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Updates Still go on
« on: September 22, 2003, 11:31:18 PM »
Just letting you know that improvements continue to be made.

You will now find that you will be able to edit AND DELETE your comments. At least I hope so. Worked on my account. Please let me know if this seems to be working for you. To delete, simply edit your comment and you will now have a delete option.

Also tweaked some of the small mistakes that have been sitting for awhile.
No longer can you accidently vote '-' on items. Removed that option altogether and reordered the vote order so that if you do accidently vote, it will be a 5 instead of a 1.

Added the quick setting link on your user control panel so that it filters only your submissions in the settings for a quick review or easy to find edit/update.

Edited a few of the email codes to have a more descriptive title when recieving an email. I think I got all of them. (Any suggestions for the emails?)

Some other small clean-up that you won't notice but makes the site better anyway.

May be more today, I have some time finally to play around. Thanks again for visiting!!

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