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Submission Guidelines
« on: November 07, 2003, 06:14:36 PM »
Due to a few 'not so great' submissions throughout time here at the Citadel this quick list of 'what not to do' should be read and heeded.

What Not To Do.

1. Submit something that is unfinished.
---Result: Instant Removal. No patience for this. Post your idea in Flesh it Out since that is what it is there for.

2. Submit something that is purely munchkin. (If you don't know read a little here and do a real search)
---Citadel admins and moderators will not comment on it after the first day
---As soon as it drifts into obscurity without being fixed it will be removed.

3. Bad punctuation
---We understand some bad grammar, not everybody can read/write English perfectly, especially our out of country visitors. Not a big problem.
---Lack of punctuation, on the the otherhand, is unacceptable and a sure sing of not trying. It is the sign of extreme laziness.
---Will never get the higher votes it may deserve.

4. The 5 minute submission. It may not have the above but the lack of any kind of inspiration is quite obvious. Every submission has to have something to make it worth submitting...make sure yours is *special* in some way to make it fun to use in a roleplaying game. Read your submission and double check that you would appreciate it if you saw it here.


What To Do

1. Please read through some of the "Five Star" submissions and see what they look like and what kind of comments they got. Not everything is going to be a "Five Star" and many lower rated things have awesome ideas. Nobody is going to have all great ideas, the important thing is that is enough of an idea to make it worth putting up.

2. If you have a great idea but you just can't get it finished or know it needs something, please post it to Flesh it Out and ask for some opinions. You may or may not use any suggestions but just the effort of posting it may give you the push you needed to finalize the submission.

3. Submit. Whether it be in the main site or the forums take the time to share your ideas. We all appreciate it the time and effort involved in sharing your ideas.

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Incomplete posting - What not to do rule #1
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2003, 03:04:43 AM »
Morkint's gauntlet    |   Type: Other    |    an enchanted gauntlet    |   Author: elfkin       [ Print Item ]       [ Edit Post ]

During the time of Darkness, when Vlame sent his attackers on the world, the man inhabited country of Felldart stood in it's path. Their salvage came in the form of the Felldartian Cavalry, fully armored riders and armored horses. They were a force to be rekoned with. Though Vlame's Woarg riders rivaled their prowess. The leader of the felldartian cavalry, a powerful cavalier by the name of Morkint Wore an enchanted gautlet that aided him in Battle, it's power was what saved Felldart from extermination and slavery.  

The young Cavalier, Morkint, was riding north with a host of sixty riders towards Undengrolk as a sentrie group. As they moved, they were ambushed by an orc hord loyal to Vlame. Their numbers were great but the Felldartian men overtook them in the end, but they were costed with Twenty three lives. Wounded and Exhausted, they came to a protected village called Caer Wenfree, The men sleeped there to regenerate their strenght. Morkint, late that night took a stroll to the stables to thend to his horse. "Do you fear him?" said a cold voice behind him. Morkint turned around quickly, he was unarmed and armorless. In the shadows sood an old man frail and cloaked. "Do you fear Vlame?" Asked the old man again. "No." answered Morkint, "I do not fear that fiend, I fear what he will do to my people should our forces fail, already we were ambushed by his minions.." "I know, answered the old man. Take

This post was incomplete. This is a generous oprotunity for the author to complete it. Do not expect this to be repeated.
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