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Magical/Cursed Wedding Ring

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Chi Chio:
Hi there! (I was able to log on finally and thank you for deleting my awful runaway item!)

Anyway, I have this idea for a special, magical or cursed, wedding ring. I think it should somehow be related to how wedding rings are worn on your weakest finger, the ring finger. Other than that, I really can't seem to think of the item's history or powers.

Your comments are DEFINITELY welcome! Thank you!

There's already something like that....
The name escapes me, but it was a ring made by my friend Erik (Who left a while ago). It made the wearer hallucinate a phantasmal spouse who became the wearer's only care.

Yhea, I remember that one too. It was good. Let see...

Culbert's Wedding Band

Is there some special reason you're looking to make a wedding ring that has negitive effects? Maybe the husband betrayed the wife and the wife's country and she wants vengance. Maybe the betrayal was to give their children as collateral for a treaty or insurance for peace talks when the husband knew the army would attack the enemies and their children would be killed. All sorts of stories are possibilities.

Why should the wedding ring have negitive effects? Maybe they work as a pair. Or maybe one ring is positive and one negative, the abandoned wife looking for her husband's soul. They could be in the control of two undead, and once united they have positive effects.

Anyway... I still want to see the sword of the deep forest. I liked where that was going. Please, please please? :D

Chi Chio:
Oh, mmmmm....

Okay well I guess I should abandon the wedding ring idea...

But, any way, I had no idea somebody was actually looking forward to something I would make! Okay, I definitely post it (all of it :D ) tonight or pretty soon!


Why not a wedding ring that is negative if the other party cheats? So as to enforce loyalty? (Not a good basis for a marriage, but perhaps useful for arranged marriages)


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