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The birth of a world...


You will only find the mythical story in the second post. Here I would like to provide some clarification, as I can imagine, not all of you are seasoned travelers who have seen the marvels of Teolin.

Teolin is a world that circles around a doublestar called Larsol. It is a world that is mostly water, but there is a great many islands all over it's surface.
Around Teolin, three moons have found there place. The biggest one is called Amber and it is sort of yellowish in color. The middle one is called Bular, a blue moon thought to be a gigantic drop of water that once was thrown of Teolin by the impact of a giant meteor. The smallest moon is called Ghet-var and is a rather well inconspicous...

Of course there is a very sientific explanation of how the world was formed, but in the southern parts of Teolin, that happen to have a culture a bit like the one that we would call eastern, the story below is told about the history of the world.

One last word.... In the story, a woman named Tira is mentioned. Currently her name is only used by humans and dwarves, who see her as the mother god. Elves revere several totem animals, who in turn are nothing but different faces of Tira.

Long before the days dawned on humans and dwarf, this story finds its beginning. Read it and find your truth in its beauty.

From the very hart of the universe, Hantei and Tira where born. Hantei proved to be a boy that often fell ill and so his sister Tira made stars and comets to entertain him while he was in bed feeling not very well. One day Hantei asked for a toy that was not so hot, a toy he could hold in his hand. Tira did not try very hard and so she made him a small ball that she called Ghet-var. It was just a small toy for Hantei and soon he wanted a bigger toy. Tira did oblige him again and made another ball for him, this time she called it Bular and painted it blue. Hantei then tried one al by himself. He created an even larger ball called Amber, after it's sort of yellow color.

Once these three balls where created, Hantei and Tira started to play a game, where they started throwing the balls at each other and then right back again. This kept them busy for quite a couple of years and during these years, Hantei grew stronger and stronger. One
day he decided to make his sister a gift she would never expect and so he started the creation of an even bigger orb. First he gave it a name, Teolin, then he started by painting it blue with a paint that never dried. As the big ball now looked very much like Bular, he started painting speckles on the ball, in all kind of different colors and with all kind of different textures. The paint he used for those speckles, did dry and so the masses of land where formed.

Tira placed Teolin on a table, but Hantei felt that this was to static and so he placed a lamp on the table and made Teolin roll over the table, circling around the lamp. Tira saw how happy her brother looked and so she made the three smaller balls circle around the Teolin in a very intricate fashion. Hantei was ecstatic and kept watching the spectacle for hours and hours. But the light always flowed the same and so Hantei took a small ribbon of paper and made the ribbon circle around the lamp opposite to the direction of the circling of the balls. His sister saw him do this and so she sat down with him and slowly a plan formed in their head, to make the contraption look as good as possible, the finally divided the light of the lamp into two distinct small lights, that circled around each other. The light in the middle, they called Larsol.

Not everything is so perfect in life. Just hours after the light was divided, Hantei started to cough and his eyes turned dull. All that Tira tried seem to have no effect and slowly, but surely Hantei started to leave for another place. Within two days, his body died, but his spirit dwindled, did not want to leave the room and did not want to leave his contraption. Tira saw his spirit and saw that the spirit tried to cling to their work of art. This toy they created seemed to hold the last essence of Hantei.

Tira stood in doubt for hours, but then she took an old book from a hidden corner. Often had she called on the wisdom of friendly spirits to cure Hantei. This time, she knew the book would not cure him, but perhaps she could find some other knowledge in the book. Nearing to the last pages of the book she found a spell, but it was hard to understand and some of the markings where smudged. Tira knew that the spell would bind Hantei?s spirit to their toy, but with the smudges in the markings, she was not sure it would work. Still she called on the power of the spirits and started to cast the spell.

The outcome was not what Tira had aimed for and for nine months, she was sure that she had destroyed the spirit of Hantei. After nine months, the globes where still spinning on the table and Tira was about to throw away this awful memory. She looked one last time at the globe they called Teolin and then she saw that on the tiny speckles there seemed to move even smaller figures. She looked again and again and yes there she saw minute figures moving on the globe they called Teolin. Again she took the book of the spirits. Again she called on their power and again she started to cast a spell.

This spell, she had used before, she became smaller and so it was much easier to see that there where in fact figures walking the face of Teolin. Within seconds Tira realized that it must have been the spirit of Hantei that had given life to this globe. She had always been his guardian and protector and so Tira decided she needed to protect the toy they had made and Teolin in particular. The figures seemed to remember part of what Hantei had known as well and so when the first of the figures died, the other figures soon started to revere these spirits, just like Hantei's sister always had done.


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