Author Topic: Papers and Paychecks... the next generation  (Read 2614 times)

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Papers and Paychecks... the next generation
« on: December 03, 2003, 04:43:45 AM »

You have to be a gamer AND a sims player to truly appreciate this one, but it is funny no matter what.
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Re: Papers and Paychecks... the next generation
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2010, 06:41:58 PM »
Heh, this reminded of the time my friends and I came up with a game for every letter-pair of the alphabet and then proceeded to play every one of them to see which ones we liked. (when we were kids)  :lol:

Aces and Airplanes--WWI fly-boys
Bodies and Bullets--you role-play a gun of your choosing
Cats and Canines--yes, you guessed it, one plays a pet
D&D--didn't want to mess with the grandaddy
Euthenics and Eugenics--nuff said
Feasts and Festilogy--a game of bizarre parties
Gigantology and Giganticide--we liked killing giants  :twisted:
Hippies and Hair-Pieces--a game where hippies battle it out in an ongoing war against the "suits"
Id and I--this one didn't pass the beta play-test
Jabberwocks and Jackanapes--a sort of twisted fairy tale setting
Kings and Kweens--a game of royalty
Leopards and Lions--You play a lion of the savanah or a leopard of the forest edges, battling for available resources This one wasn't complicated  :P
Mice and Men--a game based on the famous novel. Didn't work well.
N&N, stood for something quite politically incorrect. Lets move on.
Oldies and Oligarchies--you played a rich-beyond-belief ruler of a kingdom close to a natural death. Other PCs played rival oligarchs. Kinda like a mix of Risk the board-game and Wall Street the movie
Pens and Pencils--I don't remember what the hell this one entailed. I like Pens and Paychecks better!  :up:
Quicklime and Quicksilver--rival chemists compete to discover the Philosopher's Stone
Rats and Rabble--yep, four-legged, whiskered, fun in the sewers
Scorpios and Saggitariuses--horrorscope inspired game, where takes on the persona of a living horoscope symbol
Tanks and Trains--WWII game
UFOs and Us--Each PC is abducted for experiments by a different alien race.
Victors and Viceroys--Another one of the, my kingdom can kick your kingdom's ass games.
Wardens and Woe-Bringers--you play a prison-guard, trying to outdo your fellow guards in prisoner cruelty, to achieve the title of Warden.
Dont remember what we had for X&X
Dont remember what we had for Y&Y
Zoos and Zoophobia--you played a zoo-keeper, didn't work well.

I can't believe i just wasted a 1/2 hour of my life jotting these down  :what:
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