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This is a world I had a concept for, given that I am a barely post-adolescent music/fantasy junkie, and I wanted to run it by everyone here. In this world each people group and/or continent corresponds to a given art style. Not necessarily music, but also film, books, and painting. For example, the gnomes correspond to modern punk/alternative music, given that they have a wild, carefree attitude, they buck the high authority, and they want to be completely unique, each unto themselves. Clashing bright colors, pink, green, orange, typify this culture. The high authority, the Landeskonsil, has a very film-noir feel, with quiet discussion, contemplation, and continual racial and ethnic tension. Black and grey dominate here. The continent of Ballar, an island slightly larger than Texas, is designed to have a baroque feel, with people wearing high ruffs, and gorgeous architecture, with gold and red in predominance.

The word Rhapsody defines a musical piece that flows from one style or theme into another, so I borrowed that concept for this world. Tell me what you think, give me some more ideas.

Dude, that sounds cool. An interesting way to seperate cultures. I like where this can go.

So, my main question is: Why are the cultures seperate? Most cultures mingle and absorb others, look at the greeks and romans. One conquered the other, but changed the names of their gods to keep the population from resenting the rule.

Could there be a kind of harmony in the world, one based on the location, that keeps the lives of the people there in tune? If someone from a different culture came in, they would be and feel out of tune and off balance. Just a passing thought.

I like this idea and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on it.

Most world creators are described as almighty, all-knowing, etc. Perhaps the creator of this world was an artist. A true artist, and something of his emotions and mind was imprinted into the world. I think not only buildings and clothes etc., but also the very nature could reflect this. Or are only the intelligent beings sensitive to it?

Travelling elsewhere would make you 'off balance' indeed. The merchants and other travelling folk could adopt more styles, as they adapt to the lands they cross. Some could theoretically LOOSE their style entirely, and become homeless, out of tune with any land...

Campaign: a new fashion is spreading. While this does not look too dangerous, the sages and folks that know the ways of the world are alarmed. Anyone would, when the 'cosmic balance' is threatened. Time for the intrepid heroes to find out what is going on. Is someone sucking large amounts of world's magic in, for whatever purpose? Or some villain has found a way to change the local harmony, in effect the mentality of the locals?

Oh, and magic. Is it influenced too? It does not have to limit the PCs too much (don't know local rythms=no spellcasting!). Maybe the colours differ in every corner. Cool, a black-and-white fireball! ;)

The cultures and politics of this world are not intended to remain completely separate. They do bleed over into each other. The general feel of the world is supposed to be like a less "horror" version of Ravenloft, with more cultural differentiation. The idea of separation of cultures is fairly easy. There are "outcasts" who belong to neither house or school. They are the Merchant's Guild, who have no real culture, but are nearly as powerful as the Landeskonsil or the College Board. The College Board is based on the feel of the Ivy League schools around the turn of the century. It is the council of the deans of the major colleges of thought, and a few of war. College examples to follow.

I like where this idea is going too! I like that it doesn't have to be in a given genre, it can be easily modified to fit any type of game.

I like the harmony idea and is pretty much the key factor of the world. Without that power then the intermingling would surely happen.

Can other cultures besides the merchants 'change clothes' and go into different cultures or is it a skill of only the merchants to overcome the harmony?

If they can't change clothes then is there a discomfort (besides simply being different) for them being in a different culture?


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