heart and my soul
in the recesses my screams called out to me
my screams of allies not forsaking me
i yelled out to the voices" silence please" as thoughts filled my head
i fell to my knees i prayed for the light to return
i know not why my creatures no longer filling my void inside
they  taunted and teased ranted and raved
never a moments silence not knowing to behave
 i needed to rest i needed my slumber
yet the music i listened to was an unknown number
no more did my dreams taunt and tease
for on this night my heart was strangely at ease
as i awoke a figure i saw standing over me
i viewed it in awe for this figure
 i laid eyes on i knew it well
but were its origins that of heaven or hell?
i looked at the figure my screams passed by
as a single tear was shed from my eye
a hand reaching to my strange visitor
upon acceptance my flesh reformed
my eyes lit up and my body reborn
i gazed upon this shadow that had shown me light
and yet here it was with me in the night two of a kind were he and i
two of a kind i had been too terrified to try
the light absent
i was happy to see my creature of happiness there with me
i met  his eyes to me shiny and new
i met his eyes glad it was you
we sit in the shadows just us two i sat in the shadows
overjoyed it was you
i am entranced by this angel of mine
i loved being there just you and i
my demons subsided i
 queried the screams asking their origins you looked at me you stated "silly one why do you moan? everytime ive seen you
you were always alone"
you turned on the light for me to see
the noone was there just you and me
my heart was complete my soul fresh and new y
et whom do i thank? you can guess who.
i was always alone with my heart and my soul
yet you held the pieces to make me whole
i sat and i wrote why i'll never know
yet somewhere somehow you've made me whole
no more screams from silence
no more wincing and writhing in pain
for in your spirit you have given me life again
i know how it feels to be empty and weep
i know all too well the terrors of sleep
yet in your arms my guardian you'll be
as i slumber off no nightmares i see
i know not where this poetry came
rhyme moral or limmerick to me all the same
my angel of darkness
my angel of light
you've tasted my tears and rid me of fright
 ive bent your ear to tell you my tale of loneliness
heartache and wail if this story
allows you to see what happened one day inside of me
or if it feel the same to you of
a person that sounds or might seem like you
i love you so deeply mind body and soul
so you may have a part of me even a taste
i love you so deeply though
ill never know why
i adored the darkness loving its throes for so long i stayed lying in wait bathing in suffering envy and hate
 i saw the light from all around
 i see it now and know where it may be found
i ran from the darkness sad but true
i ran from the darkness to the light of you
if you ever doubt what life means to me look in the light
there i shall be
no longer alone no longer in need for in my heart
you are there with me...
in a darkned room
Lady Silver Bell

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Flesh and Soul
« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2003, 12:36:54 AM »
Two years i lost my soul,
Lost it in a infinite black.
I thought that i would never be whole,
Thanks to the spirit I lack.
My heart was torn apart,
The shreds were black, steel.
I strove to be smart,
And attain the power that I could feel.
Never to see the light,
Anger, hate, the only things no one could
I was losing the emotional fight,
Living flesh could not follow,
Where my dying soul slept,
Eyes completely hollow,
Love never crept.
Then my love came to me,
Tearing through my darkness,
A uncommon beauty with a common name,
No longer am I heartless...
Lady Silver Bell

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In the Darkness
« Reply #6 on: November 10, 2003, 12:38:56 AM »
In the darkness, too many sit
Waiting for some shred of light
Repeatedly struck down by a misery fit
Losing strength, and will to fight

The shadows cling
As ghosts do sing
Upon the chill of the night

Dwelling on the events long past
The present bringing but more pain
Oh, how long shall the misery last?
How many days will be filled with rain?

Lost and alone
Throw me a bone
Someone break my binding chain
Lady Silver Bell

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~~Possession~~(Rated R)
« Reply #7 on: November 10, 2003, 12:40:56 AM »
How does it feel when I possess you?
Are you in ecstasy...or are you in pain?
When you moan into my mouth----
Trapping my wrists----
Do you know it's me?
When you press me down upon the sheets---
Do you feel me...wet and hungry?

Or do you feel just another body willing
to accept yours?
Put your hand.....
Give me your heart!
What's this? You don't have one?
What about your soul? Could it
connect with mine?
You make me feel oh-so-good...
Not loved.
But good.
Tell me how does it feel when I possess you?
Lady Silver Bell

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« Reply #8 on: November 15, 2003, 12:20:30 AM »
Too depressing!
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« Reply #9 on: November 15, 2003, 02:05:03 AM »
i know...the mood ive been in lately. Sometimes I get that way. RL just comes up and bites me in the ass and then I write. LOL. Owell thats why I read your stuff. The lighter side of life never rerally touched me yet.

Lady Silver Bell

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« Reply #10 on: December 12, 2003, 04:01:43 PM »
Hello, I read your poems and I have one thing to say. WOW! I write poems myself but rarly I write a poem that isnt fiction nor corny. My poems.. my poems are odd.. You get a messege across... I wish I was like you.
Hey I am NK and well I am a newbie in this fourm but I am activie in others