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Just beacause its a big city, and beacause there are three seperate castles and kings, and huge marketplaces, and every kind of shop and smith immaginable...and mage guilds...paladin academy...knight patrols...dragon caves...goblins in the sewers...gargoyles that come out at night AND a haunted mansion dosent mean there is anything there we couldnt have out here in the country!``...

Terraz is a huge city based on exchange and market place, wich is why it is so big. its location between a lake, a mountain area and a forest place it in he center of so many different cultres and species that the trade of ressources and items of culture, leasure and art is so varied that you can find anything in Terraz. (I mean me)

The shops vary from weaponsmiths to clothing shops and everything in between.

Terraz started out a while ago, with a castle and a few pesant homes around it. although small, terraz was always wealthy as the wise king Ter was very peaceful and enjoyed the marketplaces, so he put a lot of gold towards developing the markets of Terraz, and his money flourished with the huge sucsess of the said markets.

With markets come people, with people come families, with families come houses and so the city grew to huge proportions! (i got lost one time, and ended up in the royal bathrooms...i have no idead how i got there but please...dont ask) speaking of royalty, did you know that there are three kings of terraz? with their own seperate castles? its true, and its a long story...

you see, 20 odd years ago, the queen gave birth to triplets, on the same day in the same hour. at the time, they were identical, so no one could tell them apart, meaning nobody had any idea wich prince had the birthright...wich as king Ter predicted, would cause a lot of trouble in the future, so instead of naming one son heir to the throne, he named all three sons partial heirs o the throne, each prince (now kings) having an equal share of responsabilities in their wonderful kingdom.
they are peaceful towardas each other and strangers, and that peace seems to have rubbed off a little on the inhabitants of the kingdom; there is very little need for law enforcement beacause the city seems to take care of itself, with the three castles of the kings on the outside corners of the city, like a triangle, and the grand castle in the center of the three, its not like you are ever far from royal guard. well, royal guards.

the city has an underground sewage system, and it is said to lead to a sub-terranain goblin castle, but who says thoose even exist?
(i dont doubt it, goblins are crafty little thingies)

anyway, as i said above, the city is mostly peaceful, few disputes dont get settled before they are even needed to be brought to a kings attention.
(the last one was a battle between a pyro-mage, an ice-mage and a earth mage. it was not pleasant. trust me. i was there and my cat is still a dirty-flaming-icecube)


--- Quote ---Strolen     Submitted: 10.15.03 18:02 [ EDIT ]

Wow, um...Unfortunately, if this doesn't get updated/edited it won't last.

Really need something to work with as DMs. A new or unique twist, some plot points, a specific description of a certain place that we could plop into our own campaigns.

What does a DM do with this?

Thanks for posting it, but choose a couple of the things you mentioned and drill down to some specifics.
CaptainPenguin     Submitted: 10.15.03 22:18 [ EDIT ]

Wow! It's one stop adventure shopping!
*Proceeds to hurl rotten tomatoes*
C'mon, man!
-More detail!
-Why are all these things (Dragon's lair, haunted castle, goblin tunnels) in a single city? There must be something that makes it so.
-Why could it possibly need three kings?!
MoonHunter     Submitted: 10.16.03 01:05 [ EDIT ]

Why does it exist?
Where does it exist?

How about throwing up a thread in the "Fleshing it out" forum, so we can help you better define this post.

gash     Submitted: 10.22.03 11:21 [ EDIT ]

why wont it update???
ive updated it 4 times and it wont renew!
Strolen     Submitted: 10.22.03 18:14 [ EDIT ]

Sorry gash, guess that one was my bad. It should work now and thanks for updating you setting.
gash     Submitted: 10.23.03 10:07 [ EDIT ]

no problem, thanks for fixing it
Anonymous     Submitted: 11.03.03 17:16 [ EDIT ]

It's okay I guess, but give it a real reason for heroes and others to come, explain a bit more about this place and it's world.
gash     Submitted: 11.04.03 11:11 [ EDIT ]

and so i plan to, but i have very little time on the internet given to me
Strolen     Submitted: 11.05.03 02:54 [ EDIT ]

Two things if I may

Please use proper punctuation in posts. It is a supreme sign of laziness, annoying to read, and detracts from even a quality submission.

Secondly, if it is not finished, then this is NOT the place to post it. Please do not post unfinished products. The place for these is Flesh it out in the forums or saved on your computer somewhere.

If this is not finished it will be removed and placed in the forums where I mentioned. If you do not do it then one of the admins or myself will take care of it.

We want submissions but this is not a place for 'works in progress.' Thanks  

--- End quote ---

Three kings. I like that idea.

But what happens or who lives in the main palace in the middle?

How did they build three more castles in such a short amount of time to allow them to rule from them?

How are triplets born at the exact same time? One has to come out first and somebody can always tell them apart.

How does a goblin castle survive underneathe when nobody has ever seen them? Or perhaps they can build castles as fast as the humans in this world.

Perhaps the kings weren't born, but they are magical clones or they are functionally identical, like the Lords of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms. As long as we are on the Waterdeep thing, why not make the Goblin castle like an underdark type thing, or maybe like Skullport.


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