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The Before and the After


The Before came to a violent and tragic end and She was left alone.  In the void, Her Memory of Before began to fade and She wept in mourning.  Her tears flowed into the void, piercing the darkness with light.  She saw then the remnants of the Before, those pieces that had survived by chance and by fate.  She pulled these pieces together and with her tears bound them together.  Thus was the new world of the After created.

She walked then on the new world and was filled with joy.  Everywhere she looked brought the Memory of that thing flooding back to her.  So eager was She to regain this Memory, She drew the vision from Her eyes and cast it into the sky to move over the land and see all that it could.  Her Gaze was bright and hot with joy and burned it's way through the sky.  Thus was the sun created.

As the Memory filled her, she became heavy with it.  It grew within her until with a cry so powerful and full of love it pulled the light from the Ocean of Tears and cast it into the sky where it hung to make the stars, She gave birth to the First, who would name herself Virin.

:::more to come:::

I hope so. I may not have a lot of comments on the legends and myths that come through these halls, but I certainly enjoy reading them.


Thanks for the good words, Strolen.


Virin was the Memory of the Before.  Locked away in her infant body was the knowledge of those things her Mother had beheld with Her Vision.  The Memory was so ancient that almost instantly Virin began to age with it.  Her form became so gnarled and bent, that though only born she had the visage of an old crone.  She found that walking with her Mother through the land was difficult with her frail body.  So, she used the Memory to create the first tree from which she plucked a single branch to use as a cane.  She named the tree Juna, which meant Proud One in an ancient tongue, and her staff was named Ajuna, which meant Little Proud One.  Virin asked Juna to spread it's kind over the face of the new world and Juna was eager and pleased to do so.  Ajuna wanted to help it's parent and whereever Virin touched it to the ground, a burst of flowers and plants would emerge.  Thus it was that the plants came to be on the new world.

:::more to come:::


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